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Whiskey Drops

I'm popping back upand trying to get back into story makin'!


I had this idea sorta in Oct. but never really got around too it till well now! This story is no way linked to any of the others, no kinda gore any way, weird sorta.....but heck.... I'm a strange pegasi Late as heck for a Halloween on Lowell's side but well here it is.

Lowell and Applejack are walking from Lightings home in the Everfree Forest till something from a story comes from the night and attacks THE HEADLESS HORSE, myth its not on this full moon for the horse hunts two prey as they are walking back home. Will Lowell and Applejack come out unscaved?.....

( I hope I got the labels...labelled right. )

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I really feel like I should move out of that forest... First RD's encounter with the "rusty horseshoe" and now headless horse... Sweet Celestia, I would've been safer off in RD's cloud house :rainbowlaugh:


Well my wifes body roams the forest

3840454 I beg to god that this is just cannon :twilightoops:

3840470 xD its just a side story not linked

3840500 Thank Celestia.. Because Aj plays a big role sooner or later in my stories... I rather her not just be a head when that time comes XD

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