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Lyra Heartstrings is a well known unicorn within Ponyville, although not in the most positive of ways. Her strange fascination with the make believe creatures called 'Humans', has throughout her life elicited many rolling eyes, head shakes, and even harsh ridicule. But she had never given up hope that they do indeed exist, no matter how she had been treated or told otherwise. So when a fateful day comes to pass, where the one gift she had been dreaming for finally arrives, she is practically ecstatic at the chance to learn everything she can of him. And she is not going to let this golden opportunity slip away... or escape.

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Delightfully twisted. :raritywink:

Such a nice buildup in it. My eyes popped open when I read the part about the ropes. I await further updates!

I figured this was going to be one of those buddy buddy human and Lyra are friends stories. I wonder were it's gonna go.

Misery.:pinkiegasp: What a creepy story. I wonder how this will go down.

I LIKE IT!!!:pinkiecrazy:

It is unique, but doesn't stray from Lrya head cannon. She's fascinated by humans and wants to prove that they exist. She's just taken the worst possible route short of kidnapping. It's not going to end well but it'll be one hellava ride.:pinkiehappy:

3867538 I like you're philosophy and would like to subscribe to your newsletter:twilightsmile:

Ugh...damn it, Lyra:facehoof:

Well, I anticipate the day when all of this blows up in her face, and the human kills her slowly for all the pain and suffering she has caused him. :pinkiecrazy:

3871465 It's more likely that Bon Bon will follow her one day.

Dude, this was great.....and yet kinda creepy.


Oh, Lyra, you lovable scamp! :derpytongue2:

BTW I think you may have accidentally italicized the second half of this chapter.

3886116 thats embarressing, thanks.

Typed on mobile

3885200 Looking back at it, I noticed I clicked the wrong AJ.
Stll, it changes nothing. This is too awesome.

Lyra should always be the first one to make contact with humans. If Twilight or elements have founded him, he would probably be in canterlot, as a pony. Escpeacially Twilight, humans need to be wary of her. She won't stop until every human in HIE is either ded or pony.

I’m not… c-…cr-…

Yes Lyra you are cray cray. But that is why we love you.:raritywink:
At least until you lock us up in a cabin... For all the wrong reasons.:trollestia:

Crazy stalker Lyra is best Lyra.

You done fucked up now, Lyra.

3944277 :derpyderp2: She just doesn't know what went wrong.

3944280 ...
That... was the worst reply-joke, ever...Of all time.

3944328 I take it you don't watch Red vs Blue.

If you did, you would've gotten that joke.

3944341 Sadly I've only seen like... two episodes of it.

3944345 Get on Roosterteeth.com and watch all of it. You'll need to see seasons 1-5(the Blood Gulch Chronicles) to get a few of the running jokes, like the 'Shotgun shotgun fuck' sequences. Seasons 6, 7 and 8(the ReCollection) introduce a bunch of awesome new jokes and sequences. Seasons 9 and 10(Project Freelancer Saga) cover the origins. Season 11 introduces the teams to new enemies in a new environment with new problems.

I'm sure that guy will understand. It was for his own good!

I think I actually sympathize with Lyra more than the human....:derpyderp2:

Here she was, going out of her way to help him, just wanting a little info, and getting yelled at and attacked by a picture frame for her trouble!:twilightoops:

Dude was right to be on edge, but not violent about it. Let's face it, (My) Little Ponies rank pretty low on the Threat-o-meter...:fluttershysad:

Is this gonna be like misery

He swears out loud like a tough guy but afraid of tiny little turquoise horse-unicorn things. Is this the human in story?

“Equi-what!?” he asked before shaking his head in anger. “No, no fuck this! This is crazy!”

Every anti-brony watching MLP for the first time. lol How's Lyra going to fix this?:derpytongue2:

Wow, overreacted much? She told him nicley several times to calm down, there are about 12 diffrent ways he could have handeld that better.

3951901 People handle shock in different ways. It may be a little vague because I didn't show his perspective, but imagine this from a normal guy who'd never seen MLP.

