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When you realize you have nothing left to lose, you start to realize what truly makes you happy. For me, it's stories.


Life in Ponyville is wonderful for Twilight, but how was Twilight's life before it? A series of random one-shots showcasing Twilight's, Princess Celestia's and Spike's adventures before FiM.

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I like this. It is a quick read and pretty humorous. I cannot wait to read more.


Thanks, I actually have it more advanced over at FF.net, under the same name and title. Here's the link if you'd like:


I'll be uploading everything here on the next week, though, if you wish to wait.

I've been editing these chapters slightly from their FF.net counterpart in order to improve them a bit.

Anyway, this is, I think, that longest chapter yet. The idea for this series was to make one-shot that didn't really pass from 300 words, but I think a bit longer might be good as well.

Anyway, enjoy.

Where can I downlaod this?


First of all, I'll take that as a compliment, so thanks.

Second, umm, if you wish, I could upload it somewhere so you can download it. Just tell me what kind of file you would like.

FFFF, that explains a lot!

I like it a lot. It's well written, a bit on the short side to my liking, but it still works. It made me smile.

I liked the style, is fast to read and cool


Thanks. I actually want them to be short because they're more like anecdotes than actual stories. It makes me happy that you're enjoying it, nonetheless.


Thanks, I really appreciate that. x3

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This is freaking adorable.




Thanks! x3


To a very small degree, yes. XD

O Snap! That's Why there all the same color!

I would definitely like to see more of this. Each of these shorts although fast-paced brought a little smile to my face.:pinkiehappy:

This is what happens when you make a crossover of two cultures. :derpyderp2:

Anyway, sorry for the wait. Can honestly say, time flew away from me.

Oh, and to 1530

They're actually meant to be short, fast-paced stories because I think of them more as anecdotes than actual stories. Still, I'm glad you like them. :twilightsmile:


Is that a good kind of "D'aaaaaaw" or a bad kind? XD

Probably good.
Anyways, loved the stories - especially the characterisation.


D'aaaaaaws are always good, and add my own as well.


Thanks. I'm very glad you like them. And I'm glad the characters seem to be in character.

Although, I have to admit, writing Spike is definitely very difficult. Considering he's just a baby, and I don't have all that much of experience with babies, I'm having a bit of a trouble with him. I'll have to do research.


x3 Thankzzzz!

This chapter confuses me, but the rest are pretty good.


Thanks. x3

I wonder, though, what is it about that chapter that confuses you?

The part where Twilight stepped on the rubber ducky instantly popped into my head as something that would actually happen in an episode. Really enjoyed this, I look forward to seeing more.

I assume that you knew that European knights committed suicide or surrendered their swords and armor (even worse than death) after dishonor. Just that they didn't have a special ritual for it.
Love the style, though. Very cute


I'm glad to hear that. And I hope you like the following chapters as well.


I didn't know the part about committing suicide, but I did know that they took honor very seriously. That's why I combined the two ideas. Still, it is good to hear that both ideas weren't all that unrelated.

And thanks!

The guards are robots.


So cute I might have a heart attack:twilightoops::pinkiehappy:

This series is hilarious and adorable in a dangerously addictive combination. I eagerly look forward to more.
(Also, I think I found Waldo.)

"I built that." - Engineer:eeyup:

That was so adorable......

sorry to double post.

As I read these stories, the adorableness and cuteness continued to increase. I think my brain died, and now I must quit the internet, as the cat videos can no longer take up the fight.

Imagine that in the Royal Canterlot Voice, in case you didn't get it. Anyway so this is something I squeezed just before going to work. The Haiku belongs to Matsuo Basho. I was looking for moon poem and I thought this one was strangely fitting. Something of a Celestia reading poetry to Luna every night to help her pass the time or something, in a way that Luna understood, of course. And well, there's hints of the future here, as well.

Anyway, guys, you know, when I logged back in and saw just how many people had subscribed, rated and favored this story, I really felt guilty for not having updated sooner. Having said that, THANK YOU ALL! I really felt happy when I saw the response this received even though it took forever to update. Thanks, really.

So, to the people who commented, sorry for not doing so sooner.

Please, don't die on us. XD
Oh, thanks a lot! x3 But... you found Waldo? o.o

this needs more! short stories with a high "D'awwwww" factor and a unique look at celestia and twilight

in short: i love this series please make more :twilightsheepish:


am I the only person wondering what seppuku is?

will there be more of this ? gosh i hope so!

and ice: seppuku is ritualistic suicide in japan (don't look it up unless you really wanna know how they do it)

I wanna see the baby dragon! I wanna see the baby dragon! Where is it!
:pinkiegasp: A baby dragon for me to play with! Thats, two, two-two: TWO TIMES THE FUN!

l like these shorts. You've captured little Twilight very well. And I like her interactions with Spike and Celestia.


I guess you stopped making chapters... :fluttercry:

I remember when I was just a lil anon on this site...oh the memorys...

"Last seen online: 31 weeks, 5 days ago"




You deserve them! :derpytongue2:

This is so adorable, yet so in-character! ALL OF MY DIABETES! :pinkiehappy:

Yes, I am awesome, thank you very much.

Is this in response to the hypothetical line of thought that the show will be ending soon?

Yup, you are.
And to tell the truth, I didn't even know that.

1995404 Princess Coronation? Twilight meets her destiny? Sixty-five episodes, the allotment a cartoon usually gets before ending? It's just a rumor, but there's enough evidence to make it worrisome.

I did miss this story, by the way. Thanks for returning to it.

Thank you for reading.

And nope. I haven't been delving too much aside watching the episodes. I don't even follow the news so that every episode remains a complete wonder. If it ends... It ends, and I guess I will treasure it all the more. When I think of stories like that, sometimes I think of never-ending Pokemon. The first season, with which I grew up with, is over. There's so many new seasons and I like them. I sometimes watch them, but that thrill I had with first season, that desire and absolute madness over it... nothing can replace that. If My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic continues, it will be great, but change is inevitable. At some point, it won't be the same, and it will be like an ending for me what that happens.

Sometimes, endings can be a good thing. Renewal. Strength. Sometimes endings can be pathways.

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