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During a party celebrating the anniversary of Nightmare Moon's defeat, an unexpected letter from the princess turns Twilight Sparkle's entire world upside down, leaving her to try and find meaning in a life that she now knows has been nothing but a lie.

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#1 · Oct 20th, 2011 · · ·

...........ok haven't finished reading it yet but so far It's not fairings well for you.
I don't think celestia would just drop a letter saying "oh by the way, your adopted and I moulded you into the mare you are today." heck, that statement itself has flaws! You say celestia moulded Twilight into the the mare she is but your lacking on the details, perhapse you should have mentioned how celestia nugged her in a certain direction or ensured that she would meet the elements of harmony. Theres a fic called "mearly a mare". Give that a read and perhapse you can revise the letter part a little bit. Also her reaction is forced and out of character but that may just be me. Also, you show talent And with a little practice, I think you could write a great story! Pony on brony.....pony on....

:twilightsmile:great story keep writing will be looking forward to more of your work in the future:trollestia:

meh. meh meh mehmehmehmehmehemehehe.....hehehehe (tries to whistle, fails horribly)
there is a song in this, I know it. It itches at the back of my brain! Dams you Pinkie Pie! This will have to be fixed! Later! after I get some sleep and stop shouting on a comments thread. sorry, great read though. keep an "i" out for you in the future.

#4 · Jan 18th, 2012 · · ·

I really Like this but is it done?:pinkiecrazy: plus I luv pinkies crazy face :pinkiecrazy:

#5 · Jan 18th, 2012 · · ·

I really love it but is it done


Thanks for the comments, everyone! As of now, this is finished, though I have ideas for a sequel of sorts. A few actually. They've been kind of put on hold for now though, so I can work on some other stuff, such as Ballad.

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