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I started The Writer's Group and I do stuff sometimes! :D


When I was a filly, my parents used to talk to me in bed. They'd tell me stories of dastardly villains and well meaning fools. Each tale trying to teach me some moral of the world. Unfortunately, they never did warn me of life's greatest truth.

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short, simple, and very sad. its essentially a death of innocence captured. i wonder if this is from personal experience. can only speculate. a solid story, and i liked their fumbled attempt to explain the concept of life.

3938641 This story was spawned from a story my friend told me about her childhood. c: I thought it would be a cool writing exercise to try and emulate what a young child would go through at the most basic level. :D

very good story! InB4 Feature! :pinkiehappy:

3939693 It wont happen, but thank you. xD

A man in a white coat, the type you'd expect to see doctor in, snatched Rachel from my brother; throwing my friend onto a dolly.


other than that, that was fucking sad
I loved it

3940411 Ha! You see, I may have written this fully believing that Winona's name was actually Rachel... possibly. Thank you. <3
I'm glad you liked it. :D

3940429 ahaha
great story regardless :rainbowkiss:

3939331 and we all respect you for doing it with such care! well done!

This needs more views. And more likes.

4119293 Well, I've been raised to be an honest person.

Nice short story my friend... However it always kills me to see writers not space their paragraphs! Idk when that became acceptable, I think it just makes it difficult to read(It looks like one giant run on).

So let me tell ya it takes one hell of a fic for me to read it and fav it when I absolutely despise it's format....:flutterrage: But it won't get an upvote though for that reason, nor does it deserve a downvote because the story was great. I like to give reason behind upvotes and downvotes and I felt this fic needed reason for not receiving either.

Full review here, but in brief: it feels like it was inspired by real life, but AB is too different from the show character for me to connect fully.

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