• Published 29th Jan 2014
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Switching Up the Beats - Dizzylightning

Vinyl and Octavia Body Switching Madness.

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Ch 2: Body Swappin' good time

Switching Up the Beats:
Dizzy Lightning:
Ch 2.

Drama flipped the pages of a book, looking for a spell she'd only used once in collage. "Hmmm," She said as her eyes darted from page to page. "Ha, here it is." She tapped her hoof on the page. "According to this, both of you need to lay, head to hooves, on the ground."

Octavia and Vinyl stared at each other for a minute. Octavia saw the expression of giddy-joy on Vinyl's face. She sighed inwardly, and shifted into position, as Vinyl did the same. Dramatic Entrance circled the pair, the purple aura from her horn laying runes on the ground around the two, as she muttered the incantation under her breath. Octavia and Vinyl began to feel dizzy, as if the room around them was spinning. It was an odd sensation, almost like a centrifuge attempting to force them from their bodies. Suddenly, Octavia saw her body go limp for a second, as she felt a tingling sensation that wasn't all-together unpleasant. Then with a tremendous roaring sound, she was tossed about in the air, until she saw Vinyl's body approaching on her left side. She collided with it, there was an electrifying sensation throughout her entire being. Then came blackness, and an all consuming numbness.

For Vinyl, who had natural unicorn magic built up in her body, the experience was a little more intense. Being ejected from her body felt a little like being hit by a baseball bat, as she was tossed into the air, she was able to see Octavia's...- She wasn't sure what to call it... It was everything that made Octavia who she was- fly past her, before it spread over the white coat of her now vacant body. Then all of that faded, it felt like landing on a soft downy mattress, she too faded to nothing but a momentary void.

Octavia was the first to come to. She opened her eyes, and saw the world with a purple hue. She realized that she was wearing the DJ's characteristic shades. She took her hoof, and gently removed them. She turned her gaze slightly to her right, seeing her own body laid out on the ground was a little unnerving. She took a step towards the sleeping pony, and fell on top of her. "What is it, what's happening, where am I?" Vinyl screamed as she tried to stand, which was virtually impossible with Octavia draped across her ribs.

"Vinyl, it's okay really, I just can't seem to keep my balance!" Octavia said.

Vinyl quit freaking out for a second, instead she started giggling. "Is that, is that really how I'd sound with your accent?"

"What?" Octavia, heard her voice, or rather Vinyl's voice, reply. "Oh my, I do agree it is a little funny isn't it?" She said with a light chuckle herself, as she finally managed to untangle from the pony beneath her.

"Hey," Vinyl said, standing up a little shakily, "Your voice sounds funnier without it."

Drama looked from one mare to the other, a small smile on her face. "I take it, it worked then?" She said.

"Yes, I should say so," replied Octavia, looking down at the body that would be her temporary new home.

"Hey look at me," Vinyl said, now looking at Octavia's body, "I'm damn fine." She said, with a little sachet of her tail, which caused her to lose her balance for a moment.

Octavia blushed, "I'm not so bad myself."

"Heh, nice to see you two are already at home, I guess it works better with two ponies who've known each other for a while."

"Yes, and I hope we both enjoy this experience over the next couple weeks." Octavia said with a smile. "After all, I will need it back for the show Sunday after next."

"Um," Drama said suddenly looking a little nervous, "You see, uh,"

"Yessss...." Vinyl had never heard her own voice pack such cold steel before, it scared her, it scared her a lot. "Is there going to be a problem with that?" Octavia said, bringing her new red eyes even with Drama's blue ones.

"Well, I didn't invent this spell," Dramatic Entrance began, shuffling towards the open window. "And I was afraid to mess with the basic components, I mean, with a spell you know any number of things could go wrong if you start messing with the basics and..." She stammered, as she backed into the end-table.

"Cut," Octavia said bringing her forehead to the other ponies, "to the point!"

Dramatic entrance sighed, "The basic idea is, the spell's default duration is a month."

"WHAT!?" The two mares shouted in unison.

"Drama," Vinyl said, now standing next to Octavia, "you can fix this right, I mean, I've got stuff to do too!"

"Well, I suppose I can talk to the guy who invented this spell, we had Theatre Practicum together back at Canterlot District College, he runs a little comic shop in Canterlot now, he said something about making adventures more immersive, last time I talked to him."

"Right," Octavia sighed, "Tomorrow we'll go and see this friend of yours, and see if he can help."

"In the mean time though," Vinyl said with a mischievous grin, "There's something I always wanted you to do for me, and now there's nothing left to stop me from making you."

"Oh Celestia no Vinyl, please not the..." Octavia sighed as her eyes rolled up, "Socks..."

"Oh yeah baby..." Vinyl said pressing her side against Octavia. She darted off to the other room. "I never realized how hard these darn things would be to put on without magic!" She shouted from the other room.

Drama looked pensive for a moment, "Can I use that in my play?" She asked.

"Sure," Vinyl said, as she strutted around the corner. Octavia face-hoofed. Her own body was wearing, THOSE! Pink and white stripes ran up the offending articles, making her hooves look like some sort of malformed candy canes.

"Really Vinyl, must you?"

"Sorry Octi, but for the next little bit, that decision is all mine." She said flopping on the couch, "Besides, they make my hooves feel all warm and tingly."

Octavia simply shrugged at her mare, Octavia really had married Vinyl for her quirks anyways. But, still, "Fix this... Soon..." She whispered to Drama.

"Um, I think I hear my uh... My CUE!" she said, laughing nervously as she jumped onto the table, "Laters!" She said, throwing a salute with her hoof, as she jumped out the broken window.

There was a brief pause before Octavia turned to Vinyl, "Dear, I do think you should go help your friend out of the rose thorns."

"Yeah, I suppose your right," The, now, gray mare said standing up off the couch. "Just so you know," She said looking at the sheepish purple mare in the bush, "you brought this on yourself."