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When Cheese drinks, he would drink, hardcore.

So Cheese finds himself in the middle of a small town named Ponyville, not knowing how he got there.

His thoughts travel to a certain pink pony with the messiest mane in the world.

For some reason, even though he's never met her, even though this happy pony probably doesn't exist, he thinks that she is pretty cute.


NOTE: It's in AU because Pinkie and Cheese didn't meet like this, and Pinkie is not an oblivious pop star. x3 (Unless it turns out she secretly is o-o)

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I don't really understand the style, but its a good start to the story. I have to give you props for even attempting a ship, putting romance into words has always eluded me.

Wow. Well... I think the premise is cool. I like the idea of an AU where Pinkie is a pop star and famous, and Cheese has some self esteem issues while he's drunk off his ass. The only problem is that this doesn't feel like an AU. Not really.

You didn't change enough details in their lives to make it seem distinctive enough. Pinkie doesn't seem like a pop star at all, unless somehow all of Equestria has been watching her without her knowledge (or is it that Cheese knows there are viewers and he just doesn't realize that that's something different, when he's drunk?) I mean, I saw Cheese's confused thoughts, but that didn't answer anything.

And Pinkie's confusion made that worse. How does she not know? Isn't she getting royalty checks? Or... something? Before I read the story, I assumed that oblivious meant she was oblivious about normal day to day life and how others live it, because she had always had fame and fortune. Or that she was simply oblivious to Cheese Sandwich's existence. Or that she was oblivious to guys trying to flirt with her. Not that she's oblivious to the fact that she's a pop star. I don't honestly know how she could be, unless it's like the Truman Show...

With the way the story is currently written, I could safely assume that Cheese got so incredibly drunk that he completely forgot he finally met Pinkie again and that he helped plan Rainbow Dash's birthday party. Pinkie's interaction with him makes more sense in that circumstance. She took him home, after all, and it's easier to do that with someone you know than with a complete stranger. She introduced herself to him, but maybe she was trying to find out just how drunk he was. Everything else, I could believe he didn't know (it's not as if they showed him going to Sugarcube Corner at any point in Pinkie Pride, that I remember, and I highly doubt she told him about the Cakes, unless she had some time during the planning to do so.) And he is very drunk. Maybe so drunk he's going to forget all of this in the morning and have a horrible hangover.

Either way, it's kind of cute and not a bad idea. I'm just kind of disappointed. The story is okay, but I was expecting something else. :fluttershysad:

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