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Pony Age: Origins - OmegaPony11

The Ponyspawn have invaded Equestria, and it is up to the newest addition to the Grey Wardens, Twilight Sparkle, to find the means to drive them back! With her friends and allies at her side, can Twilight win before Equestria is devoured?

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Epilogue - The First Light of Dawn

Epilogue – First Light of Dawn

Twilight shifted in her bed, squeezing her eyes shut as the morning rays leaked into her room. The singing of birds and Rarity’s soft humming finally roused Twilight to wake up proper, sitting on the bed she sat in. Taking a moment to adjust to the light, Twilight looked around her room, yet could not remember how she got here. One moment she was fighting the Archdemon, the next…


“Twilight, darling, thank goodness you’re awake.” Rarity put down her needle and thread, and Twilight took note that the sorceress was working on fixing her Arcane Warrior armour. Taking a wooden cup in her aura, Rarity poured some water for Twilight. She levitated the water to Twilight, who tried to pick up with her own magic.

Twilight’s horn began to glow, only for the magic to spark from her horn to no effect. The cup fell, only to be caught in Rarity’s magic. Rarity looked at Twilight with pity, floating the water into her hooves.

“Don’t try to use your magic for a while, Twilight,” Rarity said. “The battle… it took a lot out of you. We think your exposure to the Elements and the spell you used against the Archdemon drained you completely. We decided you deserved plenty of rest, rather than a lyrium injection. Just don’t cast any spells while you recover.”

“How—“ Twilight dry coughed into her hoof, a loud hacking sound that made Rarity flinch. Her throat was incredibly dry that she quickly downed her drink in a single gulp. The cool water felt good going down her throat.

“How long was I out?” Twilight asked when she recovered from her faulty magic. Rarity shifted uncomfortably for a moment.

“A week, Twilight,” Rarity answered. “You’ve been in a coma since the Archdemon’s death. Applejack has been cleaning up and getting everypony to begin rebuilding Trotterim. She thinks getting them to work is good for them. I agree. It will hopefully distract them from the Blight.”

Twilight looked down at her cup. “We won…”

“We did. They saw when the pillar of light exploded from the Archdemon, all the ponyspawn within a mile of Trotterim were obliterated. Any survivors fled, we assume to the Dark Tunnels. It made the clean-up easy, actually. There are no ponyspawn corpses to burn. All of them are simply gone. The Grey Wardens of Filais also arrived to deal with the body of the Archdemon. It is very strange, considering that while the ponyspawns were all annihilated, the Archdemon still remained. They are draining the corpse of its blood… to make future Wardens, I suppose. Still, dreadful business.”

Twilight nodded. She had to bite her tongue as indignation welled inside her, all too willing to shout curses at both the Wardens and Loghoof for stopping them. Where were the Wardens when they were fighting the ponyspawn? Where were they during the Battle of Trotterim. Where were they when… Spike…

“The rest… Fluttershy and the Chantry are helping but there are so many, and… and…”

Rarity’s eyes watered and Twilight knew what was going to be said next. Taking a deep breath, Twilight tried to settle her nerves. She could not stop her hooves from shaking.

“I swear, Twilight,” Rarity almost pleading. “We tried! Rainbow Dash swept the ash of the burnt Chantry, we dug as deep as we could! But… we couldn’t… we couldn’t find Spike’s… oh goodness… I can’t…”

Rarity sobbed, falling into Twilight’s hooves. Twilight made no sound, only hugging her friend close as they both wept bitter tears. They won the war, and the Blight was over. The cost was too much to take, though. How was she going to go on without her number one assistant? How was she going to live without Spike’s assurances and support?

Twilight couldn’t stay in bed all day and night, as much as she wanted to. Her friends needed her help; at the very least they needed to know she was awake. With Rarity’s help, Twilight took her first tentative steps onto the floor, her body shaking all the while. She looked to her armour, only for Rarity to usher her towards a closet.

“No, dear. No more armour. No more swords or fighting.” Rarity opened the closet to reveal a very simple yellow dress with a single pink ribbon around the collar. “I made this for you during the week. Something different. Something more ‘you’, rather than wearing your armour. You deserve it, dear.”

