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I became a brony around October 2011. I want to see how well I write stories. With my average literary skills and fascination for FIM, I hope to have an interesting journey on the Brony Express!


I have made a deal with the devil in order to live, little did I know, that the consequences were beyond imagination. One bad move, and my normal life was over. I am condemned into solitude, but I might find some light in all this darkness, in some place called...Equestria.

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well, that was interesting


Interesting indeed.

I like this story. I can't help but wondering how many creatures may be killed by the end of this.
My hope is 7 including the man that has already died.:pinkiehappy:

Run cowboy run! Shes an evil enchantress she does evil dances if you look in her eyes she'll... im sorry ill stop.

Wait is this the night of the gala?

Yes. Someone's observant. Don't worry, I'm going to add a slight "twist" to it... :pinkiecrazy:

Do some research. For example, this is not right, "cocked the back end" your describing the hammer on the revolver. You should have said "cocked back the hammer."

Also describe the human. The cover imagine looks like Clint Eastwood. Or at least a silhouette of him. Because it looks like Clint Eastwood.

A short and rather vague chapter, not on my "A" game on this one.:twilightblush: Anyway, the important thing is that it'll get better soon. How soon? That's a secret...:pinkiehappy:

The picture reminds me of the Mysterious Stranger from Fallout.

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