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What a beautiful Sunset.

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Fun fact: Anon and Cadance's treatment of Twilight was technically rape. That aside, this was good, although I have trouble imagining all this happened without Twilight actually taking her dress off.

Next up, Shining and Celestia beat the snot out of this guy:trollestia:


please? <3

Wake up turn on the news see the two girls you just had sex with are two of the worlds most powerful people

This was a good clopfic.Most clopfics are LITERALLY this layout: _________stuck his thriving cock into ______'s swollen cunt.
This met higher expectations!

Hm. Not bad. Twilight was a total cutie throughout this whole deal. As always.:twilightsmile:

Well, I'm actually looking forward to where this story goes.

I expected good things from you, Holy.

And god dammit, I was pleased.

3872900 Dunno, seems like just borderline okay. Cadence did make the first move, and they did both participate, what seems like, voluntarily.

The tense is dancing back and forth between past and present, making it all but unreadable for me. :facehoof:

I think people need to learn the difference between what constitutes consent and and constitutes rape. There's a video that I'll leave in this comment (And if you don't think this applies to you watch it anyway because it could be the difference between you having an active love life and you having an active love life in jail) that defines consent. There's a line in it where she says "...they give consent by not opting out. Not by opting in, but by not opting out."

Absolutely. Drunk does not equal consent. However, in the context of this site, I'll give this a thumbs-up. It was pretty well-done. Credit where credit is due, right?

I actually liked this. My only real gripe is the use of "Anon". Seriously, just...throw that out the window.

Old habits die hard.:twilightblush: Glad you liked it, anyway.

Oh God, Shining's going to kick the shit out of Anon when he finds out what happened...

This was pretty good, I thought.

My only issues mirrors Moth's comment:

Name him something else. ANYTHING else. Hell, John Doe is better that anon!

~Skeeter The Lurker

whats vas dat mr.armor?,.. you want me to kill coward that slept with your wife?

(shining hands him a bit of paper)

mmmm,....and do you know my price?

(hands heavy a box of sanviches)

ANON! Oh! ANON! run! RUN! im coming for you!:flutterrage:

Could you please elaborate on that? Because that sounds like you are saying that it's not rape because the perpetrator is a woman (the implication being that it would have been rape if anon rather than cadence had made the first move; regardless, "You could tell she felt very uncomfortable having her friend go down on her" does not like Twilight is consenting)

You should name him "Chuck Norris." That would be a good name.

3874421 Even though Cadence and Twi were flat out drunk while... ugh... Anon was completely sober? (I completely agree with Moth and Skeeter on the name of the main character.)

Surprisingly, you didn't have a single drink tonight. That wasn't what ladies’ night is about, after all. You let the ladies have the fun at the bar so you can continue that fun at your apartment.

He knew what he was doing when he kept buying all of those drinks for the girls.

You decided to push on and test how much alcohol she could handle before she let go of her lesser morals. Hopefully, that limit had already been reached.

If this is as borderline as you say it is, then it is borderline wrong. You say that Cadence made the first move, but her emotions were in flux due to being drunk and upset at whatever Shining did. No, I say that Anon made the first move by buying all of those drinks for them so that they wouldn't be thinking clearly.

Was It a coincidence that I was masturbating to this fic's exact cover image over at derpibooru a few minutes ago, then I went on this site to find this at the feature box?

Well let's take a tally of who was actually drunk that night.
You didn't have anything you drink, as you needed to be sober for your plan to work (Which is another moral thing that we can get into later)

Cadence was obviously drunk or at least not thinking straight, but at the same time she came onto you. This one is debatable but I'm going to say that she gave consent. I consider her of sound mind as she knew what she was doing while giving road head and during the act itself and could have opted out.

Twilight is a bit tricky. You did get a few rounds in her, to the point where she was at least buzzed. She wasn't really acting her self on the dance floor, but when she got caught, she snapped back to shy little Twiliy. I am going to say that she too was of sound mind because she was concerned about you driving and showed trepidation. I think she gave consent by again not opting out.

Meh, I still it's a tough call and a touchy subject. If it were me, they'd have to be sober as judges to even attempt such an evening.

hahahahaha, this will be good

How will you deal with this, Mr. Barfly?

3872848 That would be way cooler without the "dis gon b good" text :/

Dis fic bout cheating? I loves me some adultery in the evening :moustache:

3874421 Rape must be, by definition, unwilling sex. Willing, in this case, means they cannot be pressured into it, even if they do say "ugh, fine" or enjoy it (although if they did enjoy it, it would probably go unreported). Technically, Cadance was raping her as well. It is also rape if you are drugged- that is to say, if you are under the influence of ANY drug, inluding alcohol. So, in truth, Cadance raped Twilight, and Anon raped both of them.