“Thank you,” Twilight quietly said. Again, Rarity helped Twilight into her dress giving a faint smile. Whether it was her body or her heart, the aches and pains continued to rack her. Walking proved difficult, and more often than not Twilight fell against Rarity’s side. Rarity’s patience with the weakened Twilight did not waver, however, and soon they made their way into the palace halls and down towards the city proper.

All around Twilight the city was buzzing with energy. Ponies moved about lifting beams of lumber onto new buildings while others cleared out the debris and ash caused by the Archdemon’s assault. Everypony was working in perfect unity, and while Twilight did not know how long such a peace would last, her heart was glad with the sight nonetheless.

Among the crowd, their bags loaded with supplies for a long journey, was Loghoof and Ser Sunsword. Both earth ponies spotted Twilight approach them, with Loghoof bowing his head slightly to Twilight.

“Twilight Sparkle. Rarity,” Loghoof said curtly. “You’ll forgive me if I do not stay longer. Her Majesty has doled out my punishment for my actions at Ostequus. I am to journey with General Blackmace back to Orzamule where I am to aid the donkeys in reclaiming their lost thaigs. Funny. After all I did to try to protect Equestria, now I am being sent away from her.”

While it did seem unfair for Applejack to banish Loghoof, even if the word was never used, Twilight understood the reasoning behind it. For all his flaws, Loghoof was still a respected general with many followers in the soldiery. If Applejack were to consolidate her rule, Loghoof had to be removed. This allowed Loghoof to use his talent as a military advisor for the good of Orzamule and in the long run, Equestria.

“I wish you both luck, Loghoof Mac Tir,” Twilight said, extending her hoof.

“Try to keep Equestria in one piece.” With that, Loghoof and Sunsword left, flanked by two donkey soldiers to join the army as it returned to Orzamule. A slight tug on her mane told Twilight to continue following Rarity towards the gates of the city.
In the market square, Twilight saw Shale and Trixie arguing once again. The two seemed to be a rather heated discussion, yet despite the choice of words they used on each other, Trixie’s smile never faltered for a moment.

“You useless walking gravel road of monolithic proportions!” Trixie yelled. “What were you thinking taking that wood from the north part of Trotterim to the south? What exactly were you thinking, or did the conversion process petrify your brain.”

“The Almighty and Unquestionably Dominant Shale does not need to answer to the boastful Trixie.” Shale huffed stomping a heavy hoof on the ground. “I saw more materials in the north. I thought it fair that the ponies divide their materials evenly. How was I supposed to know that they didn’t need more wood?”

“Next time let me deal with the supplies.”

Twilight chuckled at the sight, alerting Trixie and Shale to her arrival. “Ah, magical Twilight,” Shale said in greeting. “I was wondering when you were going to awaken. I thought of shaking your bed a few times, but was told off by the others.”

“Thanks for letting me rest, Shale,” Twilight replied. “So… now that the Blight is over, what are you two going to do now?”
Trixie’s smile fell, if only slightly. “Ever since Wise Eyes died, the other unicorns of the Tower decided to make Trixie the new First Enchanter. She’ll be going back to the Tower to help rebuild after Hubred’s attack. It’s a lot of work, and a big responsibility is on Trixie’s shoulders… but after this journey, I think I’m ready for it. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted. I feel… fulfilled.”

“And I shall be going to this Tower with Trixie,” Shale added. “She has invited me to call the Tower ‘home,’ something of which I never thought I would ever call a place. I will also be conducting research on seeing if I can become mortal again.”
Twilight raised her eyebrow in surprise. “You want to become a donkey again, Shale? This does not sound like you. Won’t you miss being a powerful golem?”

“Of course I will, you prat.” Shale’s annoyance faded quickly as she looked away, not meeting Twilight’s eyes. “But I’ve learned something from all this. As I am now, I am effectively immortal. It would hurt to see all my friends pass one when I could not. After losing the lizard… the very notion frightens me.”


