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Bells of Paradise - Cromegas_Flare

Sometimes we just need a break and for Sweetie Belle, it was no different of an issue. A nice day at the beach side should do our favorite filly just fine.

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Bells of Paradise


Walking out side from her sister's esteemed beach house, Sweetie Belle quickly found that the day was in fact hot. Not because the sun was out, she could see that just fine with her eyes as long as she did not look at the star. No, it was the above warm, yet not to hot feel of the sand bellow her hooves.

It had been a long time since Sweetie found her self to a smile. Was it because it was the warmth that surrounded her, or was it because she could now sing with little to no ridicule? It mattered little to the little filly though, she was somewhere where she could think for once. No little orange pegasus or yellow earth pony fillies running into this relaxing moment. It was this that put a little ounce of joy in her heart.

It's not because I don't like being around them, thought Sweetie Belle with a smirk, It's just that I finally have some 'me' time.

Upon those words, the little unicorn could no longer hold in her excitement. Breaking out in an instant gallop, she made her way around the beach. Letting her hoofs feel the sand shift from under her hooves, and feeling the wind blow through her mane. This was her moment to shine, her moment to truly be herself!

From inside the beach house, her sister Rarity had finished her most delicate of displays. "Oh, Sweetie Belle is just going to love this!" she cried as she used her magic to lift up the cumbersome bowl of fruit. "I sure hope she is enjoying her self, the poor thing looked as if she was going to cry from all the stress that her friends were pushing her through." Rarity then began to trot towards the back door. Often times it was habit for that mare to talk while she worked on her project, but when not working she found herself humming. It was this the prevented her from hearing Sweetie's cry of warning. It was this that put the lovely lady Rarity to the ground as Sweetie Belle crashed into her.

Sweetie Belle looked at the sand, wondering what had just happened. Then to her amazement, she saw a ripe orange role in front of her.

"An Orange? Why is an orange here?" she said out loud, allowing her sister to snap from her shock and cry out.

"Sweetie Belle! Look what you have made me do! I worked so hard on this Fruit corbeille, and now its all ruined. Pray, tell me, do you know how long it took me to prepare this! and now it is just a mess!"

Uh oh, here I go again, thought Sweetie Belle dryly. This was not the first time she upset her sister into a fancy rant, and it was for sure not the last time either. Why it was just before they had arrived to their vacation home when her last rant was, and that one was not even Sweetie's fault. She just happened to be on the receiving end of an unfortunate encounter of poor costumer service.

Sweetie Belle was forced to sit, listening to her sisters rant of how carefully she had placed each orange and banana into the bowl. How she place each individual apple so that their colors would compliment the rest of the basket. It was enough to send Sweetie Belle into a mocking babble with her now not so cool sister. Then the climax of the rant arrived, the part where her sister would actually ask a question, and then wait for an answer. Sweetie Belle quickly learned that there was no right answer to whatever question asked. So instead of making a recovery, why not create a drama that you could eat popcorn to.

"Then I had to place the coconuts in the center, simply because it was the only place they could go. I tell you Sweetie, that the brown husk of those dreadful, yet delightful fruits are the most horrendous color in existence. Do you know how difficult it was just to make those fruits blend in with the rest of the bowl?" asked Rarity, now allowing her sister to speak up.

Sweetie looked her sister right in the eye, she had prepared her response carefully and prayed that her sister would set up her remark. With great luck, as time would allow, Rarity had managed just that. Because she did not just set up for a perfect answer, she also had forgotten the one thing that Sweetie Belle loves. The one fruit that was not in the collection, that should have been. Without this fruit, Rarity's 'corbeille' was incomplete, and void.

"Probably not as hard as trying to find a peach." replied Sweetie calmly. She knew she had gotten her sister with this one.

Sweetie watched as Rarities eyes twitched slightly allowing for all things to fit into place.

"The peach? after all this you are worried about the peach?" said Rarity after a lengthy silence, letting her eye twitch for a moment, only a moment though. "Of all the things to be worried about, you worry about why there was not one, single peach in the basket!"

Just for a fraction of a second, Sweetie Belle let out a smirk. She had Rarity where she wanted her, and the joy of driving her nuts was more then what could be asked for.

"Yes," replied Sweetie Belle with her usual look of bemuse.

Wait for it, Thought Sweetie, as she watched her sister stand there. It was never consistent to how long she needed to wait for her sisters reaction to come forth. This time however, Sweetie Belle had not to wait long.

"Uhhh!" In a flash of instantaneous stress, Sweetie felt air rush by her as her sister ran into the house. She was finally alone.

Sweetie Bell turned to her beach chair which stood in the sun, siting there inviting her to relax and enjoy the moment. After all, she just drove her sister crazy again, how ells could this day get better?

Realizing that the ground was shifting underneath her, Sweetie Belle soon found herself on top of Pinkie Pies head.

"Having dropped fruit is no cake in the park! So have some more." Said Pinkie. "Oh! I think I here somepony making a Pinkie Promise!" And with that she was gone, leaving Sweetie Belle in the sand.

I guess I should not complain, but was that necessary? wondered Sweetie Belle. Not because she did not like being interrupted in her vacation, but why would Pinkie just show up then go without saying hi? Sweetie Belle then looked at the bowl of fruit that was left behind, sitting neatly on the table. A Peach? Knowing best to not question pinkie pies antics, she found it easy to forget and accept the fact. After all, Pinkie had given her a bowl with peaches.

Trotting over to the table, Sweetie Belle sat down on the hammock which rested there. It may not be set up in between palm trees, but the umbrella's tied to the steaks made up for the shade. It even made it easy to get a light coat tan.

In complete relaxation, Sweetie Bell let out a sigh as she reached for her punch. After taking a sip, she soon found a peach in her hooves and enjoying the delicacy, she began to ponder on her past achievements. Letting time soak into her memories; both good, and bad.


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