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I hate flying. There's no telling what can happen a hundred feet up in the air, at the mercy of the elements. Yet here I am, in the heart of a storm I helped to create, struggling to stay aloft because I have no choice. Ponyville needs me.

(Written for Equestria Daily's Writer's Training Ground #4)

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By all that I've ever seen, this is glorious.

It's really enlightening to see a flight-based story that isn't from Rainbow Dash's perspective, and you've made something beautiful here. Thank you, really. This is awesome.

3837199 Thank you so much! I almost didn't write anything for the WTG prompt this week because I was having such a hard time thinking of a different and unexpected direction to take it. I'm so glad that it turned out well.

Not quite as multicultural as I was hoping.

...... *lets out a slow deep breath*
That was spectacular.
Blow my mind, put me in a childhood dreaming of chase and terror, flight and fall.
Thank you.

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