• Published 7th Feb 2014
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Business is booming - Flutterfan457

Big Mac changes in a way which catches the eye of a certain young dragon.

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Chapter 1

Twilight Sparkle and Spike were walking through Ponyville market buying a few things for the library. Twilight had nearly had a panic attack when she learned Discord had started granting wishes to ponies, but thankfully he was following rules set by Princess Celestia and wasn't doing anything beyond his stand. Twilight turned to Spike who had a relatively short list.

"What's left on the list, Spike?"

"Let's see. We got the ink wells, an order of quills, the-"

Spike stopped as he saw something ahead. His eyes widened in shock and his lower jaw looked like it was about to fall off.


He didn't respond, just kept looking awestruck. Twilight waved a hoof in front of his face but still received no response.

"Spike, what is it?"

Spike grabbed Twilight's chin and turned her head to look in the same direction he was. Once she saw what Spike saw, she had the same look as him. Walking through the crowds of the market was Big Macintosh. However, the stallion who was normally the very image of masculinity and the desire of nearly every single mare in Ponyville was now a woman. Not dressed as a mare or simply acting like one, but clearly built and shaped like a female pony. He, or she as the situation was, still possessed tremendous muscles and height, but also feminine qualities. Neither Spike or Twilight moved as Big Mac made her way through the crowd. Everyone turned to look at her, stallions looking either horrified or enamored and mares looking heartbroken. Applejack noticed Big Mac as she was finished with a customer. Applejack stammered and did a double take seeing her new sister.

"B-big Mac?!"

Big Mac ignored her and continued toward Spike. The rest of the mane six caught sight of Big Mac and reacted as expected; Rarity passed out, Fluttershy looked at a loss of how to react and fidgeted nervously. Rainbow Dash floated in place with her jaw dropped and Pinkie Pie twisted her head untilit was upside down. Big Mac stopped in front of Spike, looking nervous. Spike looked up at Big Mac, feeling very small before the massive pony. Big Mac took a deep breath and leaned down to give Spike a passionate kiss. Spike stood stone still, eyes wide and his pupils as small as pin pricks and his face bright red while Big Mac caressed his lips with hers. After a minute, Big Mac pulled back from the kiss with a small smile and blush. Spike could only blink as his mind tried to register what just happened to him. After a few seconds, Spike started to make noises that sounded like incoherent babbling. The awkward moment was broken by the sound of hysterical laughter. After a minute of his hysteria, Discord caught hold of himself and started applauding.

"Bravo! Bravo, Big Mac! You caused more confusion in a few moments than even I could hope to."

Applejack finally came to her senses and stomped to Discord, huffing furiously.

"Whatever you did to my brother, you change him back right now!"

"Miss Applejack, please, calm yourself! I've brought no harm to 'Miss' Big Mac."

Applejack grit her teeth furiously and looked like she was ready to charge and strangle Discord.

"If you don't fix this-!"

Discord stopped Applejack by pinching her lips shut.

"My dear, please. There's no need to get your tail in a knot."

Discord lifted Applejack's tail with his own to show hers tied in a bow. Applejack sighed in annoyance and gave Discord a cross look. Discord snapped his fingers and Applejack's tail returned to normal.

"Discord, what in tarnation are you doing here?! Aside from messing with my brother."

"Well, since you asked so nicely, I had an idea to put my talents to good use."

Applejack looked mortified and gestured to Big Mac.

"This is good use?!"

"Your 'sister' seems to think so."

Applejack pulled her hoof back, ready to punch Discord in the face. Big Mac grabbed her hoof and pulled Applejack back.

"Sis, calm down."

"Big Mac, look what he's done to you!"

"I asked him to!"

Applejack was shocked into silence by this. She only blinked in confusion for a few seconds before shaking her head to regain her senses.

"You...you wanted this?"

Big Mac nodded, looking uncomfortable.


Discord chimed in before Big Mac could say a word.

"Apparently, your big sister has been a filly at heart for quite some time."

Discord picked up Spike with his tail and dangled him by his.

"Also, she's had a little crush on scales here."

"That's Spike!"


Big Mac pulled Spike out of Discord's grip and set him on the ground while giving Discord an annoyed look. He ignored it and continued.

"She saw that I was providing a wish fulfillment service, and...well, you see the results."

Discord smiled smugly and fluttered his eyes. Applejack stayed silent while her mind processed what she learned. She wanted to question Big Mac further, but felt the whole family should know. Not to mention Discord had put her in a foul mood.

"Big Mac, we...we need to get home. I think the family needs to be told about this."


Applejack and Big Mac left the market together heading toward the farm. Discord waved to them.

"Enjoy, my dear!"

Twilight watched Discord's amusement at the situation with disdain. She shook her head and picked up Spike with magic and set him on her back. Twilight left the market not saying a word to Discord, who huffed at her dismissal.

"Nopony appreciates good art anymore."

Discord snapped his fingers and disappeared.


Twilight returned to the library soon after, deciding to wait to finish her shopping. Once inside, Spike immediately hopped off Twilight and started his chores without a word. Twilight recognized it as Spike's habit when something was bothering him. Twilight gently put a hoof on his shoulder making him jump slightly. Spike shrunk in embarrassment under Twilight's concerned look.

"Do you want to talk?"


