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Twilight Sparkle and Applejack are expecting their first child in a month's time. Conventional wisdom lends to the idea that pregnant mares are irrational, emotional, and often in need of consoling and crisis management... except, the thing is, Applejack is carrying the kid, and Twilight is... yeah.

Lord help these two.

Happy birthday, bookplayer.
Thanks to Peroth for pre-reading.

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Ohmygod thank you thank you thank you for writing this - it's about damn time we saw some family-themed fanfictions on this site! :pinkiehappy:
I really hope you do more with Twilight and AJ and their little boy. :heart:

Jake, you made me cry! And it's only the third time today!

This is wonderful. And you totally have to write more sappy TwiJack, because it's your calling. If I have to use the baby as an excuse, damn right I will. :ajsmug:

Thank you. You're awesome.


The truth of parenting: no one ever has any idea what they're doing. Methinks Twi and AJ'll do fine, though.

Nice, great, I like it. It didn't even require pornography or humanized characters for me to enjoy it. 5 stars.

From you, Merc, that means the world :rainbowlaugh:


Yeah... Yeah that'll be a fave from me.

I am 100% with Twilight on this. It's one thing to do a birth the old fashioned way when you have no choice. It's another thing entirely to insist on tradition when a modern and fully staffed hospital is nearby. :ajbemused:

ANYHORSE :twilightsheepish:

This was, in a word, glorious. Crazy Twi is best Twi. And I think I like Twijack more than Twixie now. :rainbowderp:

Okay, so that was downright wonderful.

So much adorablenesss!! (that should be a real word. lol) :heart:

Well you know what they say about insanity - you inherit it from your kids.

SEQUEL, NOW!!! :flutterrage:


I'm with her. You need to do this more. It was beautiful :pinkiehappy:

3970743 You havin behbehz?

That I am! I'm four months tomorrow.

3971872 Thats awesome!

Both my older sisters are having them too. One is going to have hers in June. We don't know about the other one though.

I like it, very cute. It immediately pulled me in, I just HAD to read it.

Jakester got featured.
ALL PRAISE DA J-MAN! :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by Dragonlover553 deleted Feb 20th, 2014

3972664 You must be new here.

Comment posted by Dragonlover553 deleted Feb 20th, 2014

Perhaps you should actually read the story to find out :raritywink:

3972679 You ought to read the story and find out.

Only one question: what tribe is the colt?

Unicorn. Only Apple trait he has is his mama's freckles... at least, that's what I have in my brain right now

please add more chapters to this story or make a sequel for this story

Well this of course raises the question of who the dad is.


Seriously, nine generations on your own brother? No wonder Applejack thought she was crazy. :ajsleepy:

3972764 the story says complete, are you going to make another story continuing it or what?

Nah, that'd be... questionable.

For right now, just assume it's a royal guardspony that Shiny put a good word in for.

It's just what I have as my headcanon for this particular continuity. I might come back to this if my idea seeds become a little less vague. No promises, though.

Also, question.
How did do the do if are both the femll

3972925 Seriously, does nobody read the damn story?

Dang, you jossed my other theory about the only one with genes pure enough to meet her standards.


3972903 well you have something sweet here and worthwhile so id encourage you to fine grind some chaps but if you keep it oneshot thats cool too

If I do return to this continuity, it's going to be its own separate story. I'm not interested in doing another pregnant AJ chapter, so the next story would likely take place several years after the colt is born, and possibly even be about said colt.

No... anesthesia?

*Eye twitch*

Actually, even in a hospital a lot of women opt out of epidurals, or don't get them for various reasons (if the birth progresses quickly, for example, you're doin' without.) It's a controversial thing.

3972957 awww pregnant AJ is cute AJ but id love to read that i say full steam ahead and onward to the feature box


Actually, I wonder which side of the epidural fence AJ and Twi sit on...

I favourited to read it later, but I really liked what I glanced over. I'm an awful, awful human being.

3973002 Judging by Twi's madness here, I think they both err on the side of "Give the Unicorn the drugs."


... I wonder if, and I thought this as I read it too, Twilight would try just... teleporting it out of there.


Crazy Twi is best Twi, but dang is she nutty over a foal she's not even carrying. Only you, darling. :raritywink:

Well if Shining Armor was the Donor it would be the closest thing they could get for the foal truly being hers and Twilights, genetics wise anyway.

HAH, that's terrible! :trollestia:

I'm not at all surprised Twilight got this pissed off. I'm surprised she didn't just storm out of there saying something like "Well iff you don't need me fine, I'm leaving." Seriously, Twilight researches everything thoroughly, and do they listen, no! I understand people doing things their own way and ignoring others suggestions, but this is TWILIGHT'S BUCKING KID! Seriously, they let her choose the donor sure but after that, she may as well have just in a corner and waited for the foal to arrive.

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