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Twilight Sparkle helps Pinkie Pie throw a thank you party for Princess Celestia. She soon starts to have concerns when Pinkie spends far too much time with the Princess.

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I don't know why exactly you uploaded this twice. Nor I'll ever understand how the second one passed moderaton. Nonetheless; I've begun reading and I'll say that it is pretty good so far. I'll edit this comment with a more in-depth review after I'm done.

wait what happened to the clop edition

i read that and i had a few giggles and shit

Clop edition, Extra scene with explicit content. NSFW

Edit: That part wasn't fair

I don't really like this story's concept.
In my eyes Celestia and Luna are SO high above everypony that only a hoofful of ponies is good enough for them.
And Pinkie is most certainly NOT one of them. The TwiLuna Ship only managed to heal my wounds a bit.
I'm so sorry, you wrote a very good story, but the Pielestia Shipping is a kick in the guts and makes me regret reading it. Please forgive me:fluttershysad:

Two errors of fact.

First, the water content of coffee far outweighs the mild diuretic effect of its caffeine content (which effect is even milder for regular drinkers). Coffee therefore has a net hydrating effect.

Second, opposite electrical charges attract. Positively and negatively ionized clouds would, in the absence of any other variables, be pulled towards one another.

And as a counter point argument. Pinkie/Celestia is one of my most beloved shipping pairings, but putting it on top of secret daughter Twilight and Twilight/Celestia lusting! This is such a good story, it's so adorable and perfect and fuzzy.

Best story ever!:raritystarry:

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