• Published 1st Feb 2014
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Knowing You - nerevars

When you think that everything in your life and the world where you lived is messed up and not as you think it was. Maybe, all you need is to be shown a little kindness.

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Show Me Your Spirit

[TRIGGER WARNING] There are no editor/proofreader from this chapter on, and English is not my native language, so I'm really sorry if there is a fatal grammar mistake here and there. If you're okay with that, then enjoy this chapter.

“But-but Princess! I can’t do that, I don’t even know him, let alone to reform him like Discord.” Fluttershy plead after hearing such command. The ponies began to asking the princess and whispering to each other after hearing it.

“You can do it my little pony, I’m sure you will.” Moving away from the ponies, Princess Celestia spokes again, “Fluttershy, I think that your encounter with him isn’t just a coincidence-”

“Wait a minute!” I’m interrupted the princess and said, “What do you mean by that, huh? You want to tell me that I’m not randomly stuck here but I was meant to be here?”

“More or less,” replied the princess.

“Bullshit!” I barked as my temper ran out. “I can’t take that answer. I need a way to go home now! Not staying in this place where I’m not belong!”

“Are you sure that the place where you come from is where you are belong?”

The princess claim checkmating the conversation and silencing the ponies. I can’t answer that. That was cheating. It seems that the princess has seen through me. What will I do if I can go home right now? Telling people I’m visiting a world where pastel colored ponies can talk? Not just a normal ponies, but a unicorn and pegasus. What would people say beside that I already lost my mind?

“As I said before,” the princess continued, breaking the silence, “Your encounter with him isn’t just a mere coincidence, Fluttershy. I can guarantee that this is no less than a fate.”

“But… why?” Uttered Fluttershy looking to the princess confused.

“I think only time can answer that.” The princess gave a smile of assurance to Fluttershy and then moving away, looked at me and said, “With this, I will end my visit. For any further question, and everything regarding your stay here, you can consult to the ponies here, and if you really need something, you can consult to Princess Twilight Sparkle.”

“Hey wait!” I called but it’s too late since a flash of light suddenly flashing from the princess as she disappeared.

All of the ponies attention now are to me as they looked at me after their princess disappeared. Twilight was the first one who start to spoke. “So, as you can know that you’re now live here for a while. Is there any questions you want to ask to us?”

“How…” I said, paused slightly as I inhaled to take a breath and sighed and continued, “How can she do that?”

“Well, sir, what she did is called teleportation. It is one of the advan-”

“No! I don’t care about that! What I meant was how she can leave me with all of you here! If she is a true ruler, she can’t do that! Why she didn’t just cast me the spell?! Why she didn’t just do it?!” I snarled at them with my hands gestured and pointing them. I can’t accept the fact she just leave me stuck here with these ponies.

“As she stated before, it would be harmful to you and Fluttershy here will help you so the spell won’t do a something we all don’t want to happen to you. It is for your own good!” Twilight answered followed by the rest of the ponies was agreeing.

“But- ouch!” I was cut by my own shriek when a sting of pain from my chest reminded me it still there.

“Ooh, easy there. Your chest wound is pretty bad after I looked at it,” cooed Fluttershy as her hoof tried to reach your chest where the wound belong. I blocked her hoof with my right hand as my left hand covering the source of the pain. “You shouldn’t push yourself to hard, you need to rest.”

“Um everypony, I think we should let him rest and continued this later?” Fluttershy said, looking to everypony and smiled.

“I agree, I already have an order I need to complete today,” Rarity agreed.

“And Ah need an apple to buck,” Applejack gave her reason.

“AndIforgotIwascameinthemiddleofbakingacakesogoodbye!” Pinkie dashed out, leaving us dumbfounded.

“Rainbow?” Twilight asked her.

“Hmm? Y-yeaah I think I still need to buck some clouds at some part of the town I left when I got here,” Rainbow Dash replied

“Okay, as for me, I’m going to help you fill out your paperwork and submit it to the town hall to get administrated for your stay here. But, as Fluttershy said, you should rest for now,” Twilight paused, looking back and forth and finally said, “But, I’m sorry, it’s not like I hate you or something but I need you to find somewhere else since this library didn’t have any more guest room and the only bed here was the one you are on, I’m really sorry and I kinda feel bad about it, but-”

“It’s okay Twilight, he can stay in my cottage,” Fluttershy cut Twilight endless rant.

“WHAT?!” Rainbow Dash suddenly shouted makes everypony and I cringed. Then she took Fluttershy to the farthest corner in the room, looking away from me and whispered loudly, “Do you remember about what I said earlier?”

