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Sweetie Belle finally gets her cutie mark in singing. Rarity has always ignored her, and when she gets famous and has no time for her sister, Rarity gets a taste of her own medicine.

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You could continue this, because a deep conversation between Rarity and Sweetie would possibly cause some soul-reflecting n' that expression of 'God, I think, FEELS- HNNNNNNNNNG'

Rarity seems to be really out of character here. Even if her apparent selfishness is just Sweetie misreading her (again), I find it hard to believe that Rarity wouldn't try to make up with her for over two years.

I was thinking of doing that!

It's not that she didn't want to. It's that she didn't get the chance to. She was never informed on were Sweetie was next until she saw it in a magezine or somewhere. By then it would be too late. Nobody would tell Rarity since they wouldn't even think she was related to her.

I was going to point out the obvious mistakes until I read the note at the end there. I wouldn't say it's bad per say just.......really random. :applejackunsure:

That and so I haven't read any stories of the Mane Six or otherwise being bashed.

I write the dumbest fanfics. You should see one I posted when I was, like, twelve.
The dumbest one, I think, is The Lost Alicorn which I wrote when I was like, eleven? It's dumb, I deleted it.
Please do point out mistakes! I want to make this fic into a good one!:yay:
I notice that too. Cupcakes, My Little Dashie, Cheerilee's Garden, etc... they seem to get bashed a lot.
But, you'll see later on. That wasn't what Rarity really meant, looking greedy. :twilightblush:
So you'll have to see mate.

4234879 Watch and see is the best form of learning....and to keep one's-self from seeming like a jackass. :rainbowwild::pinkiehappy:

I'm afraid I can't do the second one. :rainbowwild:

But still, please point out mistakes! I have a tough skin. :rainbowkiss:

When she wss about to kill herself you mean?

Naw, I ouldn't let her kill herself. I have too much potentail on what i want to do with Rarity.

Somepony sure likes changing their icon!

Yeah. Pretty dark for a second, but afterwards I was going for the feels.

Wow u should make it so scootaloo shows up in the show that would be awesome

I was wondering how I could add Sweetie's friends but haven't got round to it yet. And her friends on the show would probably be actors.

Are you still going to do the thing you talked about in language arts?

What thing? Sorry, my memory sucks.

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