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Greetings, My name is Ivy Blood. I understand that such a meeting is odd to say the least. Expectations demand that a author 'hook' a reader with just a paragraph. I myself was never good at dramatizing any subject,I even forgot to make this...introduction? Regardless, that is why I will make it different. As any author, I hope it draws the same crowd; ponies taking a step back and look with me, at the whole picture of who King Sombra was. I hope you enjoy.

(The author is a separate entity and is only attached to this story, no relation to me or my username. Amazing art by Hitaome113 )

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This... sounds really interesting. I may give it a try.

3906027 Ah, Thank you,trys all I can ask for ^-^

Pretty sure the description was supposed to contain a general explanation of what happens in the story, and why it's any different from anything else on this site.

*reads summary twice, because it confused her that the names didn't match* :applejackconfused:

*realizes the author is using a fictional author to address her* ... :fluttershysad:

*quietly backs away from the page*

3950631 Little confusing yea, the reason though is because the author is apart of the story.

Why was this story cancelled?

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