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Gloom arrives in Ponyville with a number of beings from stories and legend. A two-headed being, skeletons and much more await the Mane-six. How will they react and deal with the challenges they bring forth.

This story is kind of a mash up I threw together while trying to organize my thoughts. I plan on expanding and adding more chapters following the cast. Any advice and criticism is accepted. Its the only way I'll get better.

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add paragraphs, and fix the grammar

and actually develop the characters please. All you did was say their names.

Yea sorry, I write these things on my tablet whenever an idea hits me. And the thing is horrible with actual settings for word documents. :twilightblush:

I guess I was just to used to watching the cartoon I forgot others most likely havent seen it. I tried to pair them all up with the ponies that are the most like them personality wise. I'll make the corrections and update it soon. Thanks for the advice.

If anyone's seen the show Ruby Gloom I'd love advice on developing their personalities a little more.

Personally, I loved every last bit of the crossover. To be honest, I was originally just looking for a ruby gloom fanfic because I couldn't find not a one that was any good. They would either go much to fast, or were completely depressing beyond, well, it's hard to explain really. When I started reading yours I was wondering what you were trying to get at and then it crossed over . I was truly surprised and delighted and had to go back to the top to look at the initials to see that I was to busy trying to read I I forgot to look at the title haha. I'm sure you could imagine my surprise and delight. But either way I think you did a wonderful job with it and I'm looking forward to reading more so don't let others discourage you from finishing this awesome story. :twilightsmile:

I'm certain I come from a long line of inventors.

Skullboy, you make it too easy for the Universe.

I have seen, from raining frogs and dancing bean

Happens quite often, accually.

I surely come from a long line of fashion designers.

Why, Skullboy, why?

Sigh... Ruby Gloom... Good times, good times.

what happen next?

Comment posted by nazul1246 deleted Sep 30th, 2015

please make more.i love this story,please

I keep getting Ruby Gloom and Gloom cookie mixed up as far as characters go.

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