Twilight fought back against the tears that were already forming. “Shale, I…”

“Enough. I won’t have anypony mope about me.” If Twilight could, she would have sworn that Shale winked at her. “I have a long life ahead of me still. I just want the option to be there, is all. Options are good.”

“Shale, darling, are the preparations complete?” Rarity looked up to Shale while Twilight gave her a quizzical glance. The golem nodded once, then turned quickly and began to walk towards the entrance of Trotterim. Trixie and Rarity followed, with Twilight chasing behind them, puzzled as to what they were talking about.

They walked in silence as the morning rays continued to fill the land with light. When Twilight finally saw the destruction wrought by the Blight in the surrounding countryside, she had to stand still to soak it all in.

The land around Trotterim was blackened and lifeless, the result of hundreds upon hundreds of ponyspawn having their blood spilt against the land. The life in the city gave the countryside a stark contrast, the once verdant land an empty shell of what it used to be. Dust and ash blew in the wind, hundreds of burnt-out funeral pyres simply waiting to be swept away by the wind.

Twilight looked to her friends, who waited for her as she took in the aftermath of the battle. With a nod and a quick step, Twilight rejoined them as they walked through the barren land. They soon came across a small, unharmed glade in the middle of woodland. Waiting within was the rest of their adventuring party, standing around a large stone slab.

“Hey there, sugarcube,” Applejack said, “Glad to see you’re up and at ‘em. We uh… we made something. Well, Oghren and Shale found the rock, Rarity helped carve it. But we thought it would be important for you to see it, after all.”

They all stepped aside, allowing Twilight to look at the stone properly. Twilight gasped at the sight, seeing the perfectly chiselled rendition of Spike etched into the stone. The image was lifelike, as if Spike was merely sleeping; his sword clutched in his claws and held against his chest. On the bottom of the stone was a brass plaque, engraved with a message:

“In Memory of a Knight, a Friend, a Brother
We will never forget you, and hold you forever in our hearts
Ser Spike of Equestria”


The floodgates finally opened, and Twilight could do nothing but collapse on the slab in a fit of tears. He was gone, truly gone, and there was nothing she could do to stop the pain. Seeing the slab felt like her wounds were reopened and bleeding anew. It was a cruelty she did not want to suffer anymore. Life without Spike was just something she could not fathom.

Then, gently, she felt the comfort of forelegs holding her. Twilight opened her eyes to see her friends save Shale hug her, all of them with tears in their eyes as well. They mourned as she did; Spike was as much their friend as he was hers.

“Thank you… thank you all so much.” Twilight wiped away her tears before looking up at her friends with a smile. “This means the world to me, knowing that Spike will have a place in the world after all.”

“He meant the world to all of us, Twilight.” Fluttershy squeezed her a bit tighter. Twilight let out a happy sigh, stroking a hoof along the cheek of the stone effigy. He would have loved to see a statue like this in his honour.

“We’re alive…” Twilight took a breath as she looked at her assembled friends. “We can continue on, in his memory, and live free of fear of the ponyspawn. We can follow our hopes and dreams, for Spike.”

“For Spike!”

With her friends with her, Twilight gave the statue of Spike one final kiss on the cheek. Waving her goodbyes, she left the final resting place of Spike as she and her friends walked into the light of the sun.

After the battle of Trotterim, the heroes of the battle went their separate ways to accomplish their own hopes and dreams. While Equestria recovered, the rest of the world continued to turn around her, never knowing that in this small nation, the catalyst of change had been sparked.

Applejack proved a popular and respected Queen to her people. Though her inexperience in dealing with politics was a burden, Applejack’s rule proved a boon to Equestria as it was led to a rapid recovery and even growth after the Blight. However, she was not without her enemies, as rumblings from Filais continued unabated, especially after the treatment caused to them by Loghoof.

Rarity returned to the Potpourri Wilds and began mentoring her sister Sweetie Belle in the use of her newfound magic. Eventually, the Templar Order began to search for apostates in the wilds, and Rarity was forced to flee despite her status as a hero. There was also the fear that Flemeth’s defeat was not final, as once in a while a large shadow of great wings swept over the wilderness. Without another word, Rarity and Sweetie Belle disappeared from the world.

