• Published 31st Jan 2014
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Mega Mare Zero - Shazam 25

16 years ago, A great war was fought, now a new threat has appear and a hero from that same war has return to stop the threat.

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Zerofire, the Legendary Hero!

"It been 16 years since that war ended.", A white Alicorn with muti-color mane said looking over Canterlot, "16 years since I made Ponyville into Neo Ponyville and made Rainbow the ruler of it. I should never have done that."

The Alicorn sigh as she turn from the window and stop at another window that was cover with six mares wearing the Elements of Harmony. She turn her eyes to a purple unicorn and sign. That unicorn was special to her. It was her student and she couldn't get over it. The Alicorn remember well what happen to her. One of the Heroes wanted to search an new area that was found and her student wanted to go and she let them. Then 10 years later, they disappear without a trace. They search high and low but there was no luck on finding the two. As if they were wipe off the planet. The Alicorn sigh again, she move away and came to the throne room. There a black Alicorn with a starry mane and tail stood. She could easily see the saddens in the white Alicorns eyes.

"We are still searching Sister, we know that you love Twilight as if she was your own foal." She said.

"I know Luna, it been six years and we still haven't found her or Zerofire. Sometimes I wish I never became a Princess." The White Alicorn said and sat down in her throne.

"Sister, there isn't a day or night that pass by that I too wish I never became a Princess, but it who we are. Beside the rest of the Heroes of Equestria are looking for them in the area they disappear to. We are still waiting to hear from them." Luna said.

"Princesses Celestia and Luna come in!" said a voice that they knew.

During the time of the war 16 years ago, they have advance in living, but still kept to their old roots. Celestia walk over to a table and press a button that had a screen pop up and a face of an orange pony with a cowboy hat appear.

"What is it Applejack?" Celestia ask.

"We been spotted by Dash Droids and returning fire, but we can't hold for long. We need back up." Applejack said.

Celestia eyes widen, Dash Droids was robot that were build just like Rainbow Dash, but they had no feelings and follow their programs to catch and 'clean' ponies to make sure no Chaos Soldiers would return. Celestia had no idea why Rainbow would think that, but something was not right. She also knew that Applejack and the others couldn't hold for long, but it be too late before help could arrive.

"Applejack you need to get some where safe so I can teleport you and the others back to Canterlot safely." She order.

"Understood Princess, Applejack out." Applejack said and the screen went black.

Celestia sigh for the three time, she wasn't sure how long this war is going to last, but she hope that finding Zerofire and Twilight would make things better again. Both she and Luna miss hearing a sound of wind as a blue spark few out.

Applejack duck under a rock next to her friend Rarity with a blaster in her hoof. Rarity turn to see Applejack and smile.

"Well Applejack? Is help coming?" She ask.

"Afraid not, sugarcube.", She answer, "The Princess has given order for us to get to a safe place so she can get us outta here."

Rarity sigh, even since Rainbow took over Neo Ponyville and Twilight had gone missing, everything had change. She peek over the rock and fire a few blasts from her horn and struck some Dash Droids before pulling back.

"Ok Applejack, you know we can't go back the way we came so we gotta push forward." She said.

"Right.", Applejack said before placing her hoof on her ear, "All Troops retreat, I repeat, All Troops retreat!"

Soon what was left of the search squad ran from their hiding places and fire at some of the Dash Droids. Applejack and Rarity lead the group into the jungle they were in trying to lose the Droids so they can escape. Some Ponies stop and return fire, but were shot down and the Droids walk past them. A few times, Applejack and Rarity had their troops take cover has a grenade magic ball was throw to slow the droids down. Finally they reach a strange door that had a large 'Z' on it.

"Where did this door come from?" Rarity ask.

"No time to worry about that Sugarcube, We need to get inside and see if there some where to hide." Applejack said and started to look all over the door.

Rarity started looking as well, then she trip and her horn went inside a hole that made the huge door glow and open. Rarity back away in surprise as Applejack look at her. The sound of fire put them back to where they were and the two ran in as the last of the troops was hit and fell to the ground.

