• Published 27th Jan 2014
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Letters From Ponyville - Chaos-Sonata

Discord is bored, this can't end well, luckily what he does is write letters, that can't be to bad, right?

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Discord, seriously?

Dear Princess Celestia,

I know I am no longer technically your student, but Discord has informed me that you are becoming lonely without our letters, even if he is wrong I believe it would be fun for us to be 'pen pals'. Life in Ponyville has been great, but wish all my friends would stop referring to me as a 'princess', I know my title is something to be proud of, but I don't want my friends calling me that. Other than that my life back in Ponyville has been fun, but I also need to visit my parents, when I do I will be sure to inform you, maybe we could even have tea, just like we did back when I was still a filly!

Your faithful stu Your loyal sub Your frie


Twilight Sparkle


When are you coming back to get Discord again? He's currently trying to replace all my ink with invisible ink and he thinks I'm not able to see him.