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College Student. Pegasus pony OC, also write under Squall Chaser and Blunderdolt, sometimes Blacksten Dread.


On one afternoon, Vinyl's old friend drops in on her pleasant, married life with Octavia. She comes baring a deal that makes the DJ absolutely exited, a chance to star in her new show on Bridleway. There's just one little catch. She wants Vinyl to really live in her role for a while. Body switching madness ensues.

(This is my first attempt at writing a fan-fic for a while, and it's inconveniently in the middle of my college life, so critiques are understood and appreciated.)

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Looks good so far. The first chapter seemed a little rushed; I can't imagine anyone agreeing to something like that without asking at least some questions about the risks and stuff. Beyond that though, I have no complaints so far. I'll fave this to see where it goes.

Cool thanks.:pinkiehappy: I'm mostly writing this as a way to get my feet wet, and ease back into Fan fics. @Mabbz, thanks for your critique, I may end up righting a "remix" of chapter one, so that it flows smoother, and yes, I'll admit that more questions should've been asked by the mares in question. @Captain_Sarcasm Thanks bro, I hope this story is as fun to read as it is to write:twilightoops:

Well, as I said, those were the only problems I spotted, so I'd say you're doing well so far. You're missing some indentation at the start of the first few paragraphs for this chapter, but besides that I have no further criticism. Keep it up :twilightsmile:

Oh this is going to very interesting to read with that ending.....Got any tips for someone who is thinking about writing a fan fic?

I'm sorry, the next chapter might not come out until next weekend, because I can't do much writing with exams happening. As for writing fics, if an idea comes to your head, jot it down. I started with a loose idea that's as follows,

Vinyl and Octavia switch bodies-During body switching shenanigans (Such as the sock issue,) ensue. Then I began to actually form a loose plot, and tightened it up, (oh god why did I just say THAT,) and that's basically that,

3903663 Thank you for the tip :twilightsmile: and can't wait for the next chapter good luck with your exams.

I'll get back to this Tomorrow or Monday at the latest, due to some weather, our exams ran over and I got sick. Thanks for baring with me, D.L.

I like the story so far and I love the pic you used :pinkiehappy:hope chapter 4 will be a good one:twilightsmile: keep up the good work :scootangel:

Good NEWS ERRYPONAY! :derpytongue2:
I will be typing up and posting Ch 4. Tomorrow!
Sorry about the delay, but class over ran me.

I had hoped to upload it tonight, but the internet is being unruly on top of everything else :facehoof:
Don't worry, I'll have it up by tomorrow at latest, if I don't, you may kill Sweetie Belle:unsuresweetie:.
I'm just joking, please don't do that.

Okay... The chapter was great but the D&D reference takes the cake!

Glad you guys are enjoying the new chapter, Ch 5. Might not be released until sometime at the end of spring break, as I'll be working from Sat-Thurs. :twilightangry2:
I shall do it as soon as possible. THE COMIC SHOP AWAITS!

This was funny or incredible I have no simple words for the chapter or i have I :pinkiecrazy:

Well, I shall start the next chapter tomorrow, but don't be surprised if it's not posted before sometime next week. I've got to study and work over the next few days, for two major exams on Mon. and Tues.

Hopefully, I'll be back to work on this soon. Between work/school and fighting off a cold, I've been down since that weekend :rainbowwild:. BUT, I'll be back up soon. Thanks as always,

love the story so far can't waite to read more on this. :twilightsmile:

Well here we are again....
It's always such a pleasure....
Remember when I got more than two chapters in a week?

That seems so long ago...

Chapter 6 up, as I said in the author's note, apologies.

4883977 no harm done i like the story only frome what other fics i read that body swap spell dosn't work when one is pregnit but then agin ur is a difrent story so i like the change and besides octavia and vinyel are like the best couple. :raritystarry: oppasists atratc and there polor opsits so there atraction is very strong. good job good sir i will be waiteing to read more of this story.

4892545 Thank you. I really appreciate that.

This was a triumph.
I'm making a note here:
Huge success.

4892545 Excuse me, but is English a second language for you, or should I pity you for the public school system`s failure to properly educate you in basic grammar and spelling?:twilightoops::unsuresweetie:

5507683 meh it wasn't that bad

5518008 Plentiful spelling errors, run-on sentences, and grammatical errors. I'd say it was indeed that bad.:facehoof:

5518726 meh i just type short hand and how the words sound thats how i type becuse 90% of the time it is correct

5521522 Obviously, that was the other 10%.

5522619 i don't think it really matters lets drop this topic please.

5523047 It is important to properly communicate a message if you wish for it to be understood. In any case, I agree that this has gone on long enough.:eeyup:

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