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Princess Celestia's birthday party is going to be celebrated in Ponyville this year, and everypony is hard at work with preparations. Soon, a strange visitor arrives, claiming to know Celestia herself, and decides to stay for the party to pay a visit to her old friend while she is outside of Canterlot. But something seems off about her... Could she have an alternative motive in mind?

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 6 )

Good chapter thus far (wonder if Luna knows this alicorn (And i bet cherry is curious as to why Luna is speaking in the old english.)

And oh dear, is this eclipse similair to nightmare moon (Or some even twisted creature sorta like Discord.

Chapter five is finally out, after about a two weeks delay of course. And Chapter six is about half-way done so more story is on the way soon!

Terribly sorry about the delay everyone, Chapter Six should be released soon. (Maybe by the end of the week?!)

Lol, was Luna's old name seriously murky? :rainbowhuh: I would HATE to have a name like that.. :pinkiesick:

Holy...NO DISLIKES? You my friend, are one hell of a writer. Great work!

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