I find this notion utterly ridiculous. While the story doesn't include anon having any drinks your logic indicates its possible for two people to rape one another at the same time. Sex can be consensual even if one party is impaired to a certain degree. Why do we punish people who drink and then choose to drive? Or drink and commit any crime? Your inhibitions are lower but you're still able to make decisions.

How about someone who is very persuasive? What about if one partner is a great deal more intelligent than another? You can't play guessing games about how much consent a person is able to give. Date rape drugs and black out drunk is different, you lack any ability to consent whatsoever. But the law can't rest in instances of 'well I regret something later, that makes it rape'.

Not the most popular opinion. I agree that character in the story is a sleezebag for hitting on drunk girls while entirely sobber but its not rape.

3876620 I didn't make the thing I just posted it.

3877034 Don't shoot the messenger here. I didn't make the law, I'm just saying it as it is.


Oh I'm not angry at you or anything. I actually rather enjoy the fun of debating tricky subjects. And if you want to go by the legal definition of rape according to 5th section of the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice)

(5) administering to that other person by force or threat of force, or without the knowledge or consent of that person, a drug, intoxicant, or other similar substance and thereby substantially impairing the ability of that other person to appraise or control conduct; is guilty of rape and shall be punished as a court-martial may direct.

The key word is force/being unaware. That Twilight and Cadance in the story went to the bar, accepted his drinks and continued to drink showed that they were atleast consenting to have contact with anon. Then, anon worked his persuasive abilities to get them in bed. Ultimately we all use persuasive abilities to get what we want from people. You're not inherently a bad person just for being manipulative (even good reasons make you manipulative).

3877223 Wait... I just remembered. The rule against intoxication of any kind is a law in my state, not a federal regulation.


That would explain it. Not that I necessarily agree with it but states should get to pick how they want to run themselves.

3877047 No I know. I'm just saying :P

3876709 Even if Cadence made the first move?

3877698 I would like to make a small correction; the no-drugs-before-consent rule is only present in the state I live in. However, in that state, it doesn't matter who made the first move-if someone is under the influence of any drug or alcoholic beverage, any sexual activities they are involved in are considered rape. However, depending on the circumstance, the incident will likely not be reported.

all of you shut the fuck up, well find out if its rape or not when they wake up in the next chapter.:facehoof:

Nice little story. Glad I could not do what I said I would. :facehoof: Sorry

Oh shit he's fucked. both literally a figurativly. Once Shining Armor finds out woah it's going to hit the fan real fast and that is np:facehoof::rainbowlaugh: good.

3877943 Well... Nobody here seems to be going off their rocker so far, and yet I am compelled to nod as I read this comment. I recently watched one of my favorite fics-in-the-making get cancelled just when it was getting good, simply because everyone would not. Stop. Arguing. About the morality of the existence of Shiny's unplanned daughter by way of Chrysalis, the concept of which was so plausible it hurt. :facehoof:

This fic is also rather plausible in setup, as Shiny may have been a (lovable) :derpytongue2: and miffed Cadance something fierce. Next installment will reveal better if she's anywhere near justified in getting blitzed and having some fun like this, and right now that bit of wondering, "What next?" has me faving this story in hopes of finding out.

This is fiction, if well-written as things go. These events did not and will not happen to these ponies-turned-people as they are written here. If any of the events herein truly rustled any of a reader's myriad jimmies, that reader is free to depart at their own will. Debate is fine--and often fun!--but, as seems largely to be the case thus far, we should keep perspective. :pinkiehappy:

Well, in the real world we go by that the laws actually say and not by what you think would make sense.
For example, if both parties are minors under the age of consent then both will have committed statutory rape so the "inconceivable scenario" you came up with to ridicule a position is actually a well established rule.
Of course, there may be so leeway when it's not in the public interest to prosecute but the law is the law.

At the end of the day, I don't have any problem with the story - it's clearly fantasy, and much like people who play GTA it's ok to enjoy fantasy that would be inappropriate in real life.
The problem is people who - ignorantly - defend such fantasies as OK because I fear that they may end up believing that beating up pensioners with dildo bats is ok.

3872969 He'd never find out ;D

To be fair, it seems that Cadance and Twilight were pretty aware with what was going on with..... anon If there was going to be a punishment, it should be directed on them. On another note, remember kids, this is why political apathy is extremely dangerous.

Not bad, but the combination of second person and past tense is more than a little bizarre.

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