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I like this and am glad it will be continued

Focus more on her expanded cum inflated belly... please. It's my fetish. But don't have her be pregnant, just inflated with cum in her womb and stomach, because I like it when big, pregnant LOOKING bellies get squished and jiggled. DON'T JUDGE ME!!! DON'T YOU DARE JUDGE ME!!!!!!!:flutterrage:

Sir i need you to calm down and stop yelling.

When I read your comment, I disturbingly thought of Bill Cosby thrusting into Luna from behind. I will now have nightmares for weeks due to your comment giving me the wrong idea. As I lay in bed, I'll hear...

"Zippidy-Zoopidy, ah'm going fo that booty.

I didn't mean like that, I mean same comment as before and the human trying to get away from Luna

3988065 YOU DOOMED US ALL! to Justin Bieber...

I suppose Vore is out of the question? Luna doesn't seem like much of a predator in this and it would be a problem the other way around...

Comment posted by Salacar deleted Feb 23rd, 2014


Hey now, everyone is allowed their fetishes :twilightsmile:
Also, confused human is definitely on my to-do list, not sure if I'll be able to pull off the fameous part though.

Never been a big fan of vore, but I might write something in that ballpark.

Well, our tentacled friend might just show up again for another slice of moon pie, maybe he'd be happy to oblige?

Animated, used by herself, or used by another?

3989951 Hey, you're the one who doomed us to Bieber...

Oh, you mean the vore? It isn't that bad... happens in nature all the time. Sadly my preference is more uncommon among those that enjoy it. Same idea behind it, but I prefer the ripping and tearing over the swallowing whole.

I ment neither of them no beiber and no vore just pure HiE (no sex)

3990112 Well where's the fun in that? Oneshot HiE's aren't usually very interesting without it being kinky.

I've seen plenty of HiEs that are great without the kinky stuff.

I would propose that if you do write vore, make it unbirthing. It's the only kind of vore anybody can live through.

Lulu summons herself in human,anthro,or rule 63, form
Maybe you could do the summoning thing in reverse where older luna summons her younger self

I am so doing the r63 Luna, Artemis needs more love in this fandom :rainbowkiss:

I don't think you mean that. I'm into heavy sadism and light guro. :twilightsmile:

However, I was simply interested in seeing if you'd do a demonic gangbang in which luna loses control over her summons. She wants to stop, but can't control them as they ravage her, her shame rising as her arousal keeps it feeling humiliatingly good still. After fucking madly, her mind is a bit fried by the pleasure sensations and she eventually faints, dispersing the summons finally as the black shadows of unconsciousness slip over her eyes (Orgasms can do that. It's a thing).

A second idea is simply that she could show herself grappling with a need to be comforted by her sister, and with nervous apprehension and a bit of shame, she summons a creature that can morph and change into her sister's form for her.

Yeah, maybe saying 'try me' to the master of grimdark was a mistake :rainbowkiss:

I'm not sure how I forgot about gangbangs, I really need to make that a chapter. As for the second idea, might not fit all that well. You'll see why in the next chapter, which will be up really soon.

Feel free to throw any and all not-too-grimdark ideas at me, and I've still got your gmail somewhere if you feel like writing stuff down in my Ideas gdoc :twilightsmile:

How about OCs, the most hated things of all? HAHAHAHA!:trollestia:

A Dragon. A teenage dragon. I dare you. :trixieshiftleft:

you could go extreme meta and have her summon Tabitha St. Germain. I'd read that....maybe

I Havn't read this yet, but I'am tempted.
To me it feels like a oath to not do anything relating to stuff like this... So why am I so tempted?!?!!?!!
Uh I'll decide after this episode of MythBusters....

Bestiality pedophilia? My favorite!

Little Lulu summons....please not Sombra very very much?! :pinkiesick: I would dislike the hell out of this if you do! :fluttershbad:

>> Prior to reading
Little Lulu Summons......EVERYTHING :rainbowlaugh:

Lulu summons a halo spartan named lunar!!!

Littlte Lulu summons... Pinkie Pie. From the future. Please? I'll be your friend!:applecry:

Oh my:derpyderp2: I guess she won't be using summoning magic for two or there months now.
Now what about good old fashioned princest. I'll bet Lulu can do Celly hard. :twilightblush:

HA! I told you that this would totally get featured!

So, do I get credit for idea helping and prereading the not fappy parts? xD jk toplel

3994778 holy shit....... that text is smalleer than the other one

3992511 Meta stories are forbiden :applejackunsure:
Ps. I'm not Tabitha St. Germain. :ajsmug:

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