Inside was a site to behold, as Applejack and Rarity ran through, they could guess it was some kind of base. They ran through a hallway until they reach a huge room that was fill with water.

"Yuck! I just had my hooves clean too!" Rarity said taking one hoof out of the water and shook it.

"Um, Rarity?" Applejack said looking ahead.

"What is it Applejack?" Rarity ask before seeing her friend face.

She look forward and saw a pony attach to a huge machine. The pony had a red helmet, body armor, and hooves. One of the hooves was missing, a long purple mane with a yellow and red streak flow out of the back of the helmet. A tail with the same colors came from the end of the armor as well. A light purple suit cover the pony up to it neck as the red armor cover some of them, namely the places they seen. On the front of the armor was a large golden 'Z'. The two walk closer to the pony and look it over. Rarity lift it head and back away in shock. For a second she thought she was looking at Twilight, but the pony had no horn or wings.

"Is this Zerofire?" She had to ask.

"Rarity, we both met Zerofire before, she is a pegasus, this is an earth pony." Applejack said looking over the pony.

"Well, it also strange because it looks like Twilight too." Rarity said as Applejack walk over to her.

Applejack lift the head and was shock to see her friend face.

"That can't be, why does this pony look like Twi and Zerofire?" Applejack ask more to herself then Rarity.

Soon an explosion caught their attention and they turn see the Dash Droids walk in with their hoof busters ready.

"Darn it! Rarity see if you can get that Pony working! I'll cover you!" Applejack said and pull out her blaster and fire at the droids.

Rarity quickly ran over to the pony and decide to try a very powerful and risky spell. She only hope that Applejack could hold on long enough for her to use the spell. Rarity horn started to glow and she pointed it at the earth pony. The spell started to become harder and Rarity was having a hard time hold it. Finally, Rarity fire the spell and was thrown back into Applejack as the Droids close in on them. No one saw the machine glow and the earth pony missing hoof grow back. It eyes open to revile purple eyes as they look around then up to see the Droids appear to attack two ponies. It stood and look at them, feeling that it should help them.

Applejack couldn't blame Rarity for knocking into her. After all, all spells she cast always threw her back. Now it look like they were finish. They close their eyes waiting for it to end.

When they didn't feel anything, they look up to see that the Red armor pony was in front of them with hoof inside the Droid. It pull it hoof out and look at the others. The droids raise their hooves and was about to fire when the red armor pony move too fast for them to follow. It stuck the first one before kicking another. It flip around and kick down another one. Then it kick down the last one before looking at Applejack and Rarity. Then it look down at a blaster and pick it up.

"Zerofire?" Rarity ask.

The earth pony look up confuse.

"Zerofire? Is that my name?" It ask.

Applejack roll her eyes, she knew it really wasn't Zerofire, then again they didn't know who it was themselves.

"Yes, Zerofire listen, we need to escape. More Droids are coming and it not safe here." Rarity said.

"...Very well." She said and turn away from them.

"So Zerofire, any idea why you were here?" Applejack ask.

Zerofire turn her head back at them and answer, "I don't remember. The last thing I do remember is a bright light and the name Fire and Spark."

"Fire? Spark?" Rarity repeated, there were two ponies she could think of that had those names.

But Applejack snap her out of her thoughts.

"We better get going. I hope you know how to use a blaster." She said.

They watch as Zerofire held the blaster up and aim at the door and fire a shot that hit an Droid that walk in.

"Does that answer your question?" She ask before walking off.

Applejack was left speechless as Rarity just look at Zerofire. Applejack and Rarity ran after her to keep up and soon the three were going though the hallway taking down Droids. Applejack had to admit, this Zerofire was a sharp shooter. Any droid she miss, Zerofire took down seconds afterwards. Rarity fire a blast from her horn and notices that the way out was block. She ran up to it and look it over.

"This is bad! We can't get out of here!" She said worry.

Applejack then notices the ground below Rarity started to crack and she started to fear the worst.

"RARITY! LOOK OUT!!!" Applejack warn and try to reach for her, but it was too late.

