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Everyone's perverted old sister! (Now back from hiatus!)


Octavia loves being the center of attention when it comes to large crowds. Though her day started out innocently enough, she tries to earn the stare of a stallion passing by but quickly finds her efforts being watched by others. One would be surprised to what a simple tootsie pop and an adventurous tongue can do and wanting to give her audience a proper show, she makes it one to remember.

Edited and preread by: Shadowflash and SolidFire

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I'll admit.

At the end, I cringed.

~Skeeter The Lurker


She bit down hard on the candy and could have sworn nearly half a dozen stallions cringed as their fantasies were ended abruptly.

God, I know that feeling all to well...

Great read though, made me snicker. :moustache:

You're not the only one.

way to give the punchline in the comments section

3898398 Reminds me of this one fic that started out as incest clop but somehow ended up having an actual story to it. Pumpkin Cake did that to a honey-dipped popsicle while staring at her brother with a salacious grin.

His smile widened and his pupils nearly turned to saucer pan si\e as she grabbed the stick and pulled it from her mouth.


3898390 I was expecting it, and looking forward to it.

That could have only gone a couple other ways: crushed between her hooves, or smashed into tiny pieces on the table.

This gets all of my yes. Here are five sexy Octavia plots for you.


You shall also receive a favorite and a like.:twilightsmile:

How many licks to the center of a tootsiepop? The world may never know

Oh my god, this boner. Make it go away!

...wait a sec, a TittySparkles story that isn't rated mature?

Spoiler tags hide spoilers.

You know, that was an interesting read. Octavia's not often portrayed as much more than culturally refined. It was a refreshing change of pace to see a little saucy side to her that didn't somehow involve Vinyl.

It was quoted, not spoilered when it was first posted.

Candy is a registered trademark of King.:moustache:
Twenty bits says you'll be hearing from their lawyers.:eeyup::facehoof:

It would have been better, if the chapter itself didn't have such a name. Like that, the end becomes a bit predictable (seriously, I expected that to happen from that title alone).

Otherwise, it was a pretty nice story. Kind of amusing and... well, let's just say that I could imagine it pretty well.

Great read, I must say. And here's something that worked well with it:

Well, Octavia's always been a hot lick.

That was awesomely hot...up until the end. That bit hurt. Now that is how you enthrall an audience, both literally and in real life.

" Teen · Sex"

Yeah, ouch. I've seen it happen (with the food, not the actual thing.) although most of the girls I know use bananas. And insist on teasing us.

I need the cover image source! It was cropped right?


Lollipops can be put places other than one's mouth.
The more you know.

So with all the cringing I hear, biting it means what I think it means then? Kinky but disturbing. Damn, I am special to just get that now... :facehoof:

So how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Red Stallion?:eeyup:

It was a silly thing.
Entertaining, to be sure.

The way you wrote Tavi in this fic alone deems you worthy of a follow.

Octavia the tease is an angle Ive never seen before but I like it. Nice job :ajsmug:

Very good! I laughed :rainbowlaugh: just what I needed right now!

Very well written and enough to let the imagination do the rest.

I wrote a shorter (and unrelated) version of this scene (about 2 paragraphs) in one of my stories, though it involved a changeling and a sausage. My editor pointed out the similarities in the two scenes.

I have the weirdest boner right now...:twilightsheepish:

Lol wow! I knew that guys can get turned on by anything but I didn't really expect you could get a crowds attention just by just licking seductivly at a tootsie roll pop! And you know, that bad thing about this is, when I read this, I had an orange tootsie roll pop In my mouth, so I winded up playing with it exactly like Octavia did. :rainbowderp: :trollestia: :twilightblush:

3909170 I know this is a clopfic, but seriuosly? :facehoof: :facehoof: :facehoof: :facehoof:

Like myself Tavi has an oral fixation. I have it so bad that i got special permission from my boss to be able to eat a small lolly pop while working :rainbowlaugh:

This is a great little fix. i enjoyed reading this. thank you.

The classic "tease to kill" concept. Real genius. From that one particular amine...

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