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This story is a sequel to Return Of Evil Belle - The Eviling

Sweetie Belle sells her soul, and becomes part demon in the process!
All of Ponyville shall soon be under her iron hoof, and tremble before the might of the very wicked and especially evil Evil Belle!
... Or, not.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 73 )

Yaaaaay! Evil belle's adventures!

:yay: Yay!
Hilarious as always. Good work.
Admittedly, though, it's starting to get just a bit dry; I doubt the next will be as good. Don't milk a dead cow, as they say. ("they" meaning me, of course.)

I shall favorite this, then make a whole separate module on my page displaying the Evil Belle Saga.

Your one-shots never disappoints. :D

This and the previous fic (Return of Evil Belle) are both listed as incomplete. Is that intentional?

Even when she tries to be evil, Sweetie Belle's still the cutest! :twilightsmile:

I for one Welcome my new adorable Overlord.
Does she need a minion?

Oh no... :pinkiegasp:

Another Evil Belle story!? :twilightoops:

Now I'm going to piss myself to sleep, thanks to you. :raritydespair::rainbowlaugh::rainbowwild::rainbowkiss:

Well. Evil Belle is about the least evil villain ever. She is slightly more intimidating than the Mane-iac, though. The Mane-iac is just annoying.

Whoop, more Evil Belle!:yay:

Join the club. We've got drums.

Dude, where's my jacket?:twilightoops:

Bat wings aren't scary unless you can fly with them, like how moths aren't scary unless they're alive. And you need to brush to keep your fangs sharp.

And she's back..... I loved it..

You know, Sweetie, if you want to be evil, there's a perfect teacher much closer by. Seriously, your sister owns a cat. They're evil incarnate, and manage to make us love them despite that. With your natural cuteness, and Opal's training, you could conquer the world! Or at least a moderately successful mall kiosk.


this is a one-shot? o.0
but it says [incomplete]! D:

Next in the Evil Belle saga: Evil Belle Learns to Fly (and Fall).

Poor Sweetie Belle just can't catch a break... Can't wait to read the next chapter! :raritywink:

On the drummer, duh!

which put the fear of Sweetie into potentially rebellious vegetables.

3891045 But that was my jacket.....:fluttershysad:


Evil will never be the same again.


Okay, now I get it. Sweetie Belle's trying to be evil, but she's just too adorable as a character to do it right meaning that whenever something she does happens, it instead helps those she's trying to terrorize. I get it now. Didn't get it the first time, and now I do. Lol.

This is great, we need a part 2. Or is it part 4 at this point? :rainbowlaugh:

"My couch!"
"My kingdom for a COUCH!"

Ah. Looks like this Evil Belle will chime more than once. I look forward to it.



Too short. Please make longer, then I'll upvote. Thanks. :heart:

3889720 Okay, I take back what I said, if you can pull off Opalescence teaching Sweetie Belle in the arts of evil, that would be amazing.

3897350 You have fun with that.

Eh, she'll be alright. After all pony souls grow back, right?

It's just to much!:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Truly Sweetie Belle has done something evil this day!
Oh, what horror shall she unleash next?

Love this little series you got going for her. It's certainly not a fic to sneeze—adorably or otherwise—at.

Hoping for more when it comes to ya.

I'm qualified for Vizar. Or mad scientist, so long as she doesn't mind redneck science.

3905644 I'd volunteer for Space Flight Administrator but I'm not sure where the line between enthusiastic and evil should be drawn when we're talking about large quantities of volatile fuels moving an appreciable fraction of C. Or if I have the right ratio of boosters to struts.

I need more Evile Belle for diabetic reasons.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Akumokagetsu fanfics.

I truly, truly hope we will see next chapter/story, where Rarity realizes that Sweetie DID actually sell her soul to demon and that these wings and fangs are real.


BUTTERS!!!! you are grounded young man

I like it so far. Looking forward to where this story will go :)


How long before she figures out the fangs are real?


I, for one, bow before my new evil overlord. Her reign of darkness will last until Rarity threatens to withhold the Blueberry Hay Waffles she needs so very, very much.

For now, the Great and Very Evil Sweetie Belle had returned, and in full force!

Wait, why is this marked complete? Nooo, we need more demon bat Evil Belle.

But how else do you extract th poisoned milk to give to your enemies?

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