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Having completed her final exam of the year Dazzle happily trots home, stopping by her favourite convenience store to pick up a well earned snack. Perhaps it's the lack of sleep, the poor diet all college students are prone to adopt, or the stress of exams, but Dazzle finds as the joy of finishing school wears off she begins to feel rather odd. As if chill of early Autumn wrapped itself around her bones and the air itself solidified around her, trapping her.

"Rest and a decent meal." She thought as she forced herself to continue home, where she hoped she could find sanctuary from the strange sensations invading her day. Perhaps it was all punishment for some wrong doings, or maybe just the natural progression of life. Either way, Dazzle would like nothing more than for her current state of being to come to an end.

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Tafferphobia? I've got that. Stupid taffers, always sneaking around and stealing stuff, then bonking you on the head when you're not looking...

Beautiful ending!

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