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A 'Trossel-verse' story; set about two years before Ethereal Chaos.

Hearts and Hooves Day has finally arrived, and Frostburn is so excited to spend the whole day with her boyfriend Steelmind. However, he completely forgot what day it was and hopes that she doesn't find out.

Contains 100% OC's; despite being set in the Trossel-verse, you don't actually need to have read anything prior.

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I enjoyed this. I'll admit that I was a little put off at first with the idea of Trossels, but after the characters were introduced, it was no longer an issue for me. I felt that the characters were real to me and were believable. For your fist story, I feel that you have some great potential and I look forward to seeing what else you'll come up with. Perhaps we can even work together at some point?

(Wow... I'm not usually this thoughtful/thorough with my comments)

4004871 actually, to be fair, this is just my first story ON MY NEW ACCOUNT. I abandoned the old one, and I'm hoping to repost some of my old stories (sans the clopfics; if there's one thing I suck at writing, it's sex scenes) on this one with a bit of tweaks and touch-ups where necessary; in particular, my personal favorites and most successful Ethereal Chaos, which actually has the characters featured here more prominently and meeting the Mane 6 (it's pretty great, and I'm collabing with a friend on the re-edits but the process is a little slow), and Honeysuckle, a brief one-shot that I wrote in an insomnia-induced stupor yet somehow became everyone's favorite. I really would love to collaborate on something, since I'm trying out one idea that I'm hoping to get right but kinda need the glue to hold the scenes together.

Very cute and worth the read have and up vote!:pinkiehappy:

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