Spike shifted, not wanting to tell Twilight what he was feeling. After a few moments, Twilight nuzzled his cheek.

"It's okay Spike, you don't have to if you're not ready. When you want to talk, I'll listen."

Spike smiled meekly at Twilight. She gave him a hug before leaving Spike to his work. Spike's thoughts stayed on what happened with Big Mac and the feelings it brought up in him. Spike had always seen Big Mac as a role model; what he should try to become as a man. Every mare in Ponyville was drawn to Big Mac in a way, partly because of his huge muscles. But somehow, he was unbelievably beautiful as a mare to Spike. He had no idea why. Big Mac was still big and powerful, the biggest pony in town. Yet she seemed to have a very beautiful and elegant charm to her. Not to mention a very soft and gentle touch if her kiss was any indication. Spike felt ashamed of himself for thinking that. His feelings for Big Mac now was a lot like what he felt for Rarity. She would be furious if she knew how Spike felt. Spike tried not to think about it as he worked. He hoped these feelings would go away if he ignored them long enough. Or stayed away from Big Mac.


Applejack and Big Mac walked to the farm with Applebloom and Pinkie Pie in tow. It was a silent trip. Big Mac was still afraid of what Applejack would say or do about this. Applejack however had no idea what to think. She never imagined anyone would want to change like this. Her brother never seemed to show any sign he wanted this, though he rarely talked about what he wanted. Applejack decided to approach this carefully. Something told her this was a long time coming. The four reached the farm soon after. They walked inside, still silent. Granny Smith greeted them as they entered the den.

"Why is everypony so qui-"

Granny Smith looked like she saw a ghost once Big Mac entered the room.

"What in the name of Auntie Oakley's bloomers happened to you, boy?!"

Applejack took Granny Smith aside and quietly explained the situation to her. Granny Smith nodded in understanding and sat down in the den. Applejack gestured to the others and they followed suit. Everyone sat down around Big Mac. For almost a minute, no one said anything. They just sat awkwardly, not making eye contact and trying to formulate their thoughts. Finally, Applejack was the first to speak.

"Um...Big Mac..."

Big Mac looked up at Applejack expectantly. Applejack took off her hat and fiddled with it for a second.

"How...how long have you wanted this?"

Big Mac thought about it for a moment, feeling embarrassed to share his oldest secret.

"Since...I....I always felt a little awkward with myself but..."

Big Mac blushed slightly and shifted awkwardly.

"It only got worse with puberty. Ma and Pa said that I would start to notice girls, but I never...I noticed other colts more, and I felt like I should be different. I never really felt right with my own body."

Applebloom chimed in curiously.

"Why didn't you tell anypony?"

"What in the hay could I say, that I didn't want to be a stallion and change my whole body!? That's not something anypony can do, Applebloom. Until Discord started his wish tent, I...it was just something I had to deal with."

The others said nothing as they digested what Big Mac said. Big Mac felt a few tears form in her eyes as these buried feelings started to come back. Pinkie continued to question Big Mac.

"Well, are you happy like this?"

Big Mac looked over herself, thinking if she really did feel better as a mare. After a moment, she smiled slightly.

"Honestly, it hasn't been long enough to really know for sure, but I do feel more comfortable with myself. I...I understand if it doesn't seem right to y'all, but this...I need this."

Pinkie smiled and gave Big Mac a big hug.

"Then that's enough for me."


"Yeah, you're still Big Mac, just a little different."

Granny Smith spoke up at that.

"Pinkie, I think this is a little more an issue than that."

Pinkie thought hard on this, tapping her chin in concentration. After a minute, she shrugged.


Granny Smith wanted to answer, but honestly didn't have any. Pinkie continued.

"The only thing really different is Big Mac is alot happier! What's wrong with that?"

Applejack and Granny Smith thought on this, but Applebloom smiled and walked to Big Mac.

"Sometimes you can be a genius Pinkie."

Applebloom gave Big Mac a big hug which she happily returned. Applejack and Granny Smith joined in a second later and Big Mac wrapped her huge forelegs around her family in group hug. After they broke the hug, everyone settled into a pleasant conversation.

"Is there anything you notice that feels really different?"

"Uh...can't really answer that with Applebloom here."

Applebloom huffed in annoyance. Granny Smith continued.

"I'll bet there were a few sad fillies in town when they found out."

"Speaking of which."

Big Mac blushed in embarrassment at that. Pinkie giggled and snuggled her.

"I bet you two would make a great couple."

"What'cha talkin' bout? Is Big Mac goin' steady with somepony?"

"Not quite, apparently Big Mac has a soft spot for little Spike and gave him a big kiss."

"Big Macintosh! I raised you better than that!"

Big Mac lowered her head with her ears flat in shame. Granny Smith lifted her head by the chin.

"I understand being excited and getting caught up in the moment when there's a good looking fella about, but you can't just toss yourself at him; ponies will think you're a hussy and take advantage of you."

Big Mac sighed wearily. Granny Smith put a foreleg around her shoulders.

"I'll teach you how to handle boys like a proper mare, make sure you do it right."

Applejack chuckled lightly.

"Might wanna wait before you try anything though, I think you scared the dickens out of the poor boy."

Big Mac smiled as everyone continued to tease her. Maybe she still had no chance with Spike, but her family accepted her choice, and she was very happy with that.

End of Part 1