“Yes, but it’s okay Rainbow, it just like when I did to Discord and he needs a place to stay anyway.”

“No, it doesn’t! He can be dangerous and can hurt you, aren’t you scared by him? I know his face is kinda stupid but still…”

“I heard that!” I shouted.

“It’s okay Rainbow, really…” she turn away and looked at me, “because, if I’m in his position right now, I think he is more scared to us than me to him.” She smiled at me. That smile, it felt something, it felt comforting, calm and warm. It mesmerize me, makes me want to stop the time and look at it one more time. There was something that made me want to know her. There was something different about this pony.

“Or he could sleep in Applejack’s barn!”

“Ah’m sorry sugarcube but it’s Applebuck Season now and Ah need it to store the apples.”

“I guess we don’t have any choice. We can’t let him stay in the hotel, right Twilight?”

“Yes, I’m sure that they won’t let them stay even if we assure them it’s okay.”

“Owwh,” Rainbow groaned sounds defeated, looking down with her ears flatted. “We have no choice then…” Suddenly she perks up and pointing her cyan hoof to me and her eyes staring at me then said, “But, I’m still watching you”.

“Okay, we found your place to stay. Now we need a name for me to register you and make socialization for your stay here.”

“But I already said that I don’t remember.”

“Yes, I remember. But, since I really need it, how about we start it by using the word on your jacket?”

My jacket? I thought to myself. Then I remember, this years old jacket which I was wearing was bought by my mother. I don’t know why she picked this one since the design was so plain. The torso and the hood part was plain dark blue and the long sleeve part was light blue with a streak of black from shoulder to the tip of the sleeve. I don’t know if my mother was cheap or she like a baggy jacket that it’s not so big but it was over my waistline and the sleeve was so long my hands was all covered.

“Spirit?” I read out loud when I look down and read the only word pasted on the jacket right above the hole as if it’s an insignia.

“Yes, is that okay sir?” Twilight asked.

“It’s kinda corny but whatever,” I said, didn’t care about all this since I didn’t even remember the last time someone call me by my name. Even though it’s funny that their names were consist by nouns or verbs. Whatever works I guess.

“So, is this mean we can go home now, Twi? Because I really need to buck those apples.”

“Hmm yeah, Twilight, those clothes won’t sew itself you know?”

“Of course, knowing that Ponyville is not in danger, I think we can relax now. And Fluttershy?” Twilight said and then looked at Fluttershy to say, “Is it really okay to let him stay with you? I know that this is a direct order from Princess Celestia, but from you reaction earlier, it seems that you aren’t really want to do this.”

“No, Twilight. Umm, I mean, I don’t mind him to stay, I even plan to do so from the start, but being ordered to reform him and all was surprised me.”

“Well then, good luck Fluttershy, Ah know ye can do it,” Applejack cheered Fluttershy and then she looked at me, “See ye later… Spirit!”

“See you later…? I guess,” I uttered.

“And I must make my leave as well. Ta-ta everypony!” Rarity trotted away with Applejack leading her and then she abruptly stopped and turn back and after scanning my figure in bed she said, “Um, if you need some new clothes, visit my boutique when you feel better, darling. Maybe I can make something out for you. I will love to experiment with another creature that love to wear some clothes.” Winking, she then left the premises.

“Umm thanks? I guess.” I guessed.

“Hmm, I guess I need to leave too huh?” Rainbow asked to no one specifically in the room. “I just want to say be careful Fluttershy. Don’t hesitate to tell me if something up okay?”

“Okay.” Fluttershy nodded weakly.

In one flap of her wings, she zoomed out of the room. Now I know where her Dash in her name comes from.

“I think this is my turn to leave right?” I said while I sluggishly standing up. It’s funny that the headache I expected isn’t come. In fact, I feel my head is as clear as I ever be, even though I still felt the sting in my chest it doesn’t really bothered me as much as before.

“Umm Fluttershy? I can accompany you to your cottage if you want,” Twilight offered Fluttershy as if I was a wild animal who could rage anytime.

“Thanks Twilight, but it’s okay, really. I can do it by myself and you were saying you have something to do right?”

“Yes, well I’ll show you the door then,” Twilight said leading the way as I follow downstairs. She wasn’t lying when she said I was in a library when I saw so many books planted on a bookshelf which more like a hollowed wall than a furniture itself, in fact, all the wall was made by wood as if we are inside a tree. I wondered if it was true.

