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The proprietor of the series known as 'Sweet Special-Nothings'. Well known for the story Hop, Skip, and a Jump! And First Date. Also wrote the Conversion Bureau tale, A Mare's Tail.


Violet is a girl who has lived her life about as normally as a girl can. When she lived among humans, she had friends, went to college, trained to be an actress. But when Equestria appeared off America's Pacific Coastline, the entire world shook with the repercussions. Years later, Violet lives in a pony occupied Albuquerque, one of the last humans in the Western United States.

It's been a long time coming, but Violet has finally decided to give up her humanity, but her decision leads her down a dangerous route that is anything but magical.

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I remember reading this last summer. Glad to see it made its way here!

Nicely done! I sense a great story, and hopefully a long one!

I remember reading this story a while ago, it was actually the one that got me into the Conversion Bureau. I am glad to see it finally up on FIMFiction

looks like shit is getting real....

An awesome adventure tale. I'll have to read it over again sometime soon!

One of my first ever TCB I read... and one of the best too.:ajsmug:

A good road story with a memorable ending that I remember from the first surge of TCB fics last year. I'm glad to see it made the move here!

That punchline!!

Altough, I'm not one of those who have read this story elsewhere, I enjoy it very much and I cant wait for Standish to finally have whats coming to him.

He's such a bastard :twilightangry2:

He will have what's coming to him, right? after all, I didn't see the GRIMDark tag only dark....

I always loved this story. I am glad to re-read it here.

Seems like more and more fics are finding their way over here. Thanks for posting! I remember reading this one awhile back!

Incomplete? not another April's Fools..... altough.... unlike the other April's Fools... this one seems more believable.....
oh well.... Ill have to edit after....

Alright..... so not an April's Fools..... but you must have an epilogue after that don't you

Even if Violet didn't miraculously survive (either from Rose saving her at the last second or from being ponified at last second), you have to at least show what happened to the other 3 ponies since they were thinking about leaving to Equestria

NOT A CLIFFHANGER!!!!! wait, is it incomplete or is this the actual end?

Please... we need at least one more chapter to truly end this story....

Oh no~! Twinkle~!! :fluttershbad: I need the next chapter NOW!! I can't sleep until I know what happened to Twinkle and Violet!

First I was all :fluttercry:!

Then I was all :applejackconfused:!

Then I was all :pinkiegasp:!

Then, at the end I was all :yay:!

Beautiful work on this story!

I adore this story. I am afraid of a rewrite, though - be careful not to lose the passion of the original. Sometimes imperfect stories carry the primal passion of what drove them to be written in the first place.

Thank you for a chance to read this again. It is quite the gem.

That was intense. Great work!

Never has a fanfic made me shed tears like this one since "Past Sins". A beautiful story, indeed. You are awesome, HiddenBrony. As for the characters, I have soft spot for Twinkle, Rusty is one interesting stallion (kind of cool), and Violet rocks.

This is the 1st ever fanfic based on The Conversion Bureau universe I've ever read, and it just blew me away. :pinkiehappy: The final chapter really made my heart soar. I recommend every brony out there to read this.

Hrm, I've been looking for a decent "Conversion-centered" as opposed to "Fighting-centered" TCB fiction, this seems to be fitting the bill. A little bit on the telling side, but I prefer that to being left in the dark about a character, a few grammar errors, but they aren't from lack of trying.

I'm in.

I have to say, I'm impressed with this. Spelling mistakes aside of course... You gave Richard and Rose much more sensical motives in this chapter, which led to an emotionally gripping confrontation between siblings, something I've longed to see in a conversion bureau story. Not to mention, the final stretch, I could really visualize the scene.

Good job, you get a cookie.

Rusty's a salt-and-vinegar guy, huh? I like him a little more.

It's been quite a while since I first read this. It was the first longer fic I read and fueled my desire to read more. It seems like I was having to wait as new chapters were posted, I can't remember where at the moment, but the wait was brutal.
I agree with another comment that this has a raw emotion I hope isn't lost when you rewrite it, I do look forward to reading the results though. :twilightsmile:

Reading this story was quite an experience, you shot me right in the feels, then steamrolled me with the adorable ending, which i think was awesome. Screw stories that make ponies die in the end. Fluff stuff is the best stuff. :yay:

Wow,this story was AWESOME!!!

From start to finish,I enjoyed everything! :duck:

And at the end,I was choking up while reading thinking Violet had died :raritycry: but when I saw that she actually lived,I have tears of happiness :yay:

I really love TCB stories and I'm glad I came across this one :eeyup: great job! :pinkiehappy:

That Lieutenant Standish dying words last chapter...

Good ending too, I'd upvote you, but I can only do it once per story.

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