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Decades after her ascension, an upsetting revelation brings Twilight Sparkle to distance herself from her old mentor and dive back into what she knows best: research.

Not everypony agrees with the results of her work, however, and conflict becomes inevitable.

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So Twilight is working on 'preservation of life'?

Well well...

Twilight plays god?

This should be fun...

~Skeeter The Lurker

poor Twilight, she'll never truely get it! everything past her getting accepted as tie's apprentice was to save Luna, after that was to get yet another alicorn so to get some more company through the passage of time. she is a tool, a means to an end and to hell with everyone and everything else

I'll watch just to see tia's shit fit when she finds out about Twilight's plan and experimentation

3845818 I don't see how temporal stasis could possibly cause a paradox. It doesn't interfere with causality.

I also don't see why anypony in their right mind would want to agree to being stasis-ified? I guess if they had no friends or family and were curious about the future, but that doesn't really describe the mane 6.

Maybe if she could cast it on all of Equestria, and seal it away while she alone stayed behind to research full immortality for everyone. Or something.

If it works, she in trouble with Tia + luna :twilightsmile:
If not, still in trouble :twilightblush:

Oh man...

They seem real quick to see this through...

But, boy...

~Skeeter The Luker

oh the stink fest tia's going to throw when she gets wind of this:pinkiecrazy:

This is interesting, and well written.
Very, very interesting...
Liked and faved... potential for some really cool stuff, here.

Meh, kinda agree with AJ... hope Celestia puts a stop to this, because playing god will end badly. And they kinda have selfish reasons.

I read a science fiction story quite a while ago about a man who went for something like this. He was a multimillionaire, living sometime in the future where cryogenics (or something along those lines) was finally perfected, and he had himself frozen, with orders to be woken up for one day every year... (Or was it every ten years?) as a method of traveling forward in time.

I wouldn't be so quick to simply dismiss Twilight's idea. Of course there are a ton of potential problems, but if any group of friends is up to handling difficult problems, it's these six.

Is it selfish to want to live forever? Sure. Does that make it evil? Hardly.

Their reasons may be selfish, and AJ may indeed have a good point, but like it or not, this is a very big step in magical studies for Equestria. Just think of what could be done in the future if this 'experiment' winds up being successful? Food could last for decades or longer, geniuses could be preserved so their massive intellect could be stretched out over generations and eras, armies could be constructed from cryogenically-stored youths for future wars from multiple generations, only brought out of stasis to deal with a serious problem like opening up a can of beans....lots of applications. And to them, it would be just like time jumped ahead a couple hundred years after just a single step of their hoof.

So once again, yes, they have excruciatingly selfish reasons for going through with this, but that's what makes it so endearing: Twilight loves her friends so much, she invented magic that only an alicorn can manage to cast, magic that can make a mortal lifespan multiply by ten, perhaps even a hundred, just so she will have more time with them....and she hasn't even thought of the implications this successful experiment could have yet!


They ALL faked their deaths...

Wow... Once Celestia finds out, she'll be pissed.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Approved for Twilight's Library.

I am just loving this too much.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Really can't wait to see how this turns out! Lovely take on immortal-Twilight-alone. Of course, she wouldn't just wait around for her friends to die and then go 'oh woe is me'. She's proactive :twilightsmile:

I would like to see things from the perspective of the frozen ponies. I imagine it would be much like the scene from 'The Time Machine' where he goes to the future.

Of course I'm expecting things to go horribly wrong any chapter now.

This can only end really, really well. :twilightsmile:

Like next chapter when Celestia arrives.:twilightsmile:

Oh, this should be interesting. I remember seeing the story art used recently.

You can't play a god if you already are one.

3859613 More like a demi-god. It didn't take a 'snap of the hoof' to freeze her friends and she can't just force ascension to work on her friends either, so obviously she has limits a god wouldn't have, she isn't even a physical god either.

I can't wait to see Celestia's reaction, although I suspect a significant time jump will happen in the story soon.

..... okay this has basically defeated my expectations. i was expecting uneeded tragedy or twilight forcing her friends into this, but what i got was far more itnersting and left with decent ambiguity.
perhaps twilight will find a way to have her friends ascend as well. or perhpas she will realize that she must let them go and spend the rest of theri days adventuring. it is not for us to know.

also it kinda works with some head canon i have. that celestia has endured the centuries by realizing that hwile all she loves is doomed to die, she has the fortune of being able to know far more beigns than any mortal ever could.

Very good story, although it ended more suddenly than I would have thought. All in all, it was interesting and enjoyable, although I didn't really see any unique spins on immortality, like the story had potential for. It could have gone into a totally different direction, and it would have made this story, ultimately, much more interesting (to me) and unique. Going with the fairly cliche direction for a theme of immortality will mean I will inevitably forget about this story, but I enjoyed it very much nonetheless.

Coincidentally, the story updated only a few minutes after I finished chapter 3.

Hang on...

It's over...?

...What the hell...?

I mean, don't get me wrong, but all that build up for, well, this?

