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Yet Another Mask


Applebloom and Sweetie Belle have had enough of Scootaloo hiding things and have decided to take matters into their own hooves. Join two thirds of the crusaders as they follow Scootaloo in an attempt to figure out where she lives and what her family is like, all while making wild, and ultimately wrong, guesses about their Pegasus friend.

Other characters tag used to hide things and build suspense. Or not.

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Very nice and it could almost be an acutal episode.


Very clever with the naming as well as the entire story! This was a real pleasure to read and felt as canon as a fanfiction can be. You have a real talent for this!:scootangel: Favorited.

thats an awsome adeptaition of scootaloos background:unsuresweetie::scootangel::applecry:

Ha! Brilliant! And nice use of Octavia. Any continuation would HAVE to include Vinyl :scootangel:

One little error. ""Of course we are!" Applebloom cried indignantly. "Jus' 'cause you didn't tell us about your family right away doesn't mean we'll stop being friends right?"" Unless you're using a very non-standard construction of the phrase I think you meant "Of course we're not."

"At the source of the crash thee small fillies" - :applecry::unsuresweetie::scootangel:

Me Gusta.:moustache:
This story has excellent writing and a fantastic plot. I hope Mrs. Faust herself could pick this up and turn it into an episode!
But what would happen the following day when the secret got out? Trust me, it WILL get out.

So, does that mean Scoots dad is a pegasus?????? Or did they find her in a basket, lol.


"Hey there, cousin! Long time no see!" Vinyl shouted as Sweetie Belle came bursting out of Carousel Boutique.
"You came! All the way from Canterlot! I haven't seen you in forever!" Sweetie Belle gushed, tightly hugging Vinyl's neck.

I was already tracking your other story, and this was just GREAT. You earned yourself a new watcher. :twilightsmile:

Man, the people I showed this too before enjoyed it but I never expected such an exuberant response.
Glad all of ya enjoyed it so much. Your comments, tracks, fav's, etc. mean a lot. And kinda scare me a bit too but that's besides the point.
As usual special thanks goes out to those of you that caught the errors that were still in there. Hopefully there aren't any more in there.

358940 while this storys is cute im looking forward to more of the smarty basterd:scootangel:

That was a trip, especially the "Apple Bloom's imagination" sequence.
I also like how you described Sweetie Belle's physical fragility. It's an Interestingly suiting aspect of her character I hadn't thought of.
All in all, great story

Great story, nice work!

:derpyderp2: I did not expect that, cool story. I actually missed that that was Octavia for a few paragraphs, then it hit me.

What a sweet story! I love the subversion of the common "homeless Scootaloo" trope. I never thought that Scootaloo might be from a really wealthy background! I also very much like the fact that Arietta was actually really nice, just very different from Scootaloo.

this was really good.

*clap clap clap*

Nice story bro, light but nice :raritywink:

I enjoyed this mostly because I grew tired of the usual scoots an orphan thing. Honestly we dont know if she is or not*they REALLY need to have an episode that focuses on her more* so its good to see that others are going with different routes of scoots living arangments.

Interesting. It's a original idea.

Need picture of scootaloo

You know, you can be an orphan but you can still have a family. You just don't have parents.

Cool. And I really like the idea of Octavia being Scoots sister. Would love to see the reactions of others if they found out.

I liked this. Not quite who I made Scootaloo's parents in my head cannon (Lyra and Bon Bon), but still nice.

More believable than the other expaination of her family I last read.

hehehe... nice one!
keep up the good work!

I must say this is a good positive outlook on the unknown background of Scootaloo:scootangel::heart:, i give you 5/5 :moustache: for good story and happy ending:pinkiehappy:

I love it, best Scootaloo backstory ever.:pinkiehappy:

“well shucks.

cAps derp :derpytongue2:

"aren't you going


"we’re not going

missinG capitals all over the place

A most excellent back story for Scoots, I can really see this being the case even a bit more than her being an orphan :)

Scootaloo's my favourite CMC. This has been my headcannon for a while now!

OMG Best Fanfic Ever! Maybe Not The Best Fanfic Ever, But Your Getting There. :twilightblush:
But This Is A Fabulous Story! :scootangel:

Great story, I do love how its written. It does a great job on bringing a new prospective to Scootaloo or Scatenatia as a character. :twilightsmile:

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