Fluttershy returned to Filais and received a full pardon from the Empress herself thanks to the work of General Puissant. Summoned by the Divines of the Chantry, Fluttershy soon vanished from the public eye, though some have sworn to have seen a pink-maned pegasus walking the halls of the Grand Cathedral wearing the robes and mask of the Seekers of Truth.

Pinkie Pie boarded a ship heading across the oceans of the Free Plains to find her family. Rainbow Dash, following through with her promise, accompanied her despite the constant threat of Reinhardt and his corrupted Wonderbolts over her head. They journeyed together to a new land… but that is another story.

Trixie and Shale returned to the Unicorn Tower, where much rebuilding was to take place after the defeat of Hubred’s insurrection. Shale would attempt to help, but rumours of strange golems attracted her attention, in the hopes to learn more about her existence.

Oghren, unwilling to return to Orzamule, stayed on the surface and settled down with a jenny. They lived in peace for a time, only for the berserker to seek battle once again. Oghren joined a mercenary company, traveling to the far reaches of Equestria to slate his need for combat.

Twilight Sparkle would serve as an advisor for Applejack in the months following the Battle of Trotterim, only to be given full command over Equestria’s Grey Wardens by the leadership of the Warden stronghold of Ashen Targe. To further protect Equestria from the ponyspawn, Applejack gave the Grey Wardens the Arling of Amarethine, now lordless after the death of the traitor Arl Rendon Maim, which Twilight would also become Arlessa of.

Though the Blight was defeated, the threat of the ponyspawn still loomed over Equestria. Warbands of ponyspawn still attack settlements along the Amarethine region, while rumours abound that they are being led by something far more cunning than the Archdemon. Twilight Sparkle sets out now to stop them.

This is the origin of the Pony Age.

Author's Note:

I want to take this moment to thank everyone who made Pony Age: Origins possible. Whether their contributions were large or small, they helped Pony Age be the story I wanted it to be, and I hope the story everyone enjoyed reading.

The Editors

Vimbert the Unimpressive - Thanks to Vimbert, I feel I have become a much better writer. His blunt and sometimes... vindictive... points acted like the whetstone of which to sharpen my pen.

FifthAlicorn - It is thanks to FifthAlicorn that the quality of Pony Age improved significantly. He was also of great support and a just an awesome guy to bounce ideas off of.

DJMidli - The first editor. It was thanks to him and his enthusiasm that Pony Age ever even continued in the first place.

refferee - He's always there to catch mistakes after the fact, but has been an invaluable help to Pony Age. He stuck through to the bitter end, and for that I am grateful.

Honourable mentions go out to Ed130, who answered the call for help a while back and to solocitizen who also taught me a lot of new ways of thinking when it came to writing.

Special Thanks

Thank you to EndlessNostalgia, who's work made the cover image for Pony Age: Origins and Catalyst amazing.

To Kalliope, who helped broker the deal between myself and EndlessNostalgia.

To Sagebrush, who helped in the early days of the fic's run.

To rhiiazami, who is a terrific friend who I have come to appreciate their presence.

A thank you to Lauren Faust, Hasbro, and the team behind My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Without your work, I would likely never have picked up the proverbial pen again.

A thank you to Bioware, who inspired an adventurous spirit in written form. Keep up the great work, folks. I will always look forward to the next big adventure.

And of course, a big thank you to all the readers who have given this story a chance. If you were here since the beginning or picked Pony Age up recently, I hope above all else that you found some measure of enjoyment reading this.

This story is dedicated to my brother.

You will never read it.

This one is for you.

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And so the epic of The Pony Age has come to a close... or has it?

Well, it was sad to see that Spike had to die. I had a feeling that somebody would have died in the story, but still...:applecry::fluttercry::raritycry:

Anyway, I loved reading this story, and I hope to read the sequel if you are planning on writing it.:pinkiesmile:

Edit: By the way, I think you forgot to mention the other races in the epilogue, like the donkeys of Orzamule, the forest pegasi, the unicorn tower, you get what I mean. Just saying is all, or do you think that it's not necessary?

