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a beautiful morning in Ponyville is interrupted by the loud powerful sounds of blades from Americas deadliest flying vehicle. With a machine of war in Equestrian airspace, how will the locals and government officials react to such a dangerous weapon landing in Ponyville? How will the Pilots of such aircraft react to the new, peace loving, magical world of Equestria? And how will those pilots survive the wrath of Equestria's greatest flyer, due to them flying into and destroying her cloud home?


(story written to help ease writers block, and helicopters are cool ) *Edited and proof read by*Tezz LaCoil

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I really like the idea, and please just keep the comedian attitude for the two pilot.

Proofreader. Get one now. Don't be shy, it can only benefit everyone involved.

This story is not so bad, I look forward to more. But dangit, you need to fix the bucketload of errors riddled all over this story as if it were a firing range.

And so it begins.
The epic quest of procrasterbastion until the next installment of our two heros and their wacky misadvetures that are unknown to all but the O' so Powerful Author.
Enough kissin' ass, I found a few mistakes here and there but nothing major that completely changed the meaning of a sentence. Keep up yo hustle.:twistnerd:

Well that was interesting, but won't Rainbow more about it's "wings" considering Pinkie having a pedal driven one and Tank having a magical one strapped to his shell?

I just find it strange that she wasn't able to make the connection.

Americas deadliest flying vehicle

Uh, no. That would be yours truly.

Great concept . This could be hilarious. Especially if the ponies take to calling one of them dick head XD.
Btw ill be a pre-reader/editor if you want.

HAHAHAHAHA, this needs to continue, you simply MUST make it happen. Definetly fav, cant wait to see how it will work out.

well, one word: potential. keep going and have a fave

Good. Funny. Needs editing. And at most this should be rated teen, unless there is going to be sex or gore. :twilightsmile:

Yes a proofreader would be good. Look forward to more.

3833435 You don't seem to realize that the GAU-8 isn't as good as the AGM-165.

3833572 every weapon has it functions, i want to see a GAU fuck up an T-90. IT CANT. that's why it has AGMs.

3830101 i hope not. we dont need ANOTHER one of those.........

i find strange that the pilots failed to see rainbow dash when they were in front of them.... And why the rating? this may be teen at best, but so far it even qualifies as an "everyone" rating.

I'm from the future and, before it's too late, I demand a sequel that involves a Tiger and a French pilot being send to save the American ally from unknown hostility.

Grammar, so bad.

Apache Helicopter smashing into Rainbow Dash's house?


3834784 but the french pilot would deploy a white flag before he tries to save the americans first

I like it, but you should definitely get a proofreader.


Oh dear, someones been playing with The Philadelphia Experiment again.

Oh, talking about fantasy stealth and helicopters, the US most deadly aircraft, and absolutely gurenteed to nark Dash?

AIRWOLF. :rainbowderp:

This looks like it could go places, be intresting to see how quickly the guys get their backsides slapped for being headstrong idiots, mouths, and asses amongst the quiet and cute civilian population.

Dont forget, the girls use methods and weapons that are completely banned in the US, transmogrification, mind control, etc.

hey guys, most of the comments asked me to acquire a proof reader, so I will be looking for one to help me with the story :D pm if you want the job

Comment posted by RoyalEquestrianairforce deleted Jan 24th, 2014

It is a legit vehicle It is known to be tough and has the capability for a wide array of missiles and bombs

This just might be a good story, editing is needed, but the concept sounds funny. Good start.



Roflcopter meaning the most deadly flying machine known to the US.

Huh... This was very... Huh.

Well, I agree that you need an editor and may I suggest that you do more research than getting its name right? The oval thing is a Flight Control Radar and can be moved by either the Pilot or CPG. But that's not important. The biggest thing is this...

The cockpit does NOT open like that. The number 2 side (right side) of the crewstation has swing up doors with handle latches. The entire cockpit does not swing up. Glass separates the two stations to avoid both crew members dying should shrapnel breach the stations. The helmets are plugged into the aircraft for radio usage.

I could go on but I'll spare y'all. If you'd like to know more just throw me a message. My job is working on those monstrosities to Physics, afterall.

Good potential, though. Maybe cut back on the cliches a little but that's it.

"The one knowen as dick head" :rainbowlaugh: That line killed me, best line of any fanfiction so far this year.

3845880 haha I'm pretty sure they will be calling him dick head for now on especially rainbow :rainbowlaugh:

Great story, but seriously, get a Grammar Nazi to help you out.

The concept is a great one... to a point... but the spelling and punctuation errors make this whole thing look seriously half-assed.

I mean, come one, even Google Chrome would pick up the spelling errors peppering this damn thing if you let it. It just strikes of the thing having employed zero-effort if it hadn't even been run through the most BASIC proofread, even one as simple as the writer themselves rereading their own stuff.

Though, admittedly, I like hearing about someone's "currant position." An error so tasty the spell-check doesn't even know it IS an error.

Still, blew your load too early by revealing the pilots. Unless they have an impossible freak out and rampage through Ponyville, I can't see how the rest of this isn't the same HiE schtick about them exchanging unfamiliar norm after unfamiliar norm while trying to find a way to get home.

Yeah, the "dickhead" thing was funny, but I get the feeling your were saving that one after thinking of it a week ago, and that it was really all you could come up with for humor.

Also, what the living fuck is a "salad party?"

Is that just a thing I've never heard of, or did you pull that one out of your ass?

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