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When you are stuck in a world filled with pastel tiny horses who can use magic that you never knew exist and the only way for you to go back to your own world is to change yourself to be a better person. How much you will endure and suffer to go back home where every bad memory that haunt you all this time happened? Fortunately, a yellow timid pegasus will help you go through it and maybe a lot more than just making you a better person.

1st person view fic.

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JBL edited this and the guy still wakes up in the Everfree and gets attacked by a Timberwolf? :pinkiesick:

Faved. I'm fair. I'll give this a chance, but you only get one. I've literally done this probably over fifty times with human stories, so.... yeah. >.>

Please don't mess up :P

3878883 There are already stories like this? Link? You know, so I won't messed up :twilightblush:

3878936 Yep, there are. Probably 90% of HiE stories out there have that scene.

Same with getting attacked by a manticore and blacking out at the first chapter. :derpytongue2:

Me and my army supports this story:pinkiesmile:


3878883 :twilightsheepish: You know how I've gone on some rants against them. Don't worry, I'm trying to cut as much cliches as possible. You'll be glad to know I got rid of one major one in chapter 2.

3879735 3879474 I don't know spawning there was a cliche since I need it for the plot :derpytongue2:

why is it always bad life on earth with haunting memory? jeesh might as well add to the prolong would he want to go back?:derpytongue2: trick question.

T-trigger warning!?

5414926 Have you read the new chapter? What do you think?

5414926 Oh the trigger warning is just a joke. It's not triggering in a sense but well just annoying I guess.

5414931 Alot better that i thought it would be...:twilightblush:

5414942 I actually have plotted it out. I just need to write it but it's so hard these day. Anyway, thanks! And tell me if you see a mistake.

5414935 It gave me flashbacks....

5414961 Oh the trigger lady. I thought my story is so cliche that it gives you flashback.

6234546 Thank you for liking it. Sorry it still in hiatus and maybe someday I will update it.

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