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Apple Bloom has been a wreck for a while now. Her fellow crusaders got their cutie marks, and at first, she was happy for them, really happy. Its been a few weeks since then and she finds herself alone and a broken filly. Diamond Tiara's teasing has gotten worse, now that she is the only one. She finds herself staring into a mirror and wondering what the point of trying anymore is. Sweetie was off to train in Canterlot for a professional music career. Scootaloo was leaving town with her dance troupe. They had to. It wasn't like they had a choice. They needed to get better. They needed to get somewhere. Yet, still here, was Apple Bloom, alone and with a blank flank. They didn't need her, nopony did, she was worthless. She knew, from her training on the apple farm, that rotten apples don't bloom, they don't grow, they aren't needed. She was a rotten apple. She would never get her cutie mark because she was worthless, and she knew it.

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This is pretty good! Keep going! <3 I don't like where it's heading though, poor Apple-Bloom. :fluttercry:
Faved anyways though :heart:

I'm intrigued by the idea that a pony might not get a cutie mark, so I like what you're doing with this. :pinkiesmile:

How is it dark? Ones suffering is not grim unless they are being tortured but great story!:twilightsmile:

4023327 Maybe it will be dark in future chapters. :pinkiecrazy:

:ajbemused: As much as I want two say this is a good fanfic... eh? :rainbowhuh:

Is this done:unsuresweetie: if not why not finish it this is good

Damn it, girl! No! :applecry::applecry:

How come I see a story like this in 2015 and 5 years later, it's incomplete? What happened? The writer moved? the writer's computer crashed? How do you finish a story then?

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