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I am the Doctor, the Rebel of FiMFiction, and I'm here for the food. We should love and tolerate everyone, not just the people we agree with. If you have a problem with that, that's too bad.


Blueblood is pathetic in every single sense of the word: 15 years since the Grand Galloping Gala in which he met Rarity and her friends, and he has nothing to show for it. He is 36 and still single, addicted to snack foods and obscure media (though he insists that he's 32). He has a crush on the now-adult-and-attractive Diamond Tiara, but they are getting nowhere fast. But one day, after a serious binge of over-indulging, he discovers that he has super-powers, and also learns on the way that he's not all bad, as he discovers on his misadventures. He gets constipated, hunts for tacos, gets addicted to anime, and shares it all with his unwilling guy friends in his men's club as he goes on a soul-searching trip of maturity and self-discovery.

Based on classic YTPs, both versions of Arthur, and Oscar Wilde plays.

Coverart by Discordant Princess

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 13 )

Your choice in YTP is simply exquisite.:pinkiehappy:

Thank you! I always preferred sentence mixing over other poopisms, and most of the YTPs that will be source inspirations for the chapters will be heavy on the sentence-mixing. Most of the choices will either be:
A) Gaston YTPs
B) Michael Rosen YTPs,
C) Anything made by WalrusGuy.

That's stuff's heavy on the sentence-mixing.

He was 21 at the gala? Makes perfect sense.

Yes, in the context of this particular universe: On the show, he may have been younger than that, though it's hard to say. I did that to pay some tribute to an Oscar Wilde character, and because I assume that at oldest, Blueblood was 21 at the gala.

I disagree with the cover image. Gaston tries to blackmail Bell into marrying him by threatening to throw her father into an insane asylum. Blueblood never did anything as bad as that, and until he does on the show, we can’t pass judgement.

I actually agree with you, but it was the only one I found in which there was the Blueblood-Gaston comparison I sought.

But personally, I totally agree with you: Gaston is horrible in every sense of the word, whereas Blueblood, at least from what is seen at the show, is just a total fop and slightly classist, but other than that, probably harmless.

Haly Shat wat an interesting story plot

Ohhhhhhhh.... this will end POORLY xD

Also... "Suck my fat banana"

Also... DIscord is "Shared" between her and Pinkie? How about I go under the assumption that Molestia "shares" him without Pinkie's knowledge and I can save myself a crossed eyes rage-ache.

Well, each chapter is based strongly or loosely off of at least one YTP, until I run out of good YTPs to use or until the story ends. YTPs often revolve around that sort of thing. Also, I thought about giving a subtle tip-of-the-hat to children from dysfunctional families everywhere, implying that maybe if parents kept their sex lives under control and try to be selfless, then their kids wouldn't bite so many bullets when a marriage falls apart.

As for the other one, the fans are pretty much divided between CelestiaCord and PinkieCord, so I tried to please both. As for Discoshy, I friendship them so hard, but to romantically, passionately, sexually, or lovingly ship them (there are subtle differences between them all you know) just doesn't really match them. In any of those senses, Discord is better off with the infamous subtle troll, Celestia, and with the whacky too-happy-go-lucky-to-give-a-darn Pinkie Pie. I just couldn't decide and gave him to both! Celestia is kind of morally liberal in this story, as implied, so it kind of works.

Join Blueblood and his guy friends on their quests to cure constipation and acquire some tacos!

Blueblood and his guy friends on their quests to cure constipation and acquire some tacos

quests to cure constipation and acquire some tacos


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