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I'm a gamer who loves My Little Pony and hopes that one day there will be an awesome game of it. That'll be the day.


The birthday of Celestia and Luna is about to start and Twilight thought that both Pinkie Pie and their new friend Cheese Sandwich would be the perfect party planners. The only problem is since because of the pony formality, the ponies of Canterlot are going to try and stop their party and do it the way they think is best. Well not if Pinkie and Cheese have anything to say about it.

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Ain't no party like a Cheesepie party cause a Cheespie pony don't stop! :pinkiecrazy:

Canterlot, meet Pinkie and Cheese Sandwich. :rainbowdetermined2: Or else risk a Pinkie Sandwich!

no offense and im not asking to change the story at all but i think you should add a pinkiexcheese ship it only seems fitting as well as the fact it was half cannon as cheese remembers pinkie from his past, he got gleamy eyes whenever he made calm eye contact with her, he held up her chin, AND he gave her his SPECIAL rubber chicken boneless, plus they put in the cliche' i never even got his name romance at the end of the episode

CheesePie. Make it happen. :raritystarry:

Sorry but I'm not like that, unless I have a good reason

3881901 dude your gonna get alot of requests at least make it so pinkie kisses cheese on the cheek or something at somepoint i mean were not asking for a clopfic what we're asking for is a small ship

Alright I'll see what I can do

Another restraining order:rainbowhuh:
How many ponies has Spike begged:unsuresweetie:

The short description make me laugh too hard.:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

This story needs MASSIVE editing. Get two proofreaders, preferably also an editor (or a proofreader who is an editor). Because frankly, this is really badly written, rushed, and forced.

would it be alright if you helped proofread it for me, and also tell me the improvements I need to make

3885505 I only proofread/edit on commission unless I have a personal interest in a story. I have no personal interest in this story.

What's with all the shipping requests? I, for one, hope you do not ship them at all. It would ruin the characters' portrayal. It's too much drama for such carefree individuals, and they're going to have enough trouble to worry about as it is. Not every story needs shipping, people! In fact, I've seen many, many stories that have been ruined because the author couldn't resist adding their favorite ship(s) even if it/they didn't make sense with the rest of the story.

There's nothing wrong with listening to your readers, but you should never give in to them. You know what happened when Hasbro gave in to bronies? They gave us Equestria Girls. What happened when they gave in to "moral guardians"? Derpy had her speaking role cut. See my point?

Nice to seen an update. You write Cheese Sandwich very well.

Very nice. This could be a real episode.

Is this going to have cheese pie shipping? ::pinkiehappy: :moustache:

cheesypie! anyway nice story..dying for more! :twilightblush:

Jet Set and Upper Crust are sure to have something up their sleeves.

Lampshading your lack of progress in-story? I suppose that makes sense. Pinkie's fourth-wall-breaking is normally much more subtle than that, but I can overlook that occasionally if it means getting a good joke out of it.

Still looking for editors, huh? I'd offer to do it if I didn't already have multiple prior proofreading commitments. A recent blog post included a list of groups for us critics to point grammatically struggling authors like you towards, so they might be worth checking out. [Click here]

Sometimes I wonder if those two ponies are related to diamond tiara.:facehoof:

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