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Dunno what to say. I almost exclusively read and write AiE romance.

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"Oh, really now? Because it sure looks like you got knocked the fuck out!" the white mare says, grinning.

"You need to fuck the horse pussy, Anon!"


That was well written, i know some people frown on foalcon but fuck it it's fiction. and besides how do we know that ponies age like us you know year for year. Maybe they age three years for every year so sweetie would be legal age. ah i'm just reading too much into it but good job.

Let's do this.

damn this was good

You ponies have been really great to me, you're like people, hell you're better than people in many ways


Popping out in a foreign dimension, in the beginning of winter, with my junk waving around (at eye-height for mares, I might add) and a temperature barely above thirty-five? Thanks, but no thanks.

Lost my shit here :rainbowlaugh:

Anyne #9 · Feb 13th, 2014 · · 18 ·

What the fuck:pinkiesick:

Well, I know what I'm doing tonight.


TGM #11 · Feb 13th, 2014 · · 43 ·

Strong urge to downvote...

solely for the premise...

"Do you have a marefriend?"


HAHA! Oh, man, I lost it on this line. Well done. :twilightsmile:

My body is ready~ :moustache:

:pinkiegasp: filly sex is best sex also well done and I hit the like button the likes went from 24 to 50!:pinkiehappy:

'no fuck given, please try again later' part of my brain.


3940583 Funny thing: no matter where i go on this site, i more often than one would expect bump into one of you HAS guys. Not a bad thing though, just a curios observation.

3941272 Meh. :applejackunsure:

Read it...* shrug*

It was easy.

Funny, but easy.

Anon? This is brain. We have a breach in the wat warehouse. I repeat, we have an uncontained breach of wat, please advise, over.
.Copy that, brain. Evacuate the area immediately and follow the standard procedure, over.

That line right there.
let me tell you how much I laughed.

This is a first-person Anon in Equestria story, and contains human on underage pony romance and sex.



Man, I love Sweetie Belle, especially really cute Sweetie Belle, but I don't like reading clopfics.
Urge... to...ignore...failing...
I don't think I'll read it read it but I won't vote on it either., because that wouldn't be fair.

Umm... wow... I don't... I don't really know. The Atheist God is confused. :unsuresweetie:

Wow that was fucking ridiculous and I enjoyed every second of it.


did not fap.

Anon sux. Sweatie balls is not hottest filly. Scoots is dissapoint.

Holy shit, thanks everyone... I can't believe this got featured. Means a lot to me. :twilightsmile:

3942155 i.imgur.com/OKNO0fJ.jpg

3942167 may u bow to teh thrown of foalcon where teh scoots shall bless u will all teh sexy clopiness.

also non non cusses too much fix that or else :scootangel:

I had just gotten fired and dumped by my fiancée.

This is very confusing when you're using Anon as the main character. Anon doesn't have a past. He may remember things from earth but never something so specific about his life. If he remembers this then why not his own name? This is why people think most people that use the name Anon are just lazy writers. Because in this case, it is.

I mean like come on look how silly this is
"Hey anon wanna have sex"
"no it's wrong"
just awesome

3942272 You make a valid point, but if you start thinking that way, anything about Anon can make him too "specific" in some way. I'm definitely lazy but yeah, I just wanna write about something, without having to give the main character a personality or background beyond what's necessary for the story. Anon is your average generic male character, not literally an Anon (hence the first person writing).

Okay, well you blatantly stole Fluttershy's personality from I Dream of Luna.
That sorta pisses me off, considering you gave it no credit.

3942566 I have no idea what you're talking about... I haven't read the story you mentioned, and fetish-guessing Fluttershy is a very popular thing on /mlp/.

I write Anon stories and have learned the ways to make them work. I think you misunderstand what a true Anon is. Anon can have a personality. He can be anything you like really. The thing he cant be though is specific to his own life. Like a person with amnesia he cant truly know why he is who he is, he just simply is. Anon is faceless in a sense of his past. As soon as you hit him with something as concrete as being married, that kills the plausibility of him being an Anon. Because he knew his wife and by extension knows himself. So unless his name was legally Anon, this is just weird writing for Anon characters. Honestly it was just that small part that killed the thought of Anon. If it wasn't there then this would be a rather accurate depictions of an Anon fic.

I half expected at the end of their sex for Anon to shout at the window, "you enjoy the show Fluttershy?" Then there'd be a faint "eep, um, yes. I'll be going home now."

Comment posted by Another_Dead_Account1109 deleted Feb 14th, 2014

3943190 wow m8 4edgy2me back off

3942681 I suppose you're right, I'll keep that in mind, thanks for the constructive criticism (though where I'm from, a fiancée is a serious or 'long time' girlfriend, rather than a wife).


Be lucky I didn't express my true feelings. . .


Notice how most of the anons are abuse-and-take-advantage-of-you monsters? (Was there ever a anon story not about sex? Usually with manipulation attached, no emotional depth or relationship-commitment, or of course: CMC).

It practically drips "just 'cause, lololol,"

I am not impressed by anons. What trend is this, "It's okay if it's pedophilia/rape as long as it isn't human"? Whatever happened to all those people wanting human-on-human pedophiles/rapists hung by their balls and castrated with a rusty spoon (no really, they totally mention both those things, verbatim) before being brutally killed? (Okay, so they only mention that last sometimes) (Now granted, people tend to overreact when they themselves are anonymous chatroomers, but even in real life you see people lean towards extreme reactions).

Is it because it's self-insert, do people like to insert themselves into this situation?

I do not understand, and I'm going to inform Elmer Fudd that Anon Season just became a thing. :unsuresweetie:

I was dying during Fluttershys segments!

You realy hate fluttershy dont you?

3943505 Nope, she's among my favorite pones, but I just felt like adding some random Fetishshy for the hell of it.

Oh... ummm.... is writing amazing stories one of your fetishes :fluttershysad:

Not to bad. Didn't much care for all the constant swearing and some grammatical/spelling errors were found here and there, but over all not bad at all. I liked how you made Sweetie Belle seem older or in her early teens it made it more tempting to finish.

An introvert rapist? I find that hilarious as a fluttershy personality. xD This wasn't bad, quite sweet actually, good job.

Okay, not a big fan of clopfics, but this was very well written. Nice job!

Skeeter has still not been in here? :rainbowhuh:

Don't read this? That's some damn good advise.

3940646 My thoughts exactly. :eeyup:

I didn't read I Dream of Luna, so it's obviously a coincidence. But I guess I'm gonna have to read it now.

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