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I.. Uh.... What the actual fuck.

Spike is gayest dragon ever!


Yes, yes he totally should.

Oh my Celestia. When Babs made that joke about Button lasting longer in the hospital and Spike piped up from across the room, I laughed so hard that I woke up everybody in my house. :rainbowlaugh:pinkiesmile:

In the words of button mash while playing pong, "I don't get it" I was hoping this word pleb, would explain itself, nope. I saw comedy as a tag, nothing even made me snicker. you said in the description not to take it seriously but the things that made up the purpose of your story were not achieved 1. Showing Button as a Pleb, which without knowing what it is can't be shown, and your comedy lvls are below judge judy

3960842 nu u u fukin pleb

3964196 U Cyberman. Oh wait, that's racist. *Looks at a cyberman* Sorry.

i don't even know i was just there and i DON"T EVEN FUCKING KNOW!

i don't know

i don't know


don't know,....

*Softly sobs:fluttershbad:

i loved this whole story. my only regret is that spike isnt as much of a bad@ss as he usually is.

Wha… What happened? What is this? WHAT IS THIS?! WHAT IS MY LIFE?! WHAT JUST HAPPENED HERE?!
I don't know anymore. A thing just happened here and it was very thing-y. Just, what? :ajsleepy::facehoof: I have no idea what just happened here and I cannot stress it enough.

Im just gonna say that this story is basically what would happen if button was an asshole instead of the kind and awesome dude that we all no and love.

From description:

Button Mash is a angry, angry teen. Constantly skipping school, cursing at everyone, and insulting those around him. But what happens when he takes on the adventure of a life time? He learns that......he's a giant pleb.

The way I look at the lone chapter of the story, this "adventure" is rich with all things worthy of the following emoticons: :applecry::fluttershbad::fluttershyouch::flutterrage::fluttershysad::pinkiesick::raritycry::raritydespair::rainbowhuh::twilightangry2::facehoof::ajsleepy::ajbemused:

This really isn't a story. It's a series of jokes, jokes of the most offensive and mean-spirited kind, that are turned up to ELEVEN and are slowly trying to reach a higher volume level. But don't take my word for it. There were 28 other people who down-voted your so-called "story." Make sure THAT number is compared to the number of people who up-voted the same so-called "story." Only 11 have done so.

what the fuck kind of ending was that? " Then, he found Button dead on the ground and fucked the corpse." I mean who comes up with this crap

5052670 Some sick piece of shit who thinks that necrophilla jokes are funny

Through all my years of killing and seeing things I just gotta ask you this,........WHAT did I just read!?!?

5171702 A story that ends with a Necrophilia joke. That people take seriously.


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