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Hi, I'm Dreammare and my favorite mare is fluttershy. Even though I'm here, most of the time I will be reading fanfics or just making horrible ones.


Princess Celestia finally unveils a brand new spell that unveils Twilight to many new adventures that could not have been explored here on Equestria.

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Wait, but Twilight gets uh... "removed" from the movie before anything crazy happens.

also except -> expect

Comment posted by Dreammare deleted May 8th, 2014

i like it and it is good that Twilight Put a forcefield setting a picnic field because something bad will happen in this chapter i know it because i have seen that video on youtube

Thanks for the review ^^ and yeah that video is pretty gory, but i dont get why people hate it so much when he put so much effort into it, it's actually really hard to animate like that

As much as I want to facehoof right now (because I could swear you started writing because of my story...), I won't because I haven't read your story yet. (Let's see how catastrophic it is...)

...um, yeah. Extremely catastrophic. Sorry.

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