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Business is booming - Flutterfan457

Big Mac changes in a way which catches the eye of a certain young dragon.

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Chapter 2

The next few days proceeded as normal. Big Mac continued her usual routine on the farm and Spike kept up his work with Twilight. However, Big Mac did join Applejack in the market to sell apples, gaining a bit more confidence in herself and not having old reservations. Big Mac and Spike didn't see each other again, mostly due to Spike trying to avoid the market and Sweet Apple Acres. One afternoon, the girls decided to have lunch at Sugarcube Corner. This time, though, Applejack brought Big Mac, partly so her friends could clear the air, but mostly to have her and Spike talk. As the two waked through town, Big Mac continued to get odd looks from other ponies, ranging from perplexed glances to one or two rude remarks. Big Mac payed little heed to them. After a few days, she was visibly much happier and outgoing. Applejack had never seen Big Mac so cheerful. As long as she could remember, her older sibling always seemed reserved about something. Now, it looked like a weight was lifted from her shoulders. Big Mac noticed Applejack looking at her with a small smile.


"Just noticing how happy you are now."

Big Mac returned the smile. The two entered Sugarcube Corner where Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie were already waiting.

"Wow, I didn't dream. You really are a mare!"

"Rainbow Dash, don't be rude! Big Mac makes for a lovely lady."

Big Mac and Applejack sat with the four at the table.

"Where's Twilight and Spike?"

"They're just running a bit late. I'm sure they'll be here shortly."

Rainbow Dash continued to look at Big Mac with an odd look. Big Mac noticed as she sat down.


"Sorry, I...I just can't get over this. I can't even tell you use to be a guy now. I hate to admit it, but Discord does good work."

"Indeed he does."

Rarity looked over Big Mac with a smile. She put a hoof to her chin, looking like she had something planned.

"Big Mac, do you have enough outfits at the moment?"

Big Mac smirked at Rarity and cracked her brow.

"I don't normally wear clothes, Rarity. Aside from my harness."

"Come now dear. A mare such as yourself deserves to look her best."

Big Mac put a hoof over her mouth to stop her laughing but couldn't hide her smile.


Big Mac started to giggle as Rarity became more and more curious.

"What is so funny?"

"N-no offense Rarity, but I don't look good in overalls and a straw hat."

Applejack burst into laughter at that, holding her stomach and nearly falling backward in her seat. Rainbow Dash flew to Big Mac and gave her a high five. Pinkie just giggled happily and even Fluttershy laughed lightly. Once everyone settled down, Rarity sighed and rubbed her temple.

"I'm never going to hear the end of that, am I?"

Big Mac put a hoof on Rarity's shoulder, looking guilty.

"I'm sorry Rarity. I would be mighty thankful if you would make me an outfit."

Rarity smiled amicably and the ponies settled into a pleasant conversation waiting for Twilight and Spike.


Twilight and Spike walked through Ponyville, heading towards Sugarcube Corner. Spike sat on Twilight's back, looking nervous. He knew Big Mac would be there and at first didn't want to go. Not because he didn't like Big Mac, but Spike was still uncertain how he felt about her. Twilight was adamant however and talked him into going and kept Spike close so he didn't try to run. Twilight saw Sugarcube Corner nearby. She turned to Spike and smiled.


Spike looked at the bakery and gulped nervously.


Twilight sighed and set Spike in front of her. She had spoken to both Applejack and Big Mac and even sent a letter to Princess Celestia for advice. Big Mac had apologized to Twilight and promised to be more responsible and Applejack would help however she could and Princess Celestia had responded saying Twilight would need to be patient and let Spike decide when he was ready but to step in when needed.

"Listen, Spike. There's nothing you need to worry about. Just be respectful."

"Alright. What if...what if h-uh she wants another kiss?"

"I talked to her about that. She won't do anything that makes you uncomfortable."

Spike shifted in place, still uncertain and nervous. Twilight put a wing around him and lifted his eyes to her.

"Spike, I promise, it'll be okay. This is Big Mac. The only pony gentler than her is Fluttershy."

