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hmm wonder if your lone wanderer will meet up with courier 6 from another fic

I was inspired by Courier 6 to write this and no the Wanderer and Courier 6 were born in two different time zones, so they won't meet up:twilightsmile:356390

Holy flying fuck...its good...GOOD! But you still need...hmmm....I don't know its missing something...

357264 I can take any ideas, well because Twi And The Wanderer have roughly over 4,500 miles:twilightsmile:

357538>>357538 Well you COULD make longer chapters...I don't really care how long though.Up to you.It would be sort of interesting to see The Wanderer have to deal with the tribes in the Mojave,like having to deal with Mr.House,the Legion.and the NCR.It would probably make it somewhat more enjoyable.Keep it up!:ajsmug:

357551 well this is sorta the introduction so other chapter will be 2 to 4 thousand words, and there will be Mr. house, the NCR, and the Legion, along with other miscellaneous tribes and the creatures :rainbowdetermined2:

357600 The Fiends shall meet their ends :rainbowdetermined2: I hate them :rainbowkiss:

357608 No, the Wanderer will kill a few raider captains , but not all of them because that's like spitting on the Courier's Quest and what weapons do you think the Wanderer should get or buy in the Mojave:rainbowderp:

357690 calm down there, I like the anti-material rifle, but I was thinking along the lines of a Ranger Sequoia, Bozar, Two-step good-bye, Medicine Stick, and Lil' Devil

357726 Probably.I never got the DLC :fluttershysad: Sounds good though.

357747 just look up the last four and what armor should the Wanderer find, because I'm kinda thinking of Elite Riot Armor or Remnants Power Armor:rainbowkiss:

357774 Remnants Power Armor would be pretty interesting for him to get,considering he would have to battle through a nest of Deathclaws and kill a Legendary Cazador...The Elite Riot Armor would be good to get too,just without the filler of about two or three chapters.

Im going with the Remnants power armor, because I don't want to go through the whole divide thing:ajsmug:

Will the lone wanderer find the picture of his parents?Also will the lone wanderer find the other mane six?

358423 They will start appearing from time to time and he will find a picture of his past bringing back terrible memories:twilightsmile:

honestly, don't you think the wanderer would have a bit more surprise from seeing a new species, or at least think "well, I've seen weirder shit" before running to help? also, try to improve your grammar. so many run on sentences! no offense. good story, other wise. gonna track, don't make me regret this.

Callahan's magnum?
You son of a bitch you bombed Citadel!:flutterrage:

...Judging by the fact that the last time the author was seen online was 27 weeks ago. I'm afraid this story is dead and I will never get a reply.:facehoof:

Twilight Sparkle meet her biggest fan.:twilightsheepish:
Wait, the fan isn't moving.:twilightoops:

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