• Published 29th Jan 2014
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Don't let me fall - Moonbeam56

Scootaloo decides to try to take her own life but then eventually find out the truth behind why she had no parents for all those years

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The Start to Recovery

As the months passed Scootaloo began to heal until she was fully able and functional, she had a bit of a limp but that was the least of her parents worries.

"Scootaloo stop that!" Fluttershy rushed over to her slapping the blade out of her hooves.

"GET AWAY FROM ME!" She shouted as she grabbed the blade in her mouth, blood flowing off her flank and sides down her legs, the blood slowly pooling beneath her. The yellow pegasus gasped at the enormous amount of blood.

"I don't need your help!" She cried out galloping out of the cottage.

"O-our little Scootaloo w-what went so wrong?" She looked at the ground as tears began to form.

A few days later.......

"We found her!" Nurse Redheart shouted to Big Mac galloping to him.

"WHERE IS SHE!?" Nurse Redheart cleared her throat.

"She is in Ponyville's psychiatric care unit, she will be fine but she will need to stay for a minimum of a week." Big Mac sighed and walked to the hospital.

"She is pretty scared and cut up, did she do that herself?" She walks next to the stallion trying to get answers.

"Y-yes she did." He wanted to lie, but knew it wasn't worth them finding out the truth later.

"Im going back to check on her I wil see you there." She gallops away into the hospital.

"W-why Scootaloo why..... What did we do wrong..." He thought aloud as he walked into the psychiatric unit the nurses taking him to her as he pondered his thoughts.

As the opened the door the filly sat in the corner sobbing.

"M-mommy d-daddy h-help me." She continued to cry rocking herself as if trying to comfort herself from the pain and sadness.

"WHATS WRONG WITH ME!" Tears started to form in Nurse Redhearts eyes as she pushed a small needle into her flank.

"Nothing is wrong sweetie you just need help." Nurse Redheart placed her hoof on her wounds. She turned quickly yelping in pain rushing to Big Mac clinging to him the needle still sticking out.

"D-daddy s-save me." She collapsed as the tranquilizer started to affect her, her limbs going numb as she closes her eyes.

"We will do e-everything we can I promise." Three other nurses rushed in taking her to an operation table quickly bandaging her cuts and laceration's.

"We alerted Fluttershy she is on her way here now." Big Mac broke down looking at the massive amounts of blood on the floor from her cuts.

"I wish I knew how to help her." Big Mac looked at Nurse Redheart his eyes bloodshot.

"That's why she is here Big Mac we are going to help her get better. Is there anything she has always kept close to her heart? A stuffed animal a blanket anything?"

"T-this." Fluttershy came in with two stuffed pony that looked like Big Mac and Fluttershy only the colors and cutie marks changed.

"I had these made for her when she was a filly so she would always know we were her parents without telling her." She looked around the room seeing the puddle of blood, dropping the ponies to the ground mortified at the amount of blood.

"Thats perfect Fluttershy lets get you out of here." Nurse Redheart put a hoof around Fluttershy walking her to another room.

"WHY!" Fluttershy screamed in agony as she kicked the concrete wall.

"WHY NOT ME!" She fell to the floor and cried softly.

"Sweetie." Big Mac entered the room slowly draping a blanket over her putting a small plushie of Scootaloo in her hooves. She looked up at him and clung to the plushie crying softer.

"Shhhhhh. She is going to get better I promise." He hugs her close.

"I hate to interrupt but we have a patient coming into this room in a few minutes." Nurse Redheart walked over helping the two up and walking them back to their daughters room now clean, Scootaloo sleeping softly.

"You can stay for a few minutes, but we must ask you to leave. You can come back tomorrow whenever you'd like." The two got up and walked towards the door looking back at Scootaloo as they closed her door.

Author's Note:

I cried writing this remembering back to when I was in the phyc ward it was not fun.