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I like the premise of this story and am interested to read more. The idea that ponies have different mental illnesses than humans makes sense. Pinkie having a few of them isn't far fetched. Finding out how ponies treat their mentally ill population will be especially interesting.

One small criticism I have is that schizophrenia is often confused with dissociate identity disorder (formerly called multiple personality disorder.) If that is the direction the story is going then the nomenclature issue might be something to take into consideration. There are some spelling errors here and there ("pares of eyes" vs. "pairs of eyes") but that doesn't take away from the story and is easily fixed. The transition from the letter to the lake is a bit sudden but I can see why it was written that way.

The Main 6 rallying around Pinkie in her time of need is heartwarming and appropriate. All of their reactions are what I'd imagine them to be. Twilight taking a clinical interest in Pinkie's condition would make sense both with her naming the condition and perhaps when more is written. I'm a bit confused about the nature of Pinkie's friends/hallucinations, but I think that adds to the appeal of the story. It sets it up to be a mystery the reader unravels along with Pinkie.

Keep up the great work! :pinkiehappy:

Thank you, and I know it is, but twilight was referring to the hallucination. Though if you notice twilight's little Mental input earlier you realize a little of what it actually could be>>3896165

I liked it, it's a shame that there isn't more.

if any brony wants to continue it I'll list what pinkie has and let them have at it>>3914658

I loved this it needs to be continued

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