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Well, I guess in the end you have to kinda sorta follow the game, which is a shame. After having Spike, well, obliterated, it's all the more heartbreaking that everypony goes their own way regardless. Still, this was an epic worthy of standing with all the other great adventurous ponyfics. The ending actually affected me, which is a big deal since many fics are skimmed when I read them! It's lovely to have these odysseys while they last, and I hope you stick around for a long while so this keeps getting the attention it deserves. Whatever you write next I look forward to it. There are a great many mysteries you left unsolved about this world in particular and as you said, it keeps turning and new conflicts are ever on the horizon...

Just please tell me if and when Pony Age 2 comes it'll be a mite more satisfying than the game. :twilightblush:

3416984 No :facehoof: Pony age 1? Awesome story! Pony Age 2? About the unneeded hate between Templars and Mages? No :facehoof: It's just plain stupid. :facehoof: Worse, it all takes place in 1 city! and very slightly in the area immediately around the city. And that's it! :facehoof: :facehoof: :facehoof: Go forward and make something unique and different, I say! You have built up this world, you have set the heroes and so on. Make another story continuing on! Like the whole:

Though the Blight was defeated, the threat of the ponyspawn still loomed over Equestria. Warbands of ponyspawn still attack settlements along the Amarethine region, while rumours abound that they are being led by something far more cunning than the Archdemon. Twilight Sparkle sets out now to stop them.

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3420183 Technically Awakening is an expansion pack, but it would come directly after this so you're close enough. After that is the actual sequel, Dragon Pony Age 2.

3417061 Well, the worst of the problems from DA2 were gameplay and environment related, and any story/character flaws are minor enough that they could be easily cleaned up! [I suppose that's just my opinion, since I didn't hate DA2 as much as most...]

This has been a phenomenal journey! It is one of my favourite mlp fanfictions of all time.

Thank you OmegaPony11 :D

Once again, it was an interesting adaptation of the dark ritual to fit with this crossover. I am assuming this means that we might see Spike again, but how much will he have changed with Uthemiel's soul? Will they fuse into a new person, or will they consistantly fight over domination of a shared body?

Either way, the killing blow of the archdemon not resulting in a sacrifice, and no trace of Spike's body should have tipped our heroes off that something was amiss.
Hold on, new conspiracy theory while typing:
Did Twilight's friends encounter the result of Spike's heroism, and promise/decide not to tell Twilight?

Anyway, I am looking forward for new chapters in this epic tale of the Pony Age. Wether it be based off Awakening or DA2, there is enough original material here to truly pick and choose which elements too keep from the original games, and what parts of the story will be entierly original.

The many errors made this hard to read, and the boss fight was barely felt

And so we come to the end of such a beautifully done cross-over. And that is enough to make me sad, but at the same time, I am quite happy. The ending I felt was very well done in terms of description and while others may complain about the lack of action, I thought it was done nicely. Not too much, but more than enough.

In any event, kudos to you for giving us this wondrous story you magnificent person. I shall eagerly await your next story in the Pony Age series :twilightsmile:

There is no praise that can give this justice, a shaky start, but the start is always meant to be so, less they expect more for the end. But this is a brilliant job, done to the perfection of story telling. a start with a hero, that doesn't know the path, then along the way greets more, then together they learn and grow, and finally they achieve the imposable. A story with good character, not a single one wasted and all of them grew grandly. To you this statement is true, no more and no less, I wish you further grand adventures ahead, and for these heroes I bestow the curse and blessing of ever living in interesting times. :pinkiesmile:

Gentle breeze guide your path, a warm smile welcome your return. :twilightsmile:

This story was one hell of a ride!

And so the final chapter of Warden Sparkle's origins ends here. The price, regrettably, was steep. Friends and family alike lost to the horde of ponyspawn and their taint. However with every ending, there is also new beginnings. Arlessa and Warden Sparkle will have her hooves full in Ameranthine if she ever runs into those war bands. In any case, well done. You've kept me engaged and interested the entire way.

