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"He who makes a pony of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man." — Samule Poneson.


An insidious idea is mistakenly planted in Applejack's brain when she misconstrues an innocent statement made by her sister Apple Bloom.

Triggers: eating disorders.

<--Like the cover art? Something I shoop'd together with screencaps from General Zoi's Pony Creator. Searching for "fat applejack" gave me...inappropriate results.

Rated teen for "language" (Equestrian pseudo-swear words) and more mature themes regarding anorexia, self-harm, bulimia etc. Things you might discuss with your parents or children.

Here's a link to the National Eating Disorders Association's help page: http://www.nationaleatingdisorders.org/find-help-support
Always remember that if you suspect someone you know may be suffering from an eating disorder, they may not realize it themselves, and you need to intervene before they do lasting and often permanent damage to themselves.

Chapters (3)
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[scratches head]

But if AJ is ALWAYS working at the farm, how can she possibly be overweight? Most fanfics portray her as the mare with the largest muscles in Ponyville (the outlines are visible if you look close enough, she wouldn't have a body like Bulk Biceps, obviously).

The problem with anorexia is the person doesn't actually have to be overweight. It's a mental problem too. That's why even when people are well into the danger zone of too skinny they can think they are still over weight. Which is portrayed here

3869767 Yes, thanks. Promoting a positive personal body image is one of the few topics i feel MLP:FiM hasn't adequately explored, so I wanted to write a short story that felt like a self-contained episode to communicate the idea that even the strongest of our friends, like Applejack, could find themselves struggling with self-esteem issues and the onset of mental disorders that they can't recover from without help and support. :ajsmug:

Well, this is a sensitive and empathetic handling, but it felt rushed. EDs are incredibly insidious and can take years to build. I know that it's not possible to do that in a short story, but some flashbacks could have helped. All in all, worth an upvote.

The one plot hole this story has, is Anna's stake in this.
Was she just taking advantage of AJ's bits? Or was she ALSO suffering a disorder and saw AJ as a kindred spirit she desperately wanted?
How did the twins react when they found out what their cousin had been doing to Applejack, AND HERSELF?

You bring up several good points. If I were writing this story today I'd probably do a lot of things differently. This fic was the first I ever wrote (and it shows), and to address your post at the time back in January I probably simply forgot that the spa twins even existed as soon as I didn't need them to advance the plot further. I created an OC that would serve to help feed into Applejack's burgeoning eating disorder and forgot to flesh her out or develop her at all beyond merely existing. It was just sloppy of me.

I feel that the point SusieBeeca raised about ED's taking a long time to manifest was probably a larger plot hole than me writing the spa ponies off, since my sole focus when I was writing this fic was Applejack. The spa sisters being concerned about their cousin probably never even occurred to me as a place to explore and develop. That said it also would have distracted readers away from Applejack and her friends' reactions to how she was damaging herself.


To me it feels like a big 'what happened to the mouse?' http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/WhatHappenedtothemouse

And it's ironic, because there IS A third span pony is a yellow coat and purple mane if you look at the wikipedia as a minor cameo character.

And I felt that if SHE WAS a friend of AJ's, or if AJ saw her as one, it would have been OOC for AJ to not at least tell she was wrong, and she needed to stop hurting herself as well.

It wouldn't have had to be big.

I actually imagined as nothing more than a paragraph of the spa twins finding out their cousin is doing this to herself, and Aloe pushing while Lotus pulls and do an intervention dragging her to Sugar Cube Corner to get her to feed her face.

Comment posted by Alex Warlorn deleted Jul 2nd, 2014


And watching her like a hawk making sure she swallows and it goes through her system.

First, I can't really see Applejack as anorexic, it just doesn't fit with her character...
But I think you were actually doing pretty good with her, up until that last little bit with the whole 'begging at her hooves' bit. That... that just didn't work. Sorry.:applejackunsure:

I honestly don't feel like Twilight would be this clueless... at the very least, I think this would be worth a letter to Celestia. Applejack is an Element of Harmony, right?
But this was an otherwise good chapter.

Comment posted by rogueunicorn deleted Nov 13th, 2016

Idk, I just feel that this story idea is really out of character for Applejack, and that it would have better suited another character. I just can't see AJ with a body image related eating disorder. If you really wanted to do an "Applejack with an eating disorder" story, I think it could have been done in a way that keeps her in character. Like, 1. AJ gets so caught up with working and taking care of others that she neglects her own health, basically flat out forgetting to eat. By the time she realizes the damage she's doing, she physically can't make herself eat properly. 2. She becomes bulimic after figuring out that throwing up gives her a sort of head rush, a "high" if you will, and uses this to cope with extreme stress and other difficult emotions. The same could work with anorexia and feelings of hunger. 3. Not as much an eating disorder, but compulsively over exercising to, again, cope with difficult emotions. Maybe elements of not eating enough could be added.

Just my two cents.

I actually loved this fanfic! :pinkiehappy: It doesn't drag on and on and on and on like a lot of fanfics do, and it managed to tackle the message seriously without being preachy at all. Two thumbs up from me! :twilightsmile:

It feels like the mind of AJ is too simple in the story.
Eating disorder can be related to social expectations, media, and stereotyped Barbie dolls (I’m not even joking). And there isn’t enough description on AJ’s mental states when she made her decision of not eating very much.

Makes sense they Applejack would get an eating disorder.

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