Spike nodded, still not saying what was really bothering him. Despite seeing Big Mac for himself, Spike still partly saw her as a stallion. That made it very awkward for him to deal with. Twilight and Spike walked into Sugarcube Corner not saying anymore. Once inside, Twilight happily greeted everyone inside.

"Hi everypony! Sorry we're late."

Big MAc smiled and looked curiously at Twilight.

"Howdy Twilight. Where's Spike?"

Twilight looked around herself and saw Spike hiding behind her. Spike smiled sheepishly at her incredulous look. Twilight pushed him forward with a wing.

"Hi everypony."

Spike smiled meekly while avoiding anyone's eye. Big Mac sighed with guilt seeing Spike so nervous. She stood up and slowly walked toward him. Spike recoiled slightly, partly in surprise but also because Big Mac's tremendous size intimidated him a bit. Big Mac lowered herself to Spike's height to talk on an even level.

"I'm...I'm sorry Spike about what I did. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable. I just...I've had a lot of built up feelings that needed to come out."

Spike hesitated to answer for a second, but seeing the sincerity in Big Mac's face put him a bit at ease. Spike smiled reluctantly at her.

"It's alright. No harm done."

Big Mac smiled warmly and offered a hoof to shake. Spike accepted it but avoided Big Mac's eye. Everyone sat down and returned to the conversation. The girls all peppered Big Mac with excited ideas for her to join their normal outings, except Fluttershy. She and Spike both seemed to have something they wanted to say but were too nervous to ask. After a while, Big Mac decided to question them herself.

"Do you two wanna ask me something?"

Spike and Fluttershy shared an uncomfortable look and tried to think of what the right thing to say was. Big Mac sighed slightly and shook her head.

"Guys, don't worry about offending me. I'm more thick skinned than that. Let's just get everything out in the open so we can deal with it. Whatever you wanna know, just say it."

Spike and Fluttershy both blinked at the directness of Big Mac's statement. Fluttershy worked up the nerve to speak.

"What...um...what does it feel like?"

Big Mac didn't fully understand what she meant and questioned further.

"Could you be a little more specific."

Fluttershy felt too embarrassed to continue, so Spike chimed in.

"Do you feel really different at all? Like, you know...how your built now?"

Big Mac thought about it for a moment. It was a good question. She actually didn't think about it that much. Aside from one or two changes in habit, Big Mac went about her days almost exactly like before. She smiled warmly and answered.

"Honestly, the only real difference is some parts of me feel lighter and others feel heavier. What's amazing is how it makes me feel better."

"what do you mean?"

"Cause I don't have to hide how I feel anymore. All my life I've had to be something I didn't feel right as. I can't describe what's it like to be free of that."

Everyone noticed Big Mac seemed to get emotional saying this. Even after a few days and clearing things with her friends and family, Big Mac still felt a surge of feelings talking about her change. Fluttershy smiled and looked at Big Mac with eyes full of admiration.

"I wish I could be like you, Big Mac."

"Nah, I ain't some big hero, Fluttershy. I...I just got a lucky break, thanks to Discord."

They all spent the afternoon chatting pleasantly. Spike however stayed quiet and continued to avoid Big Mac. Ha had gained a new found respect for her learning how much Big Mac kept herself stable with such a heavy burden. Looking at her now, Spike could see just how much more happy she seemed. Spike hated to admit it, but Big Mac had a certain beauty to her. The warm compassion in her eyes, the gentle smile she always wore...

Spike shook his head. If he kept thinking like this, he would forget about Rarity completely. Unfortunately, that was already starting to happen. Even though Spike and Big Mac hadn't seen each other much, she always looked at him with affection. Her beautiful eyes seemed to crackle with joy seeing him, and she would always take a moment just to say hi. Rarity never showed him that kind of attention. Spike often wondered if she really cared a-


Spike looked and saw Twilight looking at him curiously.

"Sorry, I was thinking."

Twilight smiled and let him climb on her back. Before they could leave, Rarity stopped Twilight.

"Twilight, would you mind if I borrow Spike for just a bit?"

"For what exactly?"