I hope you make plans for the other chapters in the series. If not, then this has been a good run and I'll keep an eye out for your future writings.

That was really good, you took the dragon age universe and very skilfully integrated ponies into it. I just wish there had been some more character interaction, despite being almost 400k words, it still felt rushed. You seemed a bit too eager to get to the next big set piece. For instance, I don't really recall any serious interaction between Rarity and Pinkie pie, or Fluttershy and Applejack. I know its because you ended up with a huge cast of characters you had to work around but it still would have been nice to see more.

You also seemed to forget about Twilight getting access to pure magic, as opposed to the fade magic every other unicorn uses. You remembered she had it but you forgot to have her really tell her friends about it. I was looking forward to her telling Rarity and Trixie about it, or at least Rarity. Seems like they would have had time on the way back from the Everfreee. That would have also probably solved the one thing that I actively disliked about the story, the ending. Don't get me wrong, I liked the sum up ending and for the most part they worked but it felt like Rarity and Sweetie Belle got a pretty raw deal. I know thats pretty much how dragon age ended for Morrigan, but Morrigan isn't Rarity. Rarity has friends who are the high enchanter, the grey warden who led an army that saved the land, and the queen of Equestria. She could have found a way around the templars for her and Sweetie Belle.

Wow, This story is going straight into my favorites and on into my favorite favorites. However I believe I saw a few typos, missing words and maybe even some mistakes, but when put in perspective the handful of mistakes I saw is nothing in a 400k word story.

The only of these mistakes that I remember may not be a mistake at all: When the party arrived at red apple manor Macintosh knew Rainbow was a warden even though they hadn't met or communicated since she became one, now it is possible he saw the shield on her cutiemark but i don't think he would be looking at her flank or if he did there would be some kind of reaction from either Rainbow or Applejack.

3417157 I honestly liked Dragon age 2, not as much as origins but I still liked it. My biggest problem with the game isn't that it takes place in once city, that worked for me. No it was all of the almost identical caves that got on my nerves, i think that you find yourself tn the same cave with paths blocked and different entryway at least four times if you do side quests. I mean why couldn't they just have made a few more? Also the limits of your choice when starting out was disappointing, but not really a deal breaker.

All in all I think DA 2 was a good game that didn't quite live up to it's precursors epic story causing it to get a undeserved negative reputation. And with a bit too little variation in the environments...

3478607 I agree with pretty much everything you said, but I don't think any of Raritys friends could have helped with the templars. While her friends hold high positions they don't control the themplars, that's what the chantry does. Maybe Fluttershy could help as one of the seekers of truth but even then the chantry need to do what they do without exception, otherwise they might have a mage rebellion on their hands, err I mean hooves. Maybe they end up helping in the future (hint, hint).


I can see Rarity deciding to join the Mages Circle to help keep Sweetie Belle safe.

3480953 My mind went to the wardens, as a part of them she would be "safe". As for Sweetie Belle she could then be a warden in training. I just don't think they would be comfortable near templars.


Well, she is also under the protection of the wardens, since wardens have recruitment power. I think she would be able to hang out with Twilight and be fine.

Oh damn it all! :twilightangry2:
I had an idea for a Dragon Age Origins crossover and just found this one. I had already planned out some of it too! :pinkiesad2::applecry:
Should have checked beforehand. :facehoof:

Okay, while I loved this story as a whole piece, one thing erks me: Spikes death.

Now now I know you had things set up the way you did, and with spike being a dragon, you could easily do what you did. BUT, in DA:O, Spike would be considered the loophole, the ritual, the whole way a warden could kill the archdemon and not die. Now I know Spike would be consider a warden and not a unborn child, BUT last time I knew, Spike is a dragon. Archdemons are dragons (Dragon Gods by your story). I see how the warden rule would work here seeing how Spike had his own soul and no body could have two souls while the unborn child technically had none, You stated that Spike's spirit was stronger, meaning you could have had his spirit overwhelm the archdemon and kill it with out killing himself. But It's your story. I can't make you change it.