You wake up in a creepy room, dust, litter, and old objects everywhere that reminds of a horror movie. Your in pain, and all you see is a note saying someone will be back that scratched out the word Human. A little odd, but you don't pay much mind to it Your not in enough pain to prevent you from moving, but due to how weird the situation is and with no idea how you got there, you just kinda sit trying to figure it out. It's beginning to get dark now and you hear a door close from another room, and not knowing who it is and the image of a psycho keeping locked up in an abandon house flashing past your mind, you tentatively call out. And hear a females voice reply.

It's actually kinda sweet sounding, and your fears fade some at her reassuring voice as she explains a little of what happen. Then she says she's coming in, and you hear her footsteps a bit louder than you would imagine them to be. They actually sound odd and hollow. Then, you see the door slowly opening, and there's no hand pushing it. Instead, just a golden glow surrounding the doorknob as the door swings wide. I imagine would just stare in shock, not sure how to react to what they were seeing. But then the weirdness increases and it walks around the corner. It's kinda like a pony, but its colors are wrong, its eyes are freakishly large, and its form looks unnatural. Honestly its appearance looks to defy most if not all of nature to your knowledge. And then it speaks.

Suddenly the weight of the situation of somehow gotten hurt, waking up in this place, and the creature in front of you staring with eyes that look more intelligent than an animal final brings you to a panic. You just need to get away to figure this out, somewhere that's not this freaking shack from saw and away from this thing that mimics a human's voice to figure this out. For all you know your hallucinating on drugs and you certainly don't want to encourage your delusion. So when you try to move past the creature, just letting the conversation between you two just flow in one ear and out the other because its so surreal and your adrenaline is rushing making hard to focus on her words and your so focused on just getting out of there, she suddenly shouts at you and advances closer.

You panic more, and take a chance to get out of there. You have no idea if its hostile, but it doesn't want you to leave and that's all you can concentrate on. So when it somehow trips you, tackles you, locks the front door with freaking glowing stuff, well... a person who doesn't avidly read stories and seen how this situations like these can play out, a person who doesn't day dream or imagine possible things and only wants to focus on the daily grind... it can be a little much for them. I read lots of stories. If a magical portal popped in front of me or the Doctor showed up, I would take it. People who don't however would freak out instead.

Sorry for the long reply and the haphazard story, but I did kinda want to get his perspective out somewhere, but for plot reasons it will not appear in the story. And even without his perspective, his reasons are explainable in the story. It just won't appear until the end.

3951976 Ok, you make a very valid Point, i still thought he was being awfully rude, i just felt a Little bad for poor Lyra when i read this so my opinion might have been a bit biased.

3953255 That's alright. Everything is set the way it is for a reason.

Lyra is a dick to humans.

3953271 It's been a month...update?...:fluttershysad::unsuresweetie::applecry:

4088665 :twilightsheepish: I'm sorry its been so long. I just started my break from 2POTN, which had sucked my attention the most these last few months. So while I decompress from it, I will focus on my current stories like this one before I begin the side stories for 2POTN. I promise to get a few chapters for this soon.:twilightsmile:

4088690 That's kewl, recharge the ol' batteries and come back to us fresh--just drop a line to let us know what's up and we'll all be happy.:twilightsmile:

“No, I’m trapped in an abandon house in the middle of nowhere with a freaking psycho unicorn,”

Something tells me this is based off a Stephen King novel from this quote alone.

Oh Lyra Lyra Lyra, get a clue already!


Except she isn't a nurse and he's not a famous writer. :derpytongue2:

I'm waiting for Lyra to parade him around town, and the first words to come out of his mouth are: "Get this psycho unicorn away from me, she kidnapped me and held me against my will!"

Hmm...Too many variables. I'll HAVE to wait for the next one.

4100592 What variables are you thinking about?

4100823 Everything ranging from statistics of the human simply hiding under the bed, through to the probability of Bonbon being hypnotised.

4100823 Great story, glad the plotline has taken a twist!:twilightsmile:

4100845 Don't forget that Lyra could be selfdeliousional. :twilightoops:

4100881 That's accounted for under category L.Beta. Bonbon hypnosis is under B.Sigma.
Don't bother trying to understand my organisational system. I traded Pinkie Pie a lemon condensed tart recipe for it.

Yay! He got away! I do pity him IF Lyra maneges to Catch him again, crippeling him by braking his feet just so that she can keep him Close does NOT seem to much of a farfetched idea for her.

For some reason I see this ending worse for John...

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