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Being the most awesome pony in Ponyville, she's selected to be the new princess. Until Celestia told her she'd be ruling over the skies and have a cloud castle. Rainbow is just so happy about this. And she gets to stay in Ponyville. What could go wrong?

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great! But the ending was like a suefic ending. Could you add a bit suspense later on? Love the idea of RD being a princess though

Sure, I'm planing that for my next story. This was just a first:)

You have an entire story where RD becomes a princess, gets set as a ruler, and creates a castle, all in way under 2,000 words?

Fuck it, I'm not even going to bother. There is no possible way that this contains enough detail to keep a story interesting and immersive, or even enough for the plot to make sense. I'm willing to bet this story's content could be stretched out over at least five more 1,000+ word chapters if done properly. Looking at your other stories, I would recommend taking a few online writing classes, reading the better fanfictions around this site, looking up and following a few story writing guides, and getting an editor. I would also recommend either deleting and re-writing this from scratch, or just editing the whole thing piece by piece after you get some better writing habits. Whatever you do, good luck with it. Practice makes better.

Cheers. :raritywink:

"That I am," the princess replied. "You have been chosen as the new Princess."

RD: But why?
Celestia: Fuck you, that's why

why the fuck are they just randomly makeing rainbow a princes please make a fourth chapter saying what happens after this all

am i the fist to comment here!?!?!

i know it's completed but please i beg you make another chapter of rainbows new life!

Is it weird I couldn't stop LMAO during this ENTIRE CHAPTER?

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