"Just a small project I need his particular skill in."

Spike lit up at this and looked at Twilight eagerly. Twilight thought about it for a moment before reluctantly agreeing.

"Alright. Just don't be out too late."

Spike happily hopped to the floor and walked out with Rarity. Twilight hoped she didn't make a mistake doing this.


Rarity and Spike happily walked to Carousel Boutique, making idle chat. Spike honestly thought he needed this. After staying quiet throughout the afternoon, it was nice to be able to talk without embarrassment. Maybe if he was careful, they could talk about their-


Spike jumped and saw Big Mac waiting at the door of the boutique. Spike gulped nervously as Rarity greeted her.

"Hello Big Mac. I hope I didn't keep you waiting too long."

"Only a couple of minutes. I didn't know you were bringing Spike though."

"He'll simply be lending me a bit of assistance."

Rarity patted Spike's head while he smiled nervously. She opened her front door and directed Spike and Big Mac to her work area. As Rarity gathered the items she needed, Spike did his best to avoid Big Mac's gaze, hoping he didn't act rude. He was pulled from his uncomfortable thoughts by a measuring tape being placed in his hands.

"I need you to take Big Mac's measurements."

"But, can't you just use magic to do it?"

"Yes, but it's more accurate by hoof. I've never worked with anypony who had Big Mac's impressive build, so I want to be as accurate as possible. Big Mac, you don't mind, do you?"

"No, that's fine."

Rarity smiled and picked up a notepad and gestured for Spike to proceed. Spike carefully took measure of Big MAc while doing his best to avoid touching her. Spike refused to look Big Mac in the eye. Between getting a kiss from her before and now being this close...it was beyond awkward for him. Rarity kept sending looks to Big Mac, silently urging her to try something. Big Mac would take a few glances at Spike, wanting to tease him a little, but saw he was already uncomfortable enough and she didn't want to make it any worse. Rarity continued to hope Big Mac would take a chance, but it seemed she still had her old meekness. Rarity decided she would do it herself.

"Spike, could you measure Big Mac's neck? I think I have an idea for a necklace."

"Um, okay."

Big Mac lowered herself allowing Spike to climb onto her back. Rarity smiled mischievously as Spike balanced carefully and put the tape around Big Mac's neck. Rarity fed a small bit of magic into her horn.

"That's 17 in-whoa!"

Spike tumbled forward as an unseen force pushed him off balance. Thankfully, Big Mac caught him before he hit the ground. But at that moment, Big Mac and Spike's eyes met for the first time.

They both felt like they were gazing into heaven.

Big Mac was lost int he sincerity and innocence in Spike's eyes. Big Mac normally only saw the goofy and somewhat cynical side of Spike, but it made her very happy to see a softer, more loving side of him. Spike was completely lost in Big Mac's embrace. Her arms were very strong, but also very gentle and loving. Almost like getting a hug from Celestia. But what held his heart the most was he saw in her eyes. They seemed to sparkle with joy as Spike and Big Mac held their gaze. Spike could see behind her happiness what felt like unbelievable strength and passion. Like a part of her Big Mac held inside for years. Spike felt overwhelmed by it. It made her seem so much more beautiful, more even than Rarity. Spike felt the same thing he did when he first saw Rarity, but so much stronger. Big Mac's face turned to a warm adoring smile as her hug tightened ever so slightly. pike felt his face perk up slightly in smile as his blush filled his cheeks. After a few seconds, Spike turned his face away from Big Mac, unable to handle her gorgeous eyes. Big Mac leaned closer to him, making Spike continue to look away and smile shyly with a bright red blush. Rarity cooed and giggled at the sight.

"You two are so adorable!"

Spike and Big Mac didn't say anything for a moment because of the feeling of shared desire. Finally,, Spike cleared his throat.

"I, uh...I gotta get home."

Big Mac set Spike down gently. Spike looked at her for a moment before hesitantly leaving the boutique. Once he was gone, Big Mac put a hoof to her head and sighed.


"Oh hush. You two needed a little budge."

"It's not that. It's..."