Comment posted by Moonshield deleted Dec 1st, 2013

I finally finished it after quite a bit of playing catch up. I have to say after finishing it all, I only have one proper response. Bravo. You took the original story and added in such interesting twists to the known characters that I was never board and often found myself staying up just to read a bit more. Your use of expanding on some of the things that Origins didn't (like Loghoof's motivations) were of great enjoyment. I had some wish that you might have taken some time out to visit the 'fortress expansion' but it is of little consequence to what you were doing and your pacing. I do feel that the whole 'true magic' part might have helped Rarity/Sweetie's situation but I suppose you are saving some openings for the coming future stories.

Aside a few errors in grammar/spelling that randomly popped up through the story (I just get picky on those as one who normally is looking for them) it was a great read.

I commend you again for writing this and keeping me thoroughly enjoyed as a fan of the DA series. I look forward to your future work in Catalyst.


I can assure you Trixie is not a villain, is the team buffer, and makes friends with the sociopathic Shale. She saves the day a bit too.

Exactly my, or probably other's, thoughts exectly

3634525 Perhaps this is merely another beginning.

God this took me forever to finish
Worth it.

how good was this story? Well it got me to buy the game, I'm now off to follow in twilight's hoof steps... Though I don't know how well I'll be able to follow through on her not killing policy. Thanks for the great adventure.:twilightsmile:


This a difficult policy to keep.

Especially in the sequel.

hm. I just finished the Baldurs Gate crossover earlier today. I wonder if this crossover with my favorite RPG ever will be as good, if not better. onto the story! maybe ill get to work on mine one day so many good stories to read

3833719 Well it seems neither of was completly accurate on this point,I'll admit you definately got me thinking vanity is not pride in excess but the mirror opisite of pride after all coins have two sides and their are positive and negative aspects to everything in life while pride itself is not intrinsicly destructive it can be corrupted by an indivduals
choises and actions to become vanity and that is when the trouble starts.All things in life
are twofold afterall.

didnt expect that ending. figured Spike would've charged in at the last minute instead of doing that.

I was kinda hoping we woulda got some romance in this. but I still loved this. you have earned yourself a fav.

What a fantastic end to a fantastic story. I thank you and those who helped for taking the time and effort to write this wonderful story. I feel richer for having read it and it is by far one of the top ten most awesome stories on this site, hands down.

First, I'd like to say I loved the way you used all the canon characters from the show. I also loved how you did the characters who were from the original game. Secondly, I absolutely love the way you had Spike take down the Archdemon, I had been suspecting him to somehow rush off and stab the heart before Twilight could, but the way you did it was far more powerful far better.

Speaking of which, I absolutely love the things you came up with that weren't part of the game. The Old Ones especially, not to mention that you had Flemeth being an old one as well (Asha'bellanar is my FAVORITE Dragon Age character) The Hippogriffs as well, that was nicely done.

Now, I do have to ask, do you have plans in the sequel for the Changelings? Also, I don't recall this, but I would love to hear more about the Age of Chaos (especially on pony thoughts on Draconequi)


I was able to sneak that one in.


Sometimes adventurers should not be kingmakers.

Sometimes the system is broken from the very beginning and the only result is failure.

Have no idea what the hell Dragon Age is except that it's supposedly very awesome, it's made by BioWare, and the PC version forces people to fuck with the mess that is Origin, EA's Steam clone.

Probably going to be horribly confused.

Reading anyways.

Are you going to do the witch hunt later after catalyst with sweetie belle being the child morrigan mentions.

I have one question for the story before I start reading. Dose Spike have a Big (or good) role in the story? :moustache:


Yes, but it takes some time to get to it.

4103154 Okay cool! I will start reading right now :pinkiehappy:


Ain't I a stinker?


I loved that show. :pinkiehappy:

Actually, I wasn't making a correction; I was highlighting an error.

The quoted text was from the story itself. I thought that the error was evident enough that no further explanation was needed.

But thank you regardless for taking the time and effort to comment. :twilightsmile:

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