As soon as Applejack step on the crack floor, both ponies started to fall before a red blur appear next to them and caught both ponies as it landed on the ground with a soft thud in some water. Applejack saw she was on Zerofire back. She let go and slip off and turn to see Rarity hanging on to Zerofire in bride style with her eyes close.

"Yo, Rare! You can let go now." Applejack said.

Rarity open her eyes and saw how she was holding on to Zerofire. She look at Zerofire face before jumping out of her hooves and couldn't stop her from blushing.

"Th...thank you Zerofire." She said not looking at Zerofire face.

"...We better get a move on." She said and walk on.

"Huh? She wasn't that cold to us when we first met." Applejack said as she remember their first meeting with Zerofire.

They didn't get far before discovering that the path was block like above.

"Great! We're trap! And we're out of Magic grenades since Rarity use most of her magic to wake you up." Applejack said.

"There must be a way, maybe if I can rest a little, I can cast a spell that will let us get past here." Rarity said walking up to the dead end.

Zerofire could tell something was wrong and in the back of her mind something warn her to get the two mares away from the wall.

"GET BACK!!!" She shouted, but it was too late.

A huge hand shot though the wall and grab the two mares.

"UGH!" Applejack shouted.

"AAH!" Rarity scream.

The hand pull back and Zerofire dash after it. She reach a room that was fill with computers but she wasn't looking at those. She was looking at the giant robot that held Applejack and Rarity.

"Zerofire! Run!" Rarity shouted.

"You can't destroy a Golem with a blaster!" Applejack added.

Zerofire didn't know why, but something told her that she had to save those two mares. She drew her Blaster and started shooting at the body. The Golem use it free hand to try and punch her but Zerofire jump out of the way and fire again. Then the Golem fire a laser to the ceiling and a few blocks fell in front of Zerofire. She wall jump over them and started shooting again. She quickly jump off as the Golem ran into them. Zerofire fire again but was started to see it was becoming useless.

"Blast! This isn't working, I need something stronger!" She said before one of the computers turn on.

"Zerofire, use this." A voice spoke from it and threw a small handle at her.

Zerofire caught it and look it over before turning to the computer to see a blue spark surrounded by rainbow rings.

"Who are you?" She ask.

"I'm afraid there no time. That saber will help you greatly. I got it from a friend." It said before it went black.

Zerofire look at the handle and push the button on the side. A green beam shot out and Zerofire look at it. She then look at the Golem and smirk. She dash to it and jump in the air slashing right through the Golem that drop Applejack and Rarity. Both ponies turn to see Zerofire deactivate the saber and place on her back before dropping down to all four hooves. Both were speechless, Golem were the toughest robots to destroy and she did it in one strike. Applejack snap out of it first and decide to check the next room. Rarity remain with Zerofire who just stood there with her eyes close trying to remember where she heard that voice from.

"Ok ya'll. I check it out and it all clear, I even contact Princess Celestia about what happen and she ready to bring us back." She said.

"Princess Celestia?" Zerofire ask, feeling that she heard the name before.

"Why yes, she and Princess Luna are the rulers Equestria, but now, we are in a great war." Rarity explain.

"War?" Zerofire ask.

"We'll tell ya when we get back." Applejack said and walk in the room.

Rarity walk in next and Zerofire stay behind to think on the name she heard.

"Princess Celestia? Why does it sound like I know her?" She said.

She shook her head and walk inside. Once she step up to the two, they were beam away to Canterlot.

Author's Note:

This is the start of Mega Mare Zero. This plot and the main character as change a few times. The main character would have been Spitfire since she is Zerofire in the Mega Mare Dash stories, but I was trying to think of some new and I even come up with another Pegasus that look like Spitfire and was her daughter, for some time I stick with that idea but in the end it was change to the way it is now. Now here something about this Zerofire, The name Fire and Spark are part of Spitfire and Twilight names so in other words Zerofire is the two of them combine. How that happens will be revile later in the story. The plot also change. At first it was Twilight finds Zerofire and bring her back. But as before, I change to the way is now. It be fair, I have play a little of Mega Man Zero, but I know very little of the game and I never beaten it. So I would like some help, though, I will use walkthroughs on YouTube to write this and any help will be nice.

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