I loved it, but I'm disappointed in the end.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Complete? Writer, I am disappoint.:twilightangry2:

Oh boo hoo, 'natural' cycle of life and death. Natural is such a good thing, isn't it? I am just so HAPPY to have a natural clock ticking down over eighty years and, no matter what I'm doing, no matter what I want to do, it just says 'Sorry, time's up'. Oh yes, I am so very, very happy!

please make an epilogue depicting whether she found something that made them immortal or ascend :pinkiehappy: or whether she let them go :pinkiesad2:

3861222 i think it is for the best we do not know. true it seemed to be building up to something, like celestia and luna tearing into one another, and i expected something tragic............... it makes more snese that luna would itnervene.


Not what I was meaning, really.

You don't spend THAT much time building up to this and end it on a flat note.

I'm all for an open-ended ending, but not like that.

~Skeeter The Lurker

3862279 shrugs, true. still a good story i would say.

Good buildup, followed by a bad ending on multiple levels. It was flat, not very climactic and I can’t even call it a real ending since there was no definitive closure.

Not to mention the fact that the five end up getting screwed if Twilight doesn‘t find a way to make them immortal. If the story were to play out one more chapter, they awaken to a world where all their friends/family are dead and Twilight goes, “Sorry girls, I just gave up, so you’re all going to die soon as well. But hey, we can still spend a few years together in what has become an alien world to you over the past several centuries so…there’s that.” :twilightsheepish:

The ending's rushed, I admit that, but in part I wanted to get it over with when I was writing it. When my exams are over in a few weeks, I might revisit the last chapter, perhaps lengthen things and make it a more satisfying read if I can, but the last few sentences will most likely stay the same. In my mind, neither Celestia nor Twilight would want catastrophe to happen over their relatively 'minor' squabbles.
I'll try for a little less Luna ex Machina if I rewrite it, I guess.

I might write a sequel. It'd be interesting to see them adjust to the future, whether it'd last (spell found) or not (research failure).

It's mentioned in a previous chapter that they know that Twilight might not be successful in her search for the spell, but they express that they're alright with that (Unless I thought it but never wrote that bit down). The girls trust Twi to do the right thing, even if they might not be winners in the end.
As for the ending, as said above, I admit that it was rushed.

OH! Of course you are here!


Well... Yeah.

~Skeeter The Lurker


A possible rewrite?

Alright. I'd like to see what you do with that.

Regardless of the rather flat end chapter, this was a remarkably good story. I truly enjoyed it.

Well done, in any case.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Skeeter, you're a hoot.

Couldn't Twilight also take a different route and find a way to end her own life?

Dark, I know, but if the goal is to not live without them, that is the other successful option.

Okay, Lynn, you know I have been kinda involved in this story since the very beginning. And I loved it no matter what. It was only until today actually, that I gave my eyes the time took at the completed work and allow me to say here, that you did one amazing job on it. Everything what should have been there, was there. True that the ending might have been a bit disappointing, but look at it from the other way here. With the ending that you have, and the words it even ended upon, you can give the reader the opportunity and chance, to just sit back in a chair after reading this.

And just imagine. Imagine what Twilight and her friends would have done to make those memories and what would have happened afterward. Imagination, is the most powerful tool you can have as a writer. Not just your own, but also that of your reader. Think about that for a second or two, maybe it will give you some bits of light where it needs to be.

3863301 I'm more willing to say, sequel perhaps.

I'm not too disappointed about the ending. It feels... more open than that of similar fictions. More room for one to say "What happens next?". To let the imagination take hold. It does have room for the author themselves to write a sequel, if he or she so wishes, but I don't think it's a necessary thing.

Overall, this story kind of defied expectations for me in a lot of places. I'm happy with it. fc03.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2012/363/1/e/clapping_pony_icon___twilight_sparkle_by_taritoons-d5pkpl8.gif

Comment posted by StrafejumpingIsMagic deleted Jan 29th, 2014

Good story, maybe the ending was rushed but there is something to be said for leaving the ending open like this. As for Luna interrupting, maybe she could have interrupted at a more intense moment.

As for sequels, immortality with a catch? Previous deleted comment contained a few lines of a stupid idea for immortality shenanigans where I accidentally clicked "Add Comment".

Long story short, robot Applejack lost her leg, got a new one, it was too sensitive, knocked her own head off, scurried away on it's own causing trouble for Ponyville. :facehoof:

Always underestimating Twilight Sparkle...

Plus, never trust Celestia in affairs that go against her interest. You bought yourself some time (MAYBE) .. Move them and keep the secret better.

I honestly hope twilights original plan works out. Maybe the other immortals start to die off and they give their life force to the others or something. But, I do enjoy the thought of such a sad story finding a happy ending.


I think it would run more like this in my mind...

200 years later:

"Isn't it time that you let your friends go?" asked Celestia in a manner that seemed more a statement of fact than a question.

"I am not ready to do that yet," replied Twilight. "And before you go looking for them -- they are hidden in a place even you couldn't find."

2,000 years later:

Twilight stood before her friends. She had never figured it would be technology rather than magic that would allow for the arresting of aging. If she had listened to Celestia she would never have had this chance...

Cue tender reunion.

Good thematic story cliffhanger.Upvoting this like a mofo.:fluttercry:



Man... I never get my earth shattering dual between 2 good alicorns... Well the surge goes on.

Any way, good story, bro. The two things it was missing was: more argument for and against letting the five ponies stay in stasis and a epic alicorn fight. But like I said: really good story.

But it wasn't really a greek tragedy, the ending was to open and not sad enough.

I am vary impressed; this is in a vary believable style

Loved it. not much else to say I....loved it

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