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I'm a guy who loves Video Games and is a Brony. I get different ideas for the mane six and mostly into game crossovers.


16 years ago, A war between families and new rulers had happen. Rainbow Dash, more know as Mega Mare Dash, stood up to her evil Great-great grandmother, Night Star. Joining in her fight was Spitfire, know as Zerofire, and Scootaloo, know as Scoot Ax. Together the three stop Night Star from ruling Equestria. Then one day after destroying the last Chaos Soldier, Zerofire disappear. Everypony search high and low but she was never seen again. With the Princesses help, Ponyville become a place where anypony can live. It name was change to Neo Ponyville and Rainbow was made as the ruler, However, Rainbow still treated everypony the same. Now, everything as change. Rainbow was some how lead to think that all Ponies could be Chaos Soldiers and started to 'Clean' them. Now an old hero had return but it not the same hero they knew.

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I'm going to go straight up and say it.... you need a proof reader. I've only read the description of the story and I don't feel like reading it, the concept is nice, maybe a little bit forced, but what really putted me off is the orthography.

Work on that and if your story truly is good you will go a long way. I'll add this to my read later queue and remember that this was pointed out as constructive criticism.:twilightsmile:

3887570 Trust me, I do go over my chapters a few times myself and I do spot words that are wrong and fix them. Sadly I like to rush, once I get an idea I just have to write it down and put it up. It kind of hard to get a Proof Reader because they may get busy with other things and sometimes I hate to wait and want to get it up. I still working on the second chapter and it base of the first Megaman Zero game.

interesting. I wonder who's responsible for Dash doing all this?

4114539 That will come in time my friend.

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