• Published 29th Jan 2014
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Don't let me fall - Moonbeam56

Scootaloo decides to try to take her own life but then eventually find out the truth behind why she had no parents for all those years

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Getting Back On Her Hooves

A few days later Scootaloo meets with a psychiatrist Fluttershy and Big Mac watching from behind one way glass.

"Alright Scootaloo can you tell me what's wrong? Why do you feel this way?" Scootaloo looked at the floor and sighed.

"Why should I tell you, not like you care anyway." He looks at her surprised.

"Alot of people care sweetie, you wouldn't be here if we didn't care." He puts a hoof on hers.

"Relax okay I know this is a new place and scary with strange people, but we just want to help." She looks at him tearing up.

"I-I want my mommy I-I know they are right there." She gets up and puts a hoof on the glass starting to cry.

"GET ME OUT OF HERE PLEASE!" She starts to pound on the glass with her hooves desperately, security guards quickly restraining her, taking her to her room.

"MOM DAD HELP!" She squirms and looks at the nurse next to her holding a needle.

"NO! NO! PLEASE NO! STOP!" The nurse injects a thick liquid into her flank slowly putting her to sleep.

Behind the glass

"That's the third time today." Big Mac sighed and looked at Nurse Redheart.

"I understand your feelings believe me I do, I even know how she feels." She watches as they take her to her room.

"I was just like her when I was a filly." She shakes her head.

"You were?" Fluttershy looked at her wiping her tears. She nods and sits down.

"It took me weeks before I would talk to anyone. I think its best if you two talk to her tonight, when she wakes up that is." She walked the two to the door.

"Come back around sundown she should be awake." They both nod and walk to her cottage.

Back in her room.

She gasps for breath waking up and looking around grabbing the plushies and hugging them close tears welling up.
"Scootaloo?" The orange filly snapped turning around quickly.

"What?" She cowered in the corner of her bed fearing of being put to sleep again.

"There is someone who wants to meet you." She looked surprised but walked with the plushies to the door.

"W-who?" she looked behind her a grey pegasus smiling and staring at her or at least one eye was.

"Her name is Ditzy Doo, but everyone calls her Derpy.." She walked out of the room hesitantly and sat at the nearest table with the grey mare.

"Hi my names Derpy." Her eyes shift up and down as she spoke smiling brightly.

"Why are you so happy I hate this place." She scowled and looked at the table.

"Because they help me heal, they can help you two but you have to let them." She looks at her flank all bandaged.

"What are you looking at?" She looked into the eye that was staring at her flank.

"Let me see the cuts." She got up and walked over to her removing some of the bandages.

"Fine just make it quick." She snapped at the mare. As she finished looking she wraps it back up and scowls slightly.

"That only makes things worse you know." She sat back down.

"How would you know?" She lays on her back showing her stomach covered in scars.

"W-wow were not so different after all." She frowns and tears up.

"Im so sorry Derpy." She hugs her tight and cries softly hugging her.

"Hi Sweeite its us!" Fluttershy walks in with big mac smiling.

"Made any progress?" Scootaloo quickly jumped up dragging them over to the pegasus excitedly wiping her tears.

"Mom dad this is Derpy she is amazing, just like you two." She smiles brightly and waits.

"Nice to meet you Derpy do you work here?" She nods and smiles.

"I was once a patient just like Scootaloo, but with time I recovered and now I help people like you Sweetie." She looks at Scootaloo smiling.

"Well what would you like for dinner since your improving ill get you a treat." Fluttershy and Big Mac smiled and hugged her.

"Can you bring Winona? I miss her." She looks up at them innocently. They both nod and smile.

"Ill bring her tomorrow okay?" Big Mac spoke in a happy tone.

"You should get some rest sweetie I know what they used on you earlier is still in your system." Derpy replied and walked her to her room.

"Bye mom bye dad love you guys!" She smiled and jumped into bed excited for the next day to come.

"Sleep well my love." Fluttershy whispered as they walked out of the hospital.