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Might want to add the anthro tag so people aren't confused.

Other than that.... wow. :moustache:


3913413 That's okay: we all make mistakes.

Seriously, though, that was hawt. H. A. W. T.

3913422 Great, glad you enjoyed it!

Now this was an interesting and hot story. Well done.

I wish my dentist was like that. I would DEFINITELY go for an annual check-up a LOT more often. XD

But seriously, Colgate, what the fuck are you doing? XD

This was pretty good. A like for you, Sir. :P

3914832 Thanks, glad you liked it!

3914822 My God, Colgate!

I very nearly almost wish this was the reality of our world - a slut for every tooth! XD

You are all right, dude. I'm not REALLY a big fan of clop, I have a bit more respect for the show than that, but a friend pointed me to this story, and...well, despite what genre it was, it was...pretty good.

So, I shall follow you, and leave you with a video from my YouTube channel. May it either make you laugh and smile, or scar you for eternity from the absolute ridiculousness of it all. XD

Same for your Followers. XD

Not bad, man.

Not bad at all!

~Skeeter The Lurker

If only more sexy dentists and or doctors were like that, ah only in my fantasies I guess~

Wow. Siiiimplyyyy wow.

Never seen a clopfic done in first person, either. Felt like Colgate was telling every single detail from her favorite day of the week over a hardy drink. I really have to comment on the writing style, too, since as she's retelling the story, it feels like she's talking to a close friend, someone from her school days or maybe a buddy she'd made in Ponyville.

Really gives you that sense of closeness between the narrator and the reader. I like it, I like it a lot. Keep on keeping on, Scouse.

Now if only I could find the source for that cover picture...

3972781 Glad you enjoyed the writing style! I'm very much a first person writer as most of my non-fan fiction stories are written in first person. I had tons of fun writing this one too because of that. Might do some first person clopfics in the future since this one was very well received.


Definitely recommend it, since this style is pretty damn good. Also, found the source for that cover image, and thanks to that, I suddenly feel like writing a Colgatefic of my own.

Just have to think of what.

...And you have a knack for making people actually want your characters. So yeah, you're the first author that's actually made me drop my jaw when I finished the fic.

To not get too vulgar, Colgate was hot in this. Reeeeally hot. So yeah. Well done. Wish I could write this kind of character, since she's pulled off so well.

School whore that fucked practically everybody? I can dig it.

3973286 Heh, I really liked that idea myself. Honestly, I think this is the best smut I've written so far!


And I'd definitely agree. Can't always follow the 'school whore' trope, no matter how hot it is, sadly. Still, it takes a creative mind to come up with things that would be seen by others as completely demeaning.

I like how you made her basically go on a power trip with all the fantasies of her classmates. Makes her seem more dominant than submissive.

3977169 I wanted to take that route. Colgate doesn't need them, but they need her.


It's both depressing and shockingly arousing when you look at it that way from the eyes of the stallions she had sex with. Well, hopefully none of them wanted to stick with her longer than those few nights.

I can see her being an absolute cunt in school due to that personality as well. Having lots of fuckbuddies, but never many friends until she made it to Ponyville and settled into her work, leaving that lifestyle behind. Still gets the odd look but never paid it much mind.

Though with her slowly falling back into that mindset, I think there's gonna be a loooot of tension in the town.

3977651 She's got more control over her urges now than she did before, but maybe she will settle down and find a nice stallion for herself. She's still quite the young mare!


I'm hoping she does, honestly. That'd be one very very lucky stallion, I'm sure.

I...I... Holy crap I enjoyed this. Not many fics take the female perspective. But those that do are always interesting to read. This story is no exception. Great work:ajsmug: :rainbowdetermined2:

Her: Oh baby, your cock is so big- Me: SHUT UP NURSE, I KNOW! A cookie is you get the referance.
But yeah, OH GOT I CAME! Can you write one with Nurse Redheart? Thatd be awsome.

4077793 I do love me some Redheart, but I wouldn't make it like this one as they would be too similar. I will try and do something with her in the future though!

Thank you again for the other link you sent me but can ok this coverart link too please


Would that be a reference to the great Markiplier?

Also would Colgate ever go for doing it with a mare?

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