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A new pegasus stallion catches Rainbow Dash's eye. Being a novice in the ways of romance, Rainbow turns to her friends for help...

Chapters (3)
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Very great story! I shall track it!! :rainbowkiss:

Well I do enjoy the story, at first I was thinking that the OC was going to be a Gary Stu, but this has suprisen me overall.:moustache:

Hmmmm....Thunder Clap reminds me ALOT of my OC "Dark Lightning"......weird...just saying.

Not a fan of the centered format you got there. Align the story left next time. Works out better that way and looks better that way. Otherwise it was pretty good. Keep on writing!

This isn't deserving of the three dislikes it has already, so I'm gonna like this to balance them out.:pinkiesmile:

Why you give Fluttershy coltfriend D=. Ask Twilight instead for pure awkward levels!
This doesn't really deserve dislikes but yea, don't use the centered format unless you are writing a homesexual poem.

I agree with every other commenters, in here don't use centered format.

I'm tracking this but withholding my rating for now, to see where it goes.

I don't mind the centered format that much. It was a pretty good read.

I like the basic idea here.

The formatting, however, needs some work. The Centered text is very jarring, making the whole thing difficult to read. I highly recommend going to a left-aligned format.

352989 GENIUS!!!

Anyway, very nice story, tracking it now. Have a mustache. :moustache:

As much as it sucks for me to do this, welcome fourth story to my tracked list. Pretty good actually.

First thoght: OOOH, a non-les RD romance. :coolphoto: Not bad. Just a few errors in there, as far as I saw. The centered alignment didn't really bother me; however, unless one is writing a poem or trying to make a point, I don't recommend using it.

a tad bit too fast
but other than that
:3, yes, this is winning

^ i agree with everything he or she said above.
I think it's nice hat your trying to explore another side of Rainbow Dash while still keeping her in character. It's very d'awww and it's a hetero pairing which for Dash is like a 60:40 ratio in the shipping community.

Wow... that was uh a bit short. I was half expecting more competition from the other ponies cause that always adds to the drama, but I'm not complaining. That was a cute story despite the length

Hmm. A lot shorter than expected.

expectations: CRUSHED
couldve been longer
but hey, im not going to complain
a story is a story, and im going to read it

I agree it could have been shorter but I like it that length in a way! It was sooo cute!! :heart::twilightsmile:

Oooooo I wish there was more for this story them two could have children together:eeyup::eeyup::eeyup::eeyup:

Well, it was a wee bit rushed, but still a cute story. Have a mustache. :moustache:

I didn't find it too rushed, considering Rainbow's get-things-done-no-nonsense personality, but I really would have enjoyed reading more. :rainbowkiss: Nice job!

I cracked up so much when Rainbow started to talk all smushy to him. It just looked so hilarious in my head! :rainbowlaugh:

Good job with this chapter. I wonder how Thunder and Rainbow got together.

Stupid rarity stupid stupid stupid stupid! Stupid!! Stupid!!!!! Stupid!!!!!!! STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rarity is idiot :raritydespair: :rainbowhuh: :ajbemused:

This was a good story. I don't know why, but I cringe every time I even think of Dashie acting girly. It's not her! Thunder Clap seems like a really cool OC. Very well done Dashie romance story!

*Rainbow thinks: NOOOOOOO!!* :rainbowlaugh: I could tell this is what she felt. Good job!

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