After passing a several room which I assume a bathroom and a kitchen, I see rather small door for a human with an average height like me. I saw a purple aura surrounding the door and so does Twilight’s horn and saw the door opened. Sidestepping, she gestured me to walk outside. So I did by leaning down a bit and walked outside of the library with Fluttershy followed behind.

Far calmer than before, now I can observe the architectures of the houses and the building surround me. It felt so surreal and alien. Even though the architectures wasn’t really different from normal medieval village from what I had seen in movies and video games. But, the thing baffled me the most is the building where I was come from. As I look back, instead of a big building, I saw a big gnarled tree, complete with its leaf and branches except you can see windows, door where I was got out from and a veranda above. I always hate when I was right, but this time, I felt a celebration inside me from guessing right.

“See you later Fluttershy! And Spirit? I hope we can chat some more and you could tell me about your world,” Twilight said, smiling and then shut the door.

“Goodbye Twilight! Let’s go Spirit, it’s already late and I need to feed the animals,” Fluttershy breaking my awe from the alien environment and trotted away knowing I will follow, and I did.

A few minutes has been passed and silence still filled the void between me and Fluttershy. It’s not like I was quiet or shy person but the only thing I can do was trying to focus and stay close with her and not got separate and lost because of my amazement and curiosity. Everything was so distracting. When I thought a building made out of entirely inside a living tree was crazy enough, I could never been so wrong. I was passing a building which felt like it was misplaced and should be in Disneyland instead since that building was decorated like a giant gingerbread house. If it wasn’t because of Fluttershy realized I was stopping my walk, I could have been lost instead.

“You sure are quiet,” Fluttershy suddenly said while keeping her pace.

“Huh, what?” is all I could reply since I’m not giving her attention before. I look down to my companion and saw her trotting makes her mane and tail sway swiftly while her wings furled neatly.

“You know, I was the shiest pony compared to all my friends, but I’m sure you don’t talk much before.”

“I did, huh?” I paused a bit. Still observing my new environment, I said, “It’s not that I’m quiet or shy. It just that it’s too much to take in and I still can’t accept the fact that I’m stuck here now.”

I watch ponies around me were either whispering to each other, giggling or just staring at me as if I was a new unique pet being walked around town.

“It’s alright. If you need anything or have a question just ask me.”

“Umm, excuse me for asking but I thought you said you were shy, I mean there is a shy in your name but you are pretty assertive today,” I said with my voice mixed up with her clopping sound as we walked.

“Really?!” She cheered, “It just that I love to meet another creature. As long as they aren’t not a dragon.” She giggled and then smiled cutely.

The rest of the walking passed by uneventful as we arrived in front of her cottage. Standing on the small bridge, I can saw so many bird houses and nest around and on the cottage. We walked across a small bridge on the small creek.

“We are here!” Fluttershy claimed as her hoof opened the door and then proceed to walked inside. “Please come in and make yourself at home.”

I walked inside and everything was the same like before I ran outside earlier. I sat down on the couch not knowing what to do and staring to a lot of stuff inside this cottage. Simple, but there are so many stuff, including her pets that running or flying around.
I watch her tending her pets by give them food and fill their drink bowl. After that, she disappeared to a certain room.

“Dinner’s ready!” Sang Fluttershy immediately coming out from what I conclude is the kitchen while carrying a two bowl of something with her fore hoofs.

Laid on the table in front of me, was a bowl filled with leaves, tomato, and some other things I never seen before. But, I know that this was a…

“A healthy salad for our sick friend,” She said while smiling like a mother who proud of her children.

I never imagine seeing a salad, let alone to eat it as a main dish. I always eat something cheap and not a rip off, as long as it sates my stomach. As my appetite suddenly disappeared, I ask a permission to Fluttershy to sleep early today with my wound as an excuse. Then she show me the room where I was asleep this morning for me to sleep tonight.

As I laid alone on top of the bed, I couldn’t sleep right away. It was either because of it was still too early or because my mind was trying so hard to believe that this isn’t real and I will wake up on my own bed in the morning and pretend all of this was never happened.

Author's Note:

I'm sorry for those who really wait for this chapter up. Because of something IRL, I can't really work on this story leaving with that huge gap between the last chapter and this one, but I think I can at least finish it even though I need to update this sporadically, so don't expect too much from me.
As for the grammar problem, I'm really sorry since English isn't my native language so maybe I make a mistakes here and there and because of that long of inactivity, I haven't talk to one of the editor so I'm going solo now.

Once again, I'm sorry and see you on the next chapter!