Big Mac thought for a moment, trying to find the right words for what she was thinking. Rarity looked at her curiously. After a few seconds, Big Mac continued.

"Can you please stop what's happening between you and Spike?"

"Dear, there is nothing between us."

Big Mac gave her a blank look and tapped her hoof.

"Well, nothing serious, so-"

"Rarity, he is nuts about you, and you know it!"

Rarity was taken aback by Big Mac's slightly angry tone and volume. Rarity hesitated for a moment, not liking the idea of someone like Big Mac being upset with her.

"Well...I-I could talk to-"

"Wait, Rarity, I'm sorry."

Big Mac quickly walked to Rarity and placed a hoof on her shoulder.

"I...I've always been really jealous of you for having Spike at your beck and call. It made me wish I was you a lot of times."

Rarity smiled and gave Big Mac a quick hug.

"Think nothing of it, darling. I...I'll speak to Spike soon about this. I don't want to ruin your happiness."

Big Mac smiled wide and Rarity a big hug, making her squeak in surprise. As she set Rarity down, Big Mac's thoughts drifted toward her hopes for Spike and Rarity continued her work.


Around early evening, Twilight had settled into her den with a book and tea, waiting for Spike to return home. Her front door opened allowing Spike in, which surprised Twilight to see him back so early. Twilight walked to him and noticed the glowing blush and wistful smile on his face.

"You're awful happy, Spike. Did you have a good time with Rarity?"

"Y-yeah...you could say that."

Spike tried to avoid Twilight's gaze and stared at the floor, unable to wipe the smile from his face. Twilight felt her own grin form seeing Spike so happy.

"C'mon Spike. I'll make dinner."

Spike followed Twilight into the kitchen and set the table as Twilight prepared a meal for them. Spike continued to smile as he waited. He didn't know why, but just knowing someone liked him so much made his heart soar. Maybe it was because it as Big Mac, maybe it was just that someone was showing him such attention. Whatever the reason, it made Spike very happy. Spike was pulled from his thoughts by a plate being set before him.

"What exactly happened at Rarity's Spike?"

"Well...um, she needed my help for a dress for Big Mac-"

"Wait, Big Mac was there?"


Twilight became very concerned. While Big Mac hadn't tried anything with Spike lately, Twilight didn't want to take any chances after the kiss.

"Did she behave herself?"


"Are you sure?"

"Twilight, she didn't do anything."

"So why are you all smiles?"

Spike fidgeted in his seat as his blush intensified.

"Um...I was helping Rarity get measurements of Big Mac-"

"why didn't she use magic?"

"That's what I said, but Rarity said it was more precise to do it by hoof."

Twilight facehoofed in exasperation. Of course Rarity would do something about this. She loved any kind of romance, especially if it gave her something to gossip about.

"What exactly happened?"

"I was measuring her neck and...I fell but...but she caught me."

Spike wanted to cover his face in embarrassment. Twilight cocked her brow, not fully understanding.

"Was that all?"

Spike met Twilight's eye with his smile back.

"she has...really beautiful eyes."

Twilight was a bit surprised by this, but it quickly turned to delight.

"You like her, don't you?"

Spike nodded slightly. Twilight felt a wave of relief at this, partly knowing nothing happened at the boutique, but also that Spike was finally getting over his crush. He would probably still have some reservations about giving up on Rarity, but now that someone was showing real interest in him, Spike could have a real relationship. Dinner was finished in silence, both Spike and Twilight smiling for different reasons. When dinner was finished, Spike gathered the dishes and washed them without fuss.

"Do you need any help, Spike?"

"No, it's okay."

Twilight smiled warmly and nuzzled Spike.

"Don't stay up too late, okay?"

Twilight left Spike and went upstairs to bed. Spike continued to think about Big Mac as he finished the dishes. He finished his work and went upstairs to bed. Spike saw Twilight was fast asleep as he crawled into his basket. For a short while, the young dragon layed back and let his mind wander, still going to Big Mac. It was odd. A few hours ago, He felt very awkward about her. Now, after a hug and a look in the eye, Spike wanted her more than anything.

End of Part 2