• Published 29th Jan 2014
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Don't let me fall - Moonbeam56

Scootaloo decides to try to take her own life but then eventually find out the truth behind why she had no parents for all those years

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Last Day (edit 2.3)

"You'll never be able to fly." Their words stung me in the chest but I knew it was true. Everypony at school just laughed at me, they knew it and so did I. It had always been my dream to fly, ever since I can remember there was always someone in my life telling me that I cant do it. My heart pounded in my ears as I sobbed night after night hoping someday, somehow I will be able to fly. After another sleepless night had passed I tried to get all the thoughts out of my head. I asked Fluttershy to take me to Cloudsdale im not sure why I asked her there was something about her that made me feel safe. Im not sure why I went to Cloudsdale at first maybe so I can feel like I belonged like everypony else. Cloudsdale was so beautiful when the sun was starting to go down. I can imagine Princess Luna raising the moon as Celestia lowers the sun. As I sat looking around something else caught my eye, a cloud much higher than the rest. As the sun slowly started to go down I knew it was time. I had spotted Rainbow Dash flying home and shouted to her.
"Rainbow Dash!" She flew over to me flopping onto the soft cloud next to me.

"Hey kid whats up?" She smiled and ruffed up my mane.

"Can you take me to that cloud up there?" I pointed to the cloud I had spotted earlier.

"Sure hop on!" As I got on she took off, the cloud we were on before cleared away from takeoff. I needed to know what it felt like to fly even if it was only for a few short moments. After she had dropped me off tears started rolling down my cheeks as I watched the sun go down turning day to night as I walked towards the edge of the cloud. As I look down no clouds below to catch me.....Just what I wanted. As I close my eyes I think back to Fluttershy and Big Mac. I stopped for a moment to think as I spoke aloud.

"What made them stick out why were they important!?" I started to sob again as I walked even closer to the edge of the small could.
"This is it this is the end for me." I stand on the edge closing my eyes.

"Somepony anypony catch me...."
I let my body go limp as I fall off the cloud letting gravity take over as I fall faster and faster I clench my eyes shut and spread my wings as I scream out.
"I can fly!" I scream as I fall faster knowing no one will save me or even know im gone. I look down seeing the ground coming closer and closer to me. Again I spread my wings hoping for a miracle as tears roll down my cheeks as I whisper.
"g-goodbye i-im so sorry"

Just before I touched the ground my mind flooded with memories. My mind replayed these images over and over, time seemed to stop. I looked back at my past with the Cutie Mark Crusaders and Rainbow Dash thinking back to my favorite memory at Winston falls as she carried me to the top of the falls. looking at the vibrant rainbow waterfall matching her mane and tail perfectly. Then it all stopped as reality hit me. My body hit the ground I could hear my legs cracking beneath me a siring jolt of pain rocking my body. Though I couldn't feel pain emotional pain was worse, as sadness filled me instinct took over as I cried out for help, crawling towards a figure standing a ways away.

"HELP!" My cries sounded like a whisper due to my lungs almost collapsed as I wheeze and gasp for breath. With just about every bone in my body is broken as I realize I can't move. I lie in a pool of my own blood looking at my closest leg the bone sticking straight out blood streaming down my leg. My eyes begin to get heavy as I realize I only have seconds left. I close my eyes and I fade away managing to get one last word out before I dropped my head in defeat drifting away into blackness.
"M-mommy?" The figure stood feet away staring at the completely broken filly. The mare broke into a sob collapsing to the ground at what she had just witnessed.

"M-my baby w-what have I d-done?" She cradles her orange filly gently nuzzling her hoping she would wake up. After a few moments she soaks the filly's coat with her tears.

"I'm so sorry this is all my fault." She continues to sob as a stallion runs over to them instantly dropping to the ground at the sight of their filly. He crawls over tearing up his mind not fully understanding his only daughter is dead. He sits next to the mare crying as they hold her close Finally after what seemed like hours the stallion Was the first to speak.

"O-our little S-Scootaloo g-gone." He sobs harder hugging Fluttershy tight.

"P-Please wake up w-we need you." The stallion quickly picks up the broken filly running frantically dogging trees to get to the hospital.

"S-Sweetie Its to late!" She follows flying right next to him tugging on his short mane.

"NO! I cant let her die! We worked to hard!" He quickly turns around and growls not accepting the loss. Rushing through hospital doors smashing them into a million small shards of glass. Glass shards were sticking out of the red stallion as he screams for help.

"Someone please help!" A nurse quickly ran over to him, slowly trying to take the filly from him.

"H-help our poor b-baby." Fluttershy falls to the floor as tears run down her cheeks another nurse trying to comfort her.

"B-Big Mac! do something!" She yells at him as the nurses carefully take her from Big Mac the stallion dripping with blood from the shards of glass. He held Fluttershy tightly stopping her from attacking the nurses.

"Sweetie!" He kisses her deeply as she sobs his eyes bloodshot from anger and sadness.

"P-please calm down e-everything will be okay." She pushes him away and smacks him with a hoof, his face turning bright red from the smack.

"T-THIS IS YOUR FAULT! WE SHOULD HAVE TOLD HER WE WERE HER PARENTS BUT YOU SAID NOT TO!" She screams and runs away from Big Mac running to her cottage.

"S-sweetie!" He sobs then runs to the nurses tending to Scootaloo carefully hooking her up to multiple machines as they run her into a room.

"H-how is she?" He looks at the filly we chest slowly moving up and down from her breathing, a small wheezing sound with every breath.

"She is seriously hurt she is lucky to be alive im not sure what will happen to her but for now she seems to be stable." She pushes him towards the waiting room.

"Please sir we will let you know if anything changes, go home and get some rest come in tomorrow morning and we will let you know if she will be okay for sure. You should get yourself cleaned up you have glass all over you." She looks at him concerned

"I promise if anything happens I will get you personally."

"Nope im staying here. Ill be fine I need to stay with my child." He looks at the door then at the chair next to the bed.

"Alright please don't touch her she is very very broken that was a long fall its a miracle she survived." She drags the chair next to the bed.

"Thank you." He sits in the chair and looks at the orange filly. He strokes her mane softly then kisses her head.

"I love you so much i-im so sorry we didn't tell you b-but, me and mommy are here for you now." He lays next to the filly and sleeps. A few minutes later Fluttershy comes in and looks at Big Mac and Scootaloo kissing big macs neck.

"I love you two so much from now on we stick together as a family." She lays on the other side of Scootaloo and kisses Big Mac cuddling her gently. A quiet voice comes from between them.

"M-mommy please sing to me." Fluttershy perks up and starts singing softly stroking her mane as she slowly falls back asleep.

"I love you mommy and I love you daddy." She falls asleep snoring gently as she rests.

"Goodnight my little angel sleep well." As Fluttershy falls asleep she whispers.

"Now we are finally a family again." A tear hits the floor as she kisses Scootaloo softly.


Author's Note:

Never thought this would be a